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100 word challenge

help our beautiful wold

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it makes me feel sad because all this carbon dark side is letting out bad air for humans and animals and making people’s lung’s bad if they breath carbon dark side and animals  why don’t people STOP using normal car’s and lower the price of electric car’ you need to stop  did you now that every minute a truck load of plastic is in the water

Evans blog

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Hello I am evan and this is my blog all about transport

A transport is basically it is cars


You can go anywhere like gas station,hotels, walking or even driving around or you can drive  around

Or aswell you can drive to your nans house or grandads house or mums or dad’s house

Or aswell you can go to the beach like Lepe beach

And theme parks like alton towers or you can drive to parks

But sometime you can cycle or scoot to school

But if it is snowing you can drive to the grass area when there is snow on it and play snowball fight

100 Word Callenge Week 11 Prompt

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Spotlight on transport

On Wednesday 9th November the topic for discussion at COP26 was TRANSPORT

This is something that affects us all whether it is our trips locally or longer journeys across the world.

This fun graphic is to get you thinking about these questions:

  • What is the best form of transport & why?
  • How does the way you travel harm the planet?
  • Do you think long-distance travelling should be restricted?
  • What would be the effect if people could not travel?

Please share your thoughts on TRANSPORT


Mrs Addleton

Polluting our air once again(-Part 2)

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“You saw NOTHING! I barked, swooshing away so he didnt see the poor, puppy. I ran to the kitchen, and ducked under the window infront of the sink full of dirty plates. Ohh how it reaked with this HORRIBLE smell, not even horrible, more than that!

In the garden it smelt the exact same, but worse! How could mum even survive out here? It was like toxic smoke in the air mixed with a pile of toxin.”Gross, what is that smell, cough cough !” I managed to say before almost tripping over my own feet, “ohhh whoaoao thump owch!” I said as i fell over, as i had amagined i would. That caught mums attention,now was my chance.

Mum gasped in shock “Sweetie, are you alright!” I was speachless, I didnt know what to say, I just layed there with my freshly grazed knee fasing the ground. I turned to look at the old power station and i felt that tingle down my spine again.

“Umm…yes m-m-mo-moth-ther,” I stammered akwardly “…I…umm found this puppy, on the street…near the old factory…he was all alone with no collor or owner. I was…uhh…wondering if we could keep him…maybe…please.He has no owner i SWEAR!”

How this makes me feel

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Once I went to look at a factory, I said wow to myself because they are gigantic. I wasn’t allowed in my dad said cause I could die how I said, and my dad explained that all the smoke coming out of the chimney could kill you. Now COP26 I get why this is happening we need to save our planet and stop using petrol, smoking because we are killing animals and ourselves to. Please help save our planet please we need you. This is polluting our planet so badly. Antarctica the ice is melting so we could have a really bad flood soon.



Week 10 100 word challenge

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Look at this picture & write about how it makes you feel.
Mrs Addleton


Week 8 100 word challenge

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This week on the Climate Change Challenge, I want you to think about ENERGY. The prompt is:

…’ What did I tell you about the lights?’


Mrs Addleton

Week 3 100 word challenge

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This weeks challenge is to write a 100 word blog about this picture!  If you can’t remember how to log on then let me know.

Mrs Addleton (in White Rhinos)

The Space Tree by Amy Green

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Once upon a time there was a girl named “Mazie”. Mazie loved going in the woods and seeing the cherry blossom tree. But, one day it was different……….

“La la la la laa” said Mazie while skipping through the woods. “I love the cherry blossom tree, i love the cherry blossom tree.”she said happily. ” WHAT!?!?” Mazie shouted loudly. “Wwwheres the cherry blossom tree’s blossoms.” she murmured sadly. “Huh!?” she said with a surprised face, What is that?” she said while looking in the distance……….

Week 7 100wc

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Latest prompt

We have 5 words this week, all of which need to go into your writing but they can be in any order. Share your imaginations but do make sure your story is logical! The words are:


Mrs Addleton