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The Explorer

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On Friday the 13th there was a war and everyone was at school so our teacher had to take us into a mauve minibus. it was very scary. she took us to a farm and only 7 people where going to stay with the farmer and that was me, lily, Sinead , lily hutch, Kacey , jade , Darcey the farmer was a lady and she had lots of trees and she has an ALLIGATER and me and lily tried to climb a tree but it was tricky and we fell. the farmer had 4 horses 2 cows and 5 birds 29 fish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE END BYE BYE EVERYONE

Alison the Aligator

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The teacher took us to a farm and we climbed a huge banana tree and we saw an alligator.  We went to the lake to see the alligator which was eating all the fish in the large pond.  We went in a mauve car and back to school and did some tricky work.


The explorer

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At school I had a school trip to go on today and we took a coach. The colour of the coach was mauve. The teacher gave us some rules and if we didn’t follow them we would have to go back and sit in the coach. The place we went to looked like a jungle, and we saw an Alligator.  Me, Elisia,lily H and Lauren  tried to clime a tree and it was tricky. We got sent back to the coach and Elisia started cry because she missed her mum. Then we all got sent back to school.




100 Word Challenge Week 2 Prompt

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Hello bloggers!

This weeks prompt are 5 amazing words which you have to put into your creative piece.  They must all  be included but can be in any order.  They are:






Have fun,

Mrs Addleton (in the ICT suite every playtime except Tuesday)