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bob, Stewart and Kevin

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there was three people named bob Stewart and Kevin they used to be humans but there was a witch who put a spell on the three boys that was homeless but what she said was ” I make you rich boys ” and so they said” that they want to get a house so then they will not be homeless but the witch had other ideas to turn them into stone like medusa which is weird but the witch was happy that they were out of her way.

Dough mashers

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Once opon a time there was a happy family one child one mum and one dad .There dad was a dough crusher, the mum was a sower so she sows dresses and the boy was a farmer, the boy’s name was called Michael the mum was called Rebeca and the dad was called John . One day an old lady came to the cottage to give them a special rose but John didn’t take the offer so she cursed the family and every night they will turn into stone , but he fallen to his knees and tried to take the offer after she told him the concequence.]:


The family

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One day there was a family of three, they were a lovely family until one day they went missing. They were gone for ages. But they were found, And guess what happened to them? They got turned into statues…

Find out how they got turned into statues next time on The family.


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One lovely summer day there was this family , they used to be a statue in Town but that wasn’t real they were fake just standing there frozen.So one day the went to estate agent and bought a house in Hythe and lived there for the rest of their lives. 1 year later they bought a chimna so they can burn their family pictures the husband said ”i’m braking up with you u burned my favourite picture ” the wife said ”sorry ard ” she was rude.So she carried on until the baby / toddler said ” hate u mummy u burned my favourite picture. So he moved out with his dad.

The three Geodudes

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Once a day the three Geodudes go for and adventure of a lifetime; the adventure is to go to the planet called Geodudelandia which is 1,295,640,643,892 miles away. When they get to the said planet they need to fight giant squids and mini octopuses. After they slay the mythical beasts they need to go into the gumball castle to retrieve the legendary sword of rickytickytavy. If they fail they get sent to the shadow realm where they will get disintegrated into mini pixels and will be erased from existence and the whole galaxy will implode on itself.

Monday afternoon (29th, true story)

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On Monday afternoon I went to the shop and called my dad and asked him to pick me up.Then he told me that he was in hospital. Apparently he got hit by a car in Limington. I was very sad. But he is ok now. Yay.

A family of three

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Once on a stormy Tuesday evening a family  was sat in there living quarters by a charcoal lit fire. burning a load of old photos that were just sat up in the attic for about 7 years. suddenly they heard a knock at the door the father of one opened it he gazed in shock as his cousin hanging from rope in the door then a bright white light flew through the doors and into the bedroom. ‘SMASH’ came from the bed room don’t know why but they entered the room. and that’s how they became bollards for life and never moved again.

The fight for art…

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Jeff was a guy who ate bears and gave birth to a boy called Zach. Zach had a brother called Raife and they love art. They also love video games. They had good times and then… Leo the evil alien had plans to capture the kids and there art. Zach realised that Leo was a pig!!! Leo changed the art to pictures of him looking ‘hero like’ which he was none of. Zach used his notebook and things that he drew were flying out to kill Leo the silent (he was very silent!) Zach then made over powered things come out but were no match for Leo…

The boy with brains!

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Once there was a boy called Alex. He was the smartest child in school and yet every one bullied him just because of him being the smartest person. The prove is that he is the only one that is in the highest group in maths and there is only two maths groups. He knew every thing and every one knew that. Although surprisingly he didn’t use his smartness for his favourite subject as his favourite subject was art. The boy read so many books that he never did any thing fun. All he did in his free time is read books over and over again.


The snake bike (and the secret hand part 3 the little girl who went missing)

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One day there was a boy” NO” “Why are you stopping me” “Because it’s not a boy” “Oh, sorry. Goodbye.” ” lets get down to writing”

One day a young girl, whose name was Lilly,  bike and she had a small pet snake, called ham, in the basket of her bike. She loved cycling with ham, he liked it too. Lilly always took Ham out with her and never left him behind. EVER. Ham was her best friend. Until she went missing. Then Ham didn’t come out of his cage. He didn’t eat, sleep or move at all. Then he got ill and kept getting more and more ill. Unfortunately, when Lilly returned Ham was……Dead. Lilly was devastated but there was nothing she could do.