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The Space Tree Chapter 2 (The Tree)

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Mazie went over to see what was there, “That thing looks so weird?!” said Mazie quietly “What if it took the cherry blossom trees blossoms?!!” she thought in her head.”I have to get closer.” the weird thing was a tree that had a green trunk, blue leaves and pink fruit! “Is that a space tree!?” she said while looking at it like it was some kind of mutated alien!!!!!! “I need to tell my mum about this space tree thing.”she got out her phone with a pink cat case on it and called her mum”MUM THERES A WEIRD SPACE TREE THING COME HERE QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Mazie’s mum repyed with”Okay I’m coming deer!”10 minutes later her mum was there and said”Oh wow that’s a weird looking tree?!”and then Mazie said “I told you there’s a alien tree.” 

The Space Tree by Amy Green

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Once upon a time there was a girl named “Mazie”. Mazie loved going in the woods and seeing the cherry blossom tree. But, one day it was different……….

“La la la la laa” said Mazie while skipping through the woods. “I love the cherry blossom tree, i love the cherry blossom tree.”she said happily. ” WHAT!?!?” Mazie shouted loudly. “Wwwheres the cherry blossom tree’s blossoms.” she murmured sadly. “Huh!?” she said with a surprised face, What is that?” she said while looking in the distance……….

Week 7 100wc

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Latest prompt

We have 5 words this week, all of which need to go into your writing but they can be in any order. Share your imaginations but do make sure your story is logical! The words are:


Mrs Addleton

The fun day out

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but where did it go she shouted ?  she lost my toy dog she came round my house I gave her my toy to  play with because she lost her she was sad we went to the park she took it on the swing  and then went on the slide then we went home and went to the toilet and had a drink and then went for ice cream  i had mint choclate  ice cream and my friend had strawberry ice cream it was very nice  we went home after that and we played with my dolls we both wanted to have a sleep over  but then my friends mum came to pick her up we begged my friends mum so my friend could have a sleep over and she said yes it was very fun having a sleep over that’s why you should have one







…”But where did it go?” she shouted… week 7 100wc

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There was this girl who wanted to get something but she didn’t for her birthday. The girl was called Laura, she was a very temperamental which means moody, irritable or sensitive. so she got mad very fast i mean very fast within 10 seconds she would just get stressy. But that’s just her personality coming through. Laura can be a real pain in the bottom when it comes to calming down. But she had a favourite toy and it was a barbie doll she was petite and cute. One day she lost her favourite Barbie doll and she said ”But where did it go?” Laura shouted….


Week 7 100WC

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This week, you have the chance to practice writing speech! The prompt is:

…”but where did it go?” she shouted…

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