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Meet you on mars

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Dear family, I am going on a journey to Mars. I know it is dangerous but I have to go and explore all the living things that live on the planet. Anyway I want to beat the other person who also wanted to be the first one on Mars. It is an opportunity for me to learn and discover new things that is one of the reasons for why I want to go. I am going to also study the aliens that live there. I am so excited for my awesome trip to Mars. It is time I set off.

love Bob


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This is my last letter from earth before I go to mars.

Dear amazing mum

I am going to mars now you know that I love space sense I was young. I am going to be a copal of years alright please don’t freak out . But these are my last words I love you. god by hope you have a good copal of years I will wright to you but this is my last letter here. Hope you are happy and I hope you have you have my baby sister.

love your daughter Amber

p.s. don’t leave the draw open and feed the dog next door !


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Hello this is a story about Shakespeare’s gold fish. It started when I went to the haunted forest to prove I wasn’t scared of any thing AND. I found a haunted house I went in and saw a goldfish and realised that it was shakes pear’s house the fish was alive. I Took it home and hid it until I could figure out what to do with it then when it was morning it said “to be or not to be that is the question” I was shocked it could talk that’s when it happened.

I told my friend what had happened and they were shocked and I led them though they were surprised 😮.


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The Prime minister sent a text to his mum. The text said,, “what time is dinner mum?

She replied, “7.00.”

“BUT MY WORK FINESHES AT 9.30.” The Prime Minister yelled!

“Do you want me to get angry my dear.” She snapped.

The Prime minister said, “No mum.”

But because the Prime Minister had enough of his mum, he turned his phone of. Then got on his PS4 and played Fortnite. While his mum was just texting and texting.

Chapter 6 football

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we play on a Hythe and Dibden football club said Fred. I am quit good at it. I can now do 1198
Keepie uppie and that’s a lot I mean how can anyone beet that. no one. see I tolled you that I can do it. You haven’t proved anything yet. what. But. I did a 1198 kick ups. do you not remember what I said. Well . not really. I said do 9999 because no one could beet it. ok , now let me try. 1..2..3..4..5…6…7..8..9..10..11..and so on . I am going to stay up all night just to do it. bye then Fred. bye then bob.


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. money




  1. First get most of your money and spend it on rubbish toys and spend it on makeup.
  2. Next have family time and go camping.
  3. go out with your friends and go and see butterfly.

A potion to get a happy life

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I woke up in the morning IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I got down stairs and everybody was eating breakfast no decoration’s .I was shocked not even present’s. I went to my room crying for 3 ours I looked at my phone and my friend’s gave me £9000 I didn’t believe it so I went outside and they were telling the truth that’s when it happens

I went to the shop and made a potion





THEN the potion worked my parent’s said happy birthday. I had present’s even went to Paulton’s park it was the best day of my life hope it happens again.


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” I am never going to do my homework. ” It’s to hard and I am not bothered. Anyway I am to busy playing games. 🎮🕹 way more fun than doing homework.

well that’s what I say but my mum does not get that I hate homework . Dinner Time it’s your favourite green beans and green everything else .There is also a chocolate finger punning

Chapter 6 football


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Buddy is my springer spaniel. He is my favourite pet in the world. I cuddle him on the flor. But one day I don’t know how I don’t when but Buddy was giving evil eyes by WILLOW!!!!! She lives on a different evil planet but the one thing that is really, really annoying is that she’s my sister😡😡.

Alien invasion!

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A very long time ago there was a nice Prime minister and was very strict. But one day something extraordinary thing happened to her, there were U.F.Os everywhere! It was an alien invasion! She knew what to do, she had to be nice. She hated being nice but it was the only way! The fat and ugly looking Plotinians were going toward her but she held out a packet of rich tea and digestives to have a tea party! the slime was going everywhere but she had time to clean up. The party was over so she saw the aliens out. It was a wild party but it was over!