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The fun day out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When I wake up get ready  then I we went to to the beach and went to the chip shop and done some more fun suff.

Box Racoon Chair Sky Leaf 100 wc

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I know it’s been awhile and this is a prompt from a couple weeks ago. The thing is I don’t really care.

There was a little girl named Sky. She was a very shy around people at school. She felt like everyone was making fun of her and she basically put herself in a boxWhen she was at home the only thing she would do is draw and she loved doing that all she used to sketch were raccoons even though they’re  garbage critters doesn’t mean that they could be her favourite animal.

Sky always drew on her favourite chair it was from the 1920’s. It was so comfy to sit on, she thought it made her think a lot more to write. She loved anything to do with English and descriptive writing. So you could call a book worm but in a good way :). Guess what her her favourite season is… Autumn, her favourite part about it was trampling on the leaves to hear the delightful crunch ponder other ears. One time Sky went to the woods with her mum, she sawlogs and lots of wood dens. She went to one of them, her mum didn’t notice that she had went usually she would say ” I’m just going to a den ” but this time she didn’t.

As her mum didn’t know that she had wondered off somewhere she just carried on with the walk through the forest. Sky had noticed that her mum was long gone, she felt abandoned. Sweat poured, heart pounded, she didn’t know what to do…


The day the Nyx stroke back (part one?)

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A few months after the Nyx had been defeated, everything seemed back to normal, until Anna found a strange letter on her shelf the next morning. She quickly examined the old, yellowing piece of paper, then noticed a hoof print on the back of the page. “Nyx…” she thought to herself. “ I’d almost forgotten about you…” Anna rushed out the front door with Kristoff and Sven, and about 20 minutes later, arrived at the enchanted forest. “Elsa!” She screamed. “I-I think that the Nyx is back again!” Elsa rushed up. “How can you be sure?” She asked. “ it’s not like you have proof or anything.” “Yes I do have proof…” Anna said, pulling out the yellowish piece of paper from her pocket. Elsa got so shocked that she started to hyperventilate and almost fainted, but Anna caught her just in time. “Wow, Elsa.” Anna teased. “I would of brought a fan if i had known that you somehow almost fainted!” Elsa gave Anna the stink eye and told her, ” Seriously, this isn’t time for jokes, Anna.” Anna gave a nod, then Elsa went to get the Noltholdra tribe and told them what was going on. “She Almost fainted when i told her…” Anna told them. Elsa gave Anna a swift jab on the arm with her elbow to keep her quiet. “Ow!” Anna mumbled under her breath. “Yes, I knew this.” Elsa told them. “there was another piece of writing in Ahtohallan, well it was there the last time i went there.” THEN WHY WERE YOU SO STARTLED THAT YOU ALMOST FAINTED?!?!?” Anna screeched. “You see, it said that it would come back, but it didn’t say when.” Groaned Elsa. “Really, Anna?” “Sorry, Sister…” Anna said apologetically. “It’s fine.” Elsa said. “Follow me, and I’ll explain it all when we get there.” Elsa explained it, but only Anna understood, so Yelana and Honey-Maren just nodded enthusiastically until it was over, then they both said… “We don’t understand anything you just said, Elsa!” “What Elsa’s trying to say is that the Nyx has a secret Machine on an unknown piece of land which restores all it’s health when it gets defeated.” Anna explained. “Oh, now I get it!” Said Honey-Maren. “So the Nyx is basically invincible-Well it can be defeated if it’s whateveryoucallit gets defeated first- so it’ll be really hard to, but I think there’s someone who may be able to…” They all stare at Elsa for what seemed like the 1,000,000th time that day, then she said… “Umm.. what? *Gasp!* No. I can’t do it!”  “There’s NO WAY i’ll be able to defeat the strongest half animal/human in the whole fjord, so don’t try to make me!” “Um, excuse me, You’ve defeated the Nyx before, so you can now.” Anna reassured her. Elsa said that she was going to do it, So she called on the Nokk. “Let’s do this, Nokk!” She Told her trustworthy sidekick. “And don’t worry, Anna, I’ll be just fine.” Elsa gave Anna a weak smile, then galloped off into the horizon, in hope to defeat this monster for good. The Nokk gave a small neigh, so Elsa stroked it’s neck and told it, “You’re going to be fine, we’ve done this before.” Many times.. she thought to herself. Back at the castle…. “Anna, don’t be worried about Elsa, she’ll be fine. Claire reassured her. “Yeah. you’re right.”    “She”ll be just fine.” Back on the seas, Elsa was galloping across the fjords’ water, and then she saw it… Yep. I’m leaving you hanging. But if your the type of person who gets freaked out by cliffhangers, Extremely long stories and that type of stuff, you probably shouldn’t read the next part (if i DO make another part, that is)…

Week 30 100wc

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This weeks prompt reminds me how much clearer the sky is now we are all at home and not creating as much pollution as normal.  I wonder if any of you were allowed to stay up last week to watch the meteor shower?
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Mrs Addleton

things in the world

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HI,my name is Alayla and there are a lot of things going on in the world  like the coronaviras  and  how it is speading . So I am going to tell you how to be safe from the viras  so you  need to stay in your home and if you need to get  food  you need to be about 6 feet away from people . If you do go out you need to wear gloves and a wear a mask so you don’t get the viras and no socialising only with the people that you live with because still in the world lots of people are going on walks in the park with out a mask. if you have a garden then you can play in there but if you get delivers stay away. With  this viras going on every thursday we  wate till 8 and then we go out side and clap for the nhs  that are still working still with the viras going on . stay safe / stay home . thank you  nhs. 

Strange creature

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My pet is very strange , when I work up my pet was growing horns . Then  my pet was growing fangs it was so scary because I thought that she was going to eat me. So I went back up to my beautiful safe room and waited for 1unhelpful minute. But when I went out of my room my pet was not there  I wondered were my scary mysterious pet went. And I went out side to see the great beautiful flowers and my  black dark pet was eating my beautiful colourful . I had no idea what to do because my pet was so scary . Then I called the animal controllers and they  helped me to get my pet away from me


the only thing left [coronavirus edition]

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One day a 12 year old boy was hanging out with is friends.Toms mum called ”can you get me some toilet paper  please”. ”Fine    Ok” he groanded. So Tom and his friends went to the nearest tesco. Toms friend asked ” So Tom want did your mum want you to buy at the shop”. ”Well just some toilet paper really”. His friend knew there was no toilet paper left, so he didnt tell him. Tom a very adventrus boy, so when he was walking to tesco he climbed a few trees so he wasnt bored. They reached tesco got a basket and then a voice came… ” stay there please, you need to wash your hands and clean the basket”. Tom knew that voice it was is auntie ” auntie ruby what are you doing here. said Tom nevesly. ”I work here Tom.” said auntie ruby. ” Just where is the toilet paper” shouted Tom. ‘if we have any they will be in isle 9” said aunt ruby. So him and his friends went to isle 9 and there was none left. While no one was looking Tom went into the staff only room. He found 1 roll of toilet paper. ”I to take it and get out of here.” he told himself. A staff member came in.Tom didnt see him and when BUMP right into[spilling all the milk]. He got his friend and ran out of tesco” is that the only thing in that tesco” joked his friend. ”Ha ha ha” Tom said sartasicly. He ran home ditched his friend, and  stayed home… 3 months later. ”Tom i am going to tesco you have to come this time” said his mum.” OH NO!” shouted Tom.

The Noltholdra surprise…

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“”This Is good, but bad at the same time.” Elsa thought to herself. “A Sleepover with Anna for 2 days, but I don’t really want a birthday party, The Noltholdrans and the spirits are all I need.” Honey-Maren saw Elsa looking a little worried and she was wearing her Mother’s scarf(she wore the scarf when she was worried about something) so slowly walked over to her. “Hey, Elsa, what’s up?” Honey-Maren said. “Oh, nothing.” Elsa told her.”Just thinking about stuff.” Honey-Maren didn’t seem convinced so said, “What stuff?” With a hint of worry in her voice. “Ok, if I tell you this, do you promise not to tell anyone?” Elsa whispered. “Sure.” Honey-Maren soothed. “So, you know the my birthday party, right?” I don’t actual-” Elsa started, being interrupted by Yelana. “Right, everyone.” She announced. “Elsa. You can go back.”she said kindly. “It’s Elsa’s birthday in two days, so we need to set up while she’s gone for her 2 day sleepover with Anna. Got that, everyone? Especially you, Archlikel.” “Sure.” Said Archlikel kindly. “Everyone, I’m going to Arendelle now. Be good, and I’m taking the spirits with me.”She announced, flicking her hair. Archlikel blushed uncontrollably. Elsa was ninety nine percent sure Archlikel liked her, but not completely. When Elsa left, Honey-Maren asked Archlikel, “Do you like Elsa?” “No. Well, yes, but not in the way you’re thinking of.” Archlikel replied. When Elsa got to the castle, Anna was staring out the window. When she finally got there, the maid let Elsa in and Anna ran to the door. Even though she wasn’t their queen, the guards greeted Elsa with great awe. “Elsa!” She cried in delight. “I’m so happy you could make it!” They ran up to the castle bedroom, where two beds stood on the pink carpet. There were dawn-tinted pink walls, and purple shutters over the window. Elsa laid her sky blue bag on her bed. Her bed had a wooden bed frame with 2 purple pillows, a patterned purple duvet and a violet bedspread, all laid neatly on a spring cloud white bed sheet. “Elsa, what’s up?” Anna asked. “You seem like you don’t remember this place!” Elsa stayed quiet, until Anna looked at her weirdly. “Ok. You know how It’s my b-birthday in 2 days?” Elsa stammered.

“Yeah?” Anna replied.  “I don’t want a birthday party.” Elsa said, realising Anna looked shocked. “You don’t  want a birthday party?” Anna said soothingly. “That’s fine, if you don’t want one.” The sisters rushed downstairs because dinner was being served. They stayed downstairs for a while and then They ran upstairs with food to eat when everyone was asleep. A few hours later, there came a knock at the door. “Elsa, I think it’s for you.” The maid shouted. “Be back in a minute, Anna.” Elsa said, hugging her sister. She rushed downstairs. “One parcel for… Princess  Elsa Oldenburg.” Joey, the delivery person said, blushing and handing it over. “Umm… Want my number?” She said, blushing a little. “Sure.” Joey giggled, transferring his number to Elsa’s phone. Elsa rushed upstairs. She sat on her bed, ripping open the parcel. Anna looked over her shoulder. “It’s here!” Elsa exclaimed. “What’s here? Anna questioned. “Only my book of spells for experts!” Elsa blurted out. She opened the book. The first spell was just a few finger movements, crossing one leg over the other and chanting the rhyme, OVER THE LEG! GIVE ME AN EGG! And she found she could make them come singly or in a shower, and you could make them disappear with a snap of your fingers and saying the rhyme backwards. !gge na em evig! gel eht revo. A few minutes later, she put the book in her bag and lay on her bed. It felt softer than usual. The pillow felt like a cloud and the cold sheets lay beneath her sore, scratched legs. “Wow, sis! What happened to your legs?” Anna said. “Forest pathway was blocked so I had to go through the forest of Nyx.” Elsa said, rubbing her sore legs.”That must of hurt.” Anna said. “I know.” Elsa said, changing the subject, The smile on her face fading away.”I tried to tell the Noltholdrans I didn’t want a birthday party, but they didn’t listen. “You’re their Queen! they should listen to you.” Anna shouted, going out to answer her phone call, who was apparently Kristoff, who was stuck on a cliff with Sven the reindeer. “Elsa, we need to go now!” Anna said. “Kristoff and Sven are stuck on the edge of the 14,524,563,234,100,234,129,000 metre high cliff!” Elsa and Anna returned with a new person in Arendelle. Elsa and Anna had a chat with the new Arendellian. “Bye!” Anna and Elsa said. “Shall we start our sleepover now Kristoff and Sven are off that cliff?” Elsa agreed that they should start it, so they went downstairs, said goodnight to the maids and cooks, went back upstairs and started the sleepover.

“What do you want to do?” Anna asked. “Not sure…” Elsa replied. “Shall we get Olaf and see what he wants to do?” Anna asked. Elsa said that they should, so they did. Olaf thought that they should play charades, so they did. “So, now what shall we do?” Elsa asked. “Ooh!” Anna said. “Do you want to build a snowman?” Anna asked. “Anna, I think we are a little bit old to build Olaf a buddy…” Elsa answered, “Do you know what might happen if we do….” “Yeah, we’d rather not do it, now I think about it all the way through.” Anna said, sitting down on her bed. “Want to start gossiping now, Elsa? Elsa agreed, so they started to. “I think that Archlikel likes me.” Elsa said, “I’m ninety nine percent sure he does.” “Wow, not being offensive or anything, but you too don’t make a good couple, and as I said, no offence, and I mean it.” Anna blurted out for the whole world to hear. “Anna quiet down!” Elsa snapped. “We don’t want everyone to hear us gossiping, do they?” “N-No, Elsa.” Anna stammered. “Oh, what did I do?” Elsa soothed. “I’m so sorry, Anna…” “Apology accepted.” Anna said. “Ok, let’s continue gossiping.” Approximately six or seven hours later, the sound of heavy breathing filled the room, blocking out the sound of the whirring from the light. “Aww.” Claire, the maid said, silently turning out the light and walking out, closing the door behind her. Elsa awoke, realising how long she had been asleep for. “Anna, are you awake?” Elsa whispered. “Yes.” Anna quietly replied. “Sorry to wake you…” “No, you didn’t wake me, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Elsa soothed. “I’m here until tomorrow, so we can do whatever you want to do.”

“Elsa, you’re our guest, so you get to decide what we do.” Anna said. “Anna,do you want to-” Elsa said, being interrupted by Anna. “Yeah, I want to build a snowman!” “Anna, I was going to ask if you want to go for a walk, and can you stop with the ‘building a girlfriend for Olaf thing?’ Elsa said. “Sure.” Anna said, “And I’m sorry…” A smile spread across Anna’s face. “So…” Anna giggled. “Do you love that J-” “No, before you ask.” Elsa interrupted. “Okay?” Anna said, not convinced she was telling the truth. The next morning, Claire came in, seeing Elsa packing her bag. “Leaving so soon?” Claire asked. “No, I’m just packing it now, so I can have more time with Anna.” Elsa answered. “Sure.” Claire said. “I guess you miss Anna from time to time, don’t you?” “Yeah…” Elsa answered again. “But the castle was not where i was meant to be, but the forest is.” Claire gave a nod and left the room, holding the door open for Anna. “So, Elsa what time are you leaving?Anna asked. Because i don’t want you to go back and happy birthday!” “Probably about 12:00 Am, Anna, i know you don’t want me to go, but this has to end someday, and thanks.” Elsa replied. A few hours later, Elsa was at the door with Anna. “I don’t want this to end, but as you said, this has to…” Anna sniffed, then burst into tears. “Hey, Anna, don’t cry.” Elsa soothed, shedding a tear. “I will be back soon, I promise.” “O-Okay.” Anna stammered. Elsa left the castle with Anna because she was so upset, but really it was that she didn’t want to leave her sister either. “here we are, then.” Elsa said. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELSA! all The Noltholdra shouted. “Thanks, I guess?” Elsa said strangely. “What do you mean, you guess?” Yelana said, strolling casually up to her. “Well, I didn’t actually want a birthday party…” Elsa finally told her. “Well, why didn’t you say?” Yelena said. “I Tried to, but you just didn’t listen!” Elsa cried, rushing to her tent. “You never listen and probably never  will!” “Wait!” Archlikel cried, Her eyes meeting his. “Elsa, look at me, we’d never do anything like that to you, okay?” “O-Okay.” Elsa stammered, wiping tears from her eyes and walking out. “I’m sorry, Elsa, i got so into this ‘Fifth Nature spirit’s birthday thing,’ i didn’t think about you…” Yelena apologised. “I accept your apology, but please don’t do that again, okay?” Elsa said. They all gave an Apologetic nod, Anna went home Happily, And the rest day was filled with things they all liked.







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wen I went to London i had ice cream with a chocolate butenn   and I got a toy whith slime in it and a spider and my cusen and my sister well not her because she dosen like slime neether my cusen then we went to the sicenc muoosirm and it was rilly good and then we went to hav some lunch but there were pinchens so we fed them som bird food nad they loved it and I had a pizza whith a coler pad so I dont get bored but my food came so i ate it then i had Ice creem with mint and chololait.