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the naughty gorilla

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bricks running gorilla yellow pretty

a gorilla was running into a pretty yellow house with amber bricks. The gorilla did not like the colour yellow so he smashed down the pretty yellow house  so he didn’t have to see it. then he went back to the big zoo to his home and ate a yellow brick and cracked a tooth! then he wet to the dentist and the dentist ripped out the tooth! The gorilla went crazy and tried to put the yellow tooth back in his mouth but it did not work, so he ran back to the zoo and ate some yummy ,yellow bananas to calm him down. The gorilla smashed his house down and escaped from the wonderful zoo and ran around. he smashed down a house that had just been made and ran into the woods and tried to ask a person to write down the things he liked they were :bananas,other gorillas,dogs ,food ,drinks,cats,mice,rabbits,guinea pigs ,pigs,chickens and eggs and that was it he hated the dentist. he planned of going to the zoo to have more bananas and see his mum,dad,sisters,brothers,uncle,granddad,grandma,auntie,cousins,baby brother,and sister.

the tiger land

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A  pretty gorilla was running around the zoo like crazy.   Yellow bricks were in the gorilla house and he started to eat them and a tooth fell  out and is hurting so much he ran a way and we can;t find him and we din trying to find him and we cant  find him and we can not find a find him and we cant be around



A very weird 100WC post.

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Once upon the deep, dark depths of the Wildground blog page, there exists a very rare, strange post that would have never been in existence if it wasn’t for the very smart (:]) blogger Ethan…

“As the house had tragically fallen down, it’s yellow bricks formed into a very pretty gorilla that was running and rampaging through the streets of Holbury. People were trying (but failing) to escape the beast by hiding in so-called bases that could hold up through anything and keep it’s flimsy, old supports up, but they were easily defeatable and the blocky gorilla could just prod them to collapse the roofs of the bases, causing carnage in the streets. People that witnessed this crazy abomination were never seen again, since they were a bright shade of yellow, so you can guess what happened to them, can’t you? They were gobbled up by the blond monkey, who was mistaking them for chrome, juicy bananas, of course!

And that, my non-friends, is the end of the story of the blocky gorilla that ate up the race known as humanity.

The yellow gorilla

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Once there was a yellow gorilla who was very very pretty he was running manically with some bricks. I then went to the zoo and saw the yellow gorilla who was pretty and this time he was running with a girl and she was holding a paint bucket. I came home after a very busy day because when I saw the yellow gorilla I started chasing after them so I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and brushed my teeth ,got dressed ,brushed my hair and went to school. I saw the yellow gorilla in the class!

100wc Week 10 Prompt

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We have 5 words this week.  The words are:

Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

See you in the ICT suite at playtimes,

Mrs Addleton