The hand of terror!

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The hand of terror. It does not sound very scary but actually it is. It finds you whilst you sleep and when you wake up it goes into a fist and knocks you out. After that, it will drag you to its secret lab and cook you for its dinner. But if you escape then it will find you were ever you hide and eat you there and then. But there is a problem for the hand of terror. It will run and hide from you when you have fire. So make this a tip, the hand of terror is afraid of fire.

Donald Trump’s ugly brother

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In the picture you can see a Male hand with Donald Trump’s face AKA his brother. He is watching America and the White House for murders trying to kill Trump. His body can not move he must stay there and keep watch on the White House. His legs are very strong which help him stay there for a very long time without moving. If ever the hand moves it has to kill its self OR gets its nails polished. The hand never sleeps because if people kill trump at night he looses his job. However the hand is aloud to lay down and rest.

Henry the hand

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Once there was a hand called Henry from the moon hand that orbits the planet Body. Henry spent his days in his shop called Sweets and Things. Hand was a boing place every thing was beige but sweets and things was red, blue and yellow. So one day Henry climbed in his space ship and came to Earth. When he landed on a shop he saw a giant otter monster sent by king Harry of Hand. Henry jumped of the shop and got out a ice gun he shot the otter with it and it tripped up and it died. Then Henry opened a Sweets and Things on earth.

my painful life by by charliep

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in the beginning,in year 4 my hand got slammed in the door and I went to a&e . my hand was swirling up and I had to have a sling on my hand.

In year 5 my head got slammed into a chair and my eye  was swurl up it hurt very much .

in year 6 my hand got slammed into the doorand my nail fell off at my house and it hurt {it was by me} I went to a&e with my mum and my granddad .they put 2 injections in my hand and pushed it back in to were it should be


The Hand…

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In 1980 a boy went missing named Jeffery Wheeler. It has not been proven as to why or how he went missing; all we know is he is missing. A few years before hand, he kept on telling his parents about a creepy hand that grabbed him…

“Sweetie, bed time!” “Mum noooo. The hand will get me!” “Who told you that silly, there’s no such thing as monsters, see.” His mum turns on the light and points around the room checking for what Jeffery calls The Hand. “But Mum…” “No, stop with this nonsense, get into bed!” “Ok…” It was that night that Jeffery Wheeler went missing…


The hand that found out its gender

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Once in 1,000,000 years a hand will be born into this planet called “earth.” When the hand is born it seeks its own gender so it can fulfil its destiny even though it is cross-gender. So carrying on from the story the said hand seeks wisdom from the great tree of genderness. When the hand gets to the great tree of genderness they need to answer a question and that said question is “Do you like Minecraft?” And all the hands say yes and they find out their gender but if the hand says no it gets burned in a pit of fire.

the dudeiesty dude

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In the beginning , there was Donald trump the trumpiest trump of all.

One day Donald was cooking in the kitchen because that’s were you cook when something terrible happened , he chopped his hand of cause he’s a retarded idiot. Suddenly his hand started running it grabbed a knife and stabbed Donald in the face and blood spewed everywhere .

The hand stared killing everyone and eventually the was no one left apart from him . The hand then started referring to him self as the dude user dude so he could speak. But he got so lonely that he killed him self …

a new sculpture

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there was a sculpture built in Christchurch in new Zealand wich looks like Donald trump but made into a hand but people didn’t like it because it moves in the night and CREEPS people out !!!

in that night,the hand jumped down and crept in to peoples house and takes all there stuff and in the morning he was missing everybody was scared so they made a 911 call to the emergency service and they came all the department and they find the hand but nobody was there.

cats and dogs

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in the begging cats and dog ruled the world. Then one day suddenly they and felt happiness.  then the public decided “no we do want  animals to be boss” so they set up a campaign against the cats and dogs.

                         three years later,

the dogs and cats have kittens and puppies. Then a few more puppies and kittens arrive. The next day every thing went wrong the humans decided they would move to a another planet instead of fighting. the cats and dogs were happy but they felt alone and didn’t understand “why did they go” said custard [the cat]

                  dun dun dun …….


Week 16 100wc

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Blogging Band,

You are going to have a blast with your blogs this week.

Check out the new prompt and let your imagination run riot.

Ideas to think about:

Is this a creature?
Where did it come from?
Why is it here?

I am so excited to see what you all come up with!  We’ll be in the ICT suite every playtime (except Tuesday) and Golden Time on Friday so come and join us.

Mrs Addleton