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Week 18 100wc

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This week we have 5 words for you to include in your writing. They must all be in there but you put them in any order. They are:

Bicycle   Desperate   Yellow   Warned   Greedily

Mrs Addleton

Ron Weasley( the character )

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Hi, my name is Ronald Weasley, I’m 11 years old and I have 5 brothers and 1 sister named Ginny. my life is going well but my 2 younger brothers ( there 10) are SO annoying because when I’m asleep, they put firework sparks up my nose and I’m so fed up with it. anyway , right now I’m waiting for my breakfast so I can teach my brothers a lesson. Apart from that, I’ve had a lovely time at  my house and its my older brother Percy’s  birthday and I’m going to go and get my clothes on because were going to go to Weasley’s wizard wheezes and Ginny’s hoping to go to Hogwarts ( she won’t be able to because she is  nine but me, Fred, George, Percy and bill can go ) well I hope you liked my diary

lots of hope  Ron Weasley

The strange bike

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One sunny day, Millie and Lilly went to the park, they had a little swing and slide, then it stated to rain and they went home. But on the way home they saw A FLOATING BIKE!!

It was yellow and had a bell and basket on it and for some reason it moved by it’s self. They were very confused and puzzled. One minute it was doing a hand stand (wheel stand) the other minute it was going on it’s back wheel in the middle of the ROAD!? 

And that’s the craziest thing they ever saw in their life

The End

Rhana Wormy

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I love you Rhana Wormy, I don’t know what I would do without you. Remember when we first met? You were playing in the park, weren’t you. You nearly got stepped on by a bully. That bully always squashed me into a pool of tears. Like how you nearly got squashed. In a different way. But I saved you, didn’t I? The bully nearly ended your life. And deliberately! I hate him. Especially when he said ” But it is so slow, i had to!” You are the BEST thing that happened to me!!! What would I be without you Rhana! 

Cool Kids!

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One day there were some POPULAR pretty GIRLS BUT DUMB  in a Playground BUT one day, they discovered a POTION in this like kind of CAVE. then, they went into the cave  DRANK THE POTION   then they came smart again!




THE END hope you enjoyed it!

pretty girls Rebecca and Sophie { step Sisters }

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one day there was these  pretty girls called Rebecca and Sophie and we are very pretty and we are very friendly and we are step sisters and we are very kind and nice and lovely people. and one day Rebecca and Sophie and it was nearly Rebecca’s birthday and she will be 9. her birthday is February the 18th.and she might get a bike or be BFF’s with me that i will be really happy if she will be my BFF. forever and i am going to Rebecca’s house tomorrow and today is Tuesday and i am going on Wednesday so i am going tomorrow. i’m so excited.

Week 18 100WC prompt

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The prompt this week is linked to a situation we often face with wi-fi or our computers & it makes us cross! The prompt is:

… but it is SO slow I …

Mrs Addleton