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my clumbsy day

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so im new to this and i kind of need some help. i thought i might join this club yesterday after i was playing a game and i had a pretty good fighter after a bath with orange soap. my little brother clumbsily fell over me. after i won the game i did a victory dance wich had a back included a backflip.everything that day was SO fun and yet odd. This is the first time I’ve done a vlog and I’m not sure what I’m doing so if anyone has anything that could be of any help or know anybody than let me know.

Secret Statues

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Deep in an ancient forest, hid three, secret, stone, super-power statues.  During the day, these mysterious creatures  were  as still as a building but at night they come a live and atack the hole world. When it is morning they go to the place and have a cup a tea .When the wind hit them they fell over and they smashed to smitherines.

when i started dance

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i was looking for a shop. i tryed to find tesco when suddenly i saw a dance school i went in it reminded me of a time when i lost my teddy i was looking for it when i found gymnasics i went in to dance they said you dont have to pay for your first lesson my sister was with me she said we would love to i realy wanted to do it and we done it i have done it for 4 years now i still do it i set my mind of for a bit but love it

Why is there some random statues……

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One day a little girl was walking on her normal route, normal path. When the girl went on her stroll there was nothing like that.Right now I’m asking myself ”why are there some random statues in the middle of nowhere?” When did it come here? What do I need to do for it?I asked my mum why there was some random statues in the forest, but she didn’t know why they were there. So the next day I went again on my normal stroll, normal walk. Then the statues were not there and that isn’t a surprise. So I was pleased that it is back to normal.2 years later……


….but it seemed to be going backwards

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When I was in bed, I looked at the time and I thought  it would be 2:25 am  but the time was really 11:06 pm. I thought to my self saying ”why is the time 11:07 I went to bed at 8:00 and it feels like I’ve been asleep for 5 hours?”  When I tried to wake up, I asked my Mum ”what is the time?” and then she said to me ”your are meant to go to bed its 12:09 am go to bed now I mean it!” Then I went to myself saying I need to go to bed now,  Right now then I popped my mind to it so then I went sleep as soon as you know it.

The explorer

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At school I had a school trip to go on today and we took a coach. The colour of the coach was mauve. The teacher gave us some rules and if we didn’t follow them we would have to go back and sit in the coach. The place we went to looked like a jungle, and we saw an Alligator.  Me, Elisia,lily H and Lauren  tried to clime a tree and it was tricky. We got sent back to the coach and Elisia started cry because she missed her mum. Then we all got sent back to school.




Last day

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So this morning we have packed and are looking forward to coming but we have a full day first…First was fire lighting, next orienteering and later we are den building. We have to say thank you to YMCA for looking after us so well. Fairthorne manor rocks!

Day 3

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Water fun today. Lots of laughter and some very wet children!

This evening we had a mini camp fire toasting marshmallows.

Day 2

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A day of heights! Zip wire, Abseiling and Climbing. All having good fun. Some children had to be woken up at 7.30 this morning….


Day 1 fun

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So today we became archers and worked as a team on the blindfold trail. In the evening we found a fun way of cooling off!!