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The great performance!

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On the 5th of May there was a great performance live on tv. Were you able to see it? It was on at 5 o clock on itv . It was performed by a girl called Mollie . She was very talented .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 On the 8th of May there was an even better performance by a dance group . Were you able to see it? They were brilliant , excellent , outstanding . The best dance I have ever seen n my whole entire life!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The performance by the choir was brilliant on the 10th of May. Were you able to see it ? The best choir group ever!

The hairy egg

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Ones there was a family of hairy eggs with black yoke for there day a  man who was in a jacket,a minecraft teesht and black trousers with a fringe came and said”would you like to have dinner with me at 10am Solent road Dibden purlieu Wednesday?”The hairy eggs replied with”yes we would love that”. The day came as quick as a flash the hairy eggs whent to the mans house and knocked on the door. The man came out of the house and let them in.When it was time for dinner he gave them their dinner.Then with a flick of light he picked them up and made a horrible mistake .


look at the next whun.By Emily .


Week 20 Prompt

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The prompt is:

… it was completely out of tune…

I can’t wait to see all your musical pieces!

Mrs Addleton

fringe, eggs, black, washed and flickering

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One day there lived a girl who loved wearing black fringe jumpers and she was kept in a tower because she was naughty girl when she was a toddler. And now she is a good girl trying to behave a lot better when she was a toddler and tries to get out of the horrible tower. Guess who locked her up in this ghastly mess a person who hates her ( Mildred Hufflepuff ) her mother which punished her for eternity. And her mother doesn’t give her any food except bread and water with some butter in. In the bread roll she gets eggs in as well, poor thing. And she gets washed in dirty bath water every day. Don’t you feel sorry for her. And her night light is a candle that flickers all night then she blows it out in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed story time with……………………………………..Poppie. And see you next time on story time with Poppie. see ya later!

the missing chocolate cake

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one day it was a little girls birthday who was opening her cards and presents she loved her massive beanbag.She loved  her little bed tent.She couldn’t wait until she got to see her birthday cake but a sudden fear came across her,her cake could of magically grown legs  so she went to see if  the cake was gone…BUT SHE LOOKED EVERY WHERE AND HER CAKE WAS she went to the shops to look for the cake then she sadly walked home and cried until her mum called ”dinner” and she ran down the stairs and ate chicken chow-mane and enjoyed her day which was probably the joint best day of her life (joint best because of Christmas) and when she finished she teleported  and everyone said ”but how could she just disappear?

Week 18 Prompt

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some rather interesting people!

Mrs Addleton


When me and Layla-May had a sleepover on the 19th to the 20th!

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It was the 19th of January 2019 and I was going to my dads when I got a call from Sally Layla-May’s mum to go to a sleepover at Layla-May’s house and we ate loads and loads of yummy treats we were nearly sick and they were all my choices ha ha ha! I chose the House of magic,Lilo and Stitch,and finally the most amazing Mr cat in the hat! They were each as fun as each other but me and Layla-May agreed on our favourite one it was obviously the cat in the hat what would be yours comment below xx

Week 17 Prompt

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We are back to asking some probing questions this week. The prompt is:

… but how could she just disappear…

Mrs Addleton


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Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink

First thing on Saturday morning (after breakfast and getting dressed  of course) I rode my bicycle out to the woods. Next, because I got muddy, I had a bath and I threw a Lush bath bomb in which made it pink and somehow bubbly. Though it only lasted a minute or so because I was so muddy. After that my mind was empty of ideas of what to do so I eventually just played on my iPad and did this blog.

And that’s my recount of Saturday.