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The magic drainpipe

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once outside a house something weird happened things were coming out not like that spider. like unicorns butterfly’s elephant and tiger’s . Loads of people were investigating and still no one has found out but only one girl knows and not anyone else.i saw this when I was with my five year old uncle . He spotted it. It was kind of like they could hear us but every time we talk to them there’s nothing there. Another day after school Jonathan (my uncle) and I went past the house and met a tiger who spoke and said” this drain pipe is magic all animals can come out “. Johnathan thought cool can I have a pet monkey. Yet again it heard him so unfortunately he kept it forever . I won’t tell any one because this world could become a joungle . It was nearly night so we went to bed and Jonathan kept saying it came down the drainpipe. The next day we gave all of them a spaceship and went to the moon and had a sandwich.They now live in the moon in a new drainpipe. THE QUESTION IS WILL THEY COME BACK…….



this his is done  by johnathan and me eva.

The story of a menacing machete !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay you may think I’m crazy after you hear this. It was a Tuesday and I was on my way to work and I walked passed a large house and a necklace was laying there. It had come from the drain pipe I don’t know what urged me to do it but I put it on. then it hit me a weird felling went through my head and I collapsed and fainted but I got up in an unknown place I read the sign it read camp crystal lake. It was funny as I remembered coming here as a kid… But it looked run down. last time I came here a kid drowned while the owners were in the log. I looked down the road and a large figure was slowly walking towards me with a machete . SLASH….




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Once there was a boy cold Tai. He had a toy car and he decided to play with it after school on the way in the road.  One of Tai’s friends took his toy car and threw it in the drainpipe.  It came down the drainpipe and hit the bottom with a clatter. Tai suddenly ran to the drainpipe and tried to get it out but he couldn’t reach the toy car. He tried to get it out with some net but he still couldn’t get it so he walked home sadly.  The next day, early in the morning Tai’s friend got the toy car out of the drainpipe and brought it to Tai’s house and left a note to say sorry for throwing it down the drainpipe.

The man in dangle…

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As the man was taking his usual Sunday stroll through the forest he came across the most mysterious thing anyone had ever seen. Unbelievably, the man was thinking whether he should run  but he decided to go study it. It was when he saw it , shock froze his heart . He felt an icy claw of fear as the man tried to move . Long , thick and ruby red .A rope . Hanging from the sky . What does it do? Where did it come from?

Is it dangerous? Just then his incredible gaze travelled up the base of its thick hemps to …  he could hear it calling him. He needed to see what it did. He wanted to see what it was connected to – there was no top. It just went on and on. Higher and higher. Curiosity grabbed him and in a moment of stupidity – he pulled it CLICK! He pulled the rope dangling from the sky. A decision he’d regret forever.

The sink and the drain pipe!

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“Do we have to move house?” I asked. Although my mum nether listens to me so there was really no point.

Everyone thought that it was a amazing house and definitely not haunted but I knew something that everyone didn’t know. I knew that it was though… No one ever believes me though. So their is really no point. “where is my room?” I questioned my mum. She replied ” Your bedroom is in the attic.” I started to sulk until my mum said that it is amazing in there and it also has your very own sink.


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I was sleeping at night, but then I woke up, because, I heard a noise, a meow, but it sounded like it came from…the loo. I grasped my card board whacky tube [wacky as in whack you round the head with tube]and went to the loo nothing was there… but then there was a noise as if something was flushing up… something was flushing up… and after I got soaked with water with who knows what In it.. I realised it was a cat but unlike normal cats it had no spine and no spine, oh and did I mention it was whereing a cabookie  mask, it looked at me, its two blank eyes stared at me. but as It jumped up to pounce on me I grasped the pipe and ripped it out of its spot I whacked it on the bum, it went down the toilet . I ran to the window. the cat went down the drainpipe.to another house. to another victim…

alien invasion

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There was a boy called Callum and his favourite things were ALIENS. Once he went to the arcade and he saw this cool alien game so he asked his mum for five pounds to play the alien game and he was boss at the game. When he  went  to the arcade he always played  that alien game. Five years later, there was an alien invasion but he found a mini gun and shot the alien space ship however it was bullet proof.


the weird pipe

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Once was family who was moving into a HAUNTED house. When the lived there for a few days (2or3 days) they could hear a pipe moving side to side. There could be a snake up there or any living animal they went to look what it was. They couldn’t see , so they went back into the house it moved again and again and again so they got fed up of it .Once they damaged the pipe and it was a snake not any snake but a dragon snake they kept it because it was sweet. They put it in a box .

night later

it ascaped oh noo

New Prompt: Week 19 100wc

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This weeks prompt is:

… it came down the drainpipe…

Hopefully we won’t have any niggly network connection problems this week.  As usual, we will be in the ICT suite at playtimes and at Golden Time.

We look forward to seeing you,

Mrs Addleton