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the haunted house

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I wondered what was behind the door

As I was walking towards the ancient and abandoned house Isour a blak figerwesss pasd me and ran into the hous  and that was wheI wonderd whot was behind the dour dun dun dunnnnnn!


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I asked my mum “can I make slime?”  she replied  “No.”  I shouted ” why?”  “Because I said so to not make slime because it will get stuck in the floor and it  will not came out.  because I said so to not make cakes because it is messy and dirty . because I said so  to not  looked in the bin because it is disgusting. because I said so to not go in your  bedroom because I have clean your bedroom. because I said so to not paly out side because it is raining and you will get  wet . because I said so to not make sandwiches because they is no stuff  to make them.  I asked can I read a book no my said and I said why and she said because I said so and I cried why. my brother asked can I play with some play-dough and I said no and he  said now and I said .


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Help me idk what to write with “because i said so” in it pleassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The baby unicorn

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“Mum can i go out and look for goo berries to give to the trick or treaters ?” Asked Rainbow the baby unicorn. “No because its dark outside”Said her mother.”But i’m seven i should be allowed to at least go down the road and pick berries!” “Well your not going because i said so” But one thing her mother didn’t know was that Rainbow was going to sneak outside and pick goo berries just before the trick or treaters started arriving.Later on that night Rainbow closed the front door behind her and trotted down the street.”Hahaha” She thought as she finally arrived by the goo berry bush.

Week 8 100wc Prompt

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Hi Bloggers,

This week’s prompt will have you all imagining someone saying this I’m sure! In fact, I think I have been guilty of saying it!

The prompt is:

… because I said so…

Mrs Addleton

Week 7 Prompt 100 Word Challenge

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The prompt this week has been sent in by the students at Mil Lel School in Australia.

Have fun,

Mrs Addleton