Scream Face Tree

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Has anyone seen a tree that looks like the Scream Face? Well, let me tell you the story of a little boy who did see it! It all began on a dark and stormy night in a mythical forest and a boy, who was investigating the woods on his own, saw a bear which made him act like a lunatic. While he was running, a bright blinding flash of lightning made him flinch. He saw the scream face and he covered his blinded eyes. Little did he know, the tree was copying him and then after another lightning flash suddenly the boy vanished.

Week 35 100 Word Challenge Prompt

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The prompt this week is 5 words. They must all go into the writing but can be in any order. They are:



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Once there was a bell, a bell that no-one knew how it got there. The bell had been resting from the beginning of time at the very top of a ancient house on the top of a creepy hill. Mouldy and made of hard gold, this bell had been still and silent for centuries. In 1944, a little boy, who was not afraid of anything, went to that house. As soon as he got through the gate, he saw a strange figure. That child was never seen again. Last summer, me and my friend went looking for that boy but as we got close, the bell went and we were in trouble.

Week 37 100 Word Challenge

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This week we have another problem to solve. The prompt is:

…the bell went & we were in trouble…

Things to think about:

  • Where is this set?
  • What importance does the bell have?
  • What sort of trouble will your characters be in?
  • How can they find a solution?


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Once I was riding my huge scooter and I accidently ran into a black swan and other swans attacked me I took the swan to the swan hospital and he had to have a surgery and the doctors did a careful job.Next time i was careful when I was ridding it again.

100 Word Challenge Week 35 Prompt

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This week, we have 5 words which ALL must be in your writing! They are:


old fasion iron

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Has anyone seen an iron that has no electrisaty you might have not because in 1829 probably do you think that it is a sign that electric is going or is it a sign that godzilla is real because on youtube that is real that godzilla was caught on camera 10 times so it might be godzilla’s iron to unrincle his cloths.

The Key

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Alfie was a young boy, and he was walking through his favourite park he went to pick up a key then found a door. “I wonder where this leads to” Alfie pushed the key through the door and he was in this magical castle “wow” he shouted “is this this this HOGWARTS.” “IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO HERE.” he walked through the doors and saw Harry Potter ” IS THIS REALLY YOU.” ” yes it really is.” Harry replied. “Would you like a tour of Hogwarts?” “Yes please” Harry and Alfie first went to the great hall “wow I’ve always dreamed of going here, its amazing”. There was banners of Gryffindor , Hufflepuff , Ravenclaw and Slytherin. “I wonder what house I’m in!?” “Lets find out!” Harry said. Harry put the sorting hat on him and let the sorting hat decide. “Hmm.” ” A wise young man.” “RAVENCLAW!!!!” “AHH man.” I wanted to be with you Harry.” “Never mind.” “I think Ravenclaw is cool.!” “Ill show you to your common room.” “OH COOL!!!” Harry showed Alfie to his common room. “This is cool” Alfie said. “I’ve got to go now. Its dinner ill come back tomorrow. Ok bye.” “Bye” said Harry.