The black diamond apple and banana cake that everyone hated..because a bridge made it

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We went to recording for the second day and people kept calling me weird.

But I guess anyone walking around with a bear and a superhero would be considered a tad weird, right?!

Anyway, when we arrived we had to change into these awkward costumes.

And YES, before you ask, I was the bridge. Lucky me.


We began recording and I had to shout,


Everyone came charging toward the shop (Okie) and bought it.

A few days later, there was many complaints about the cake because it was being showcased by a


Our filming ended on a cliffhanger and the recording session ended, but then okie got his head stuck in one of the shop costume’s window and we all had to pull him out..

The day I was cast as a BRIDGE in a film about a BANANA AND A BLACK DIAMOND APPLE?!

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Once upon a time, there was an apple whose name was..well..

Apple. For a fact, Apple was the only apple called Apple on the island.

And apple was a very appley apple. He was also a very rare apple, he was part of the black diamond apple family. Apparently he tasted like cinnamon. Cinnamon?

One day, Apple was tired of being around apples, so built himself a boat. He sailed himself away to the Banana island and met a banana called..

Banana! Surprisingly. Not. He was also the only banana called Banana!

Banana and apple became good friends, until the bad banana called 

Bad Banana.. (Yes, he has banana in his name, but it has ‘Bad’ at the start.)

Came and squeezed Banana and Apple! He combined their juices together to make Black Diamond Apple and Banana juice(tm?)! It has not yet been put on shelves but when it does it will probably be sold in a flash!

the end! I think.

“Black Diamond Apple and Banana juice will be put on shelves in stores on March 15th. The price will be £14 for one litre bottle, and £15 for 5 cartons. Terms and conditions apply.” I laughed as we finished filming.

In the back, Bernando and Sapphire were taking off their costumes. Sapphire was the Banana and Bernando the apple. I had the worst part of all.

I had to be a bridge, and the bridge was the narrator. Who told the film audience about unreal-black diamond apple and banana juice. All I had to do was lay on the floor and, at the end, dance about.

Well, all finished for today,” the director said, “But there will be more tomorrow, same casts.”


…And then everything stopped…

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It was a Thursday evening and I was nestled in bed, reading. My clock was next to me; the time read 5:23pm. It turned 5:24, and then everything stopped..

The words on the pages stopped and the pages glued themselves together. My fingers stopped moving and also were glued to the page.. What was happening?!

The lights flickered on and off, and then a mysterious figure walked into the room. It looked a big like a cat.. It came and miaowed, and then everything went back to normal..

The pages and my fingers unglued, the lights went back to normal and the clock’s time set to the current time. Everything had returned to normal, but what had happened? And who was that cat, who had disappeared after it miaowed??

YOU decide part 2

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You reach for the bag slung over your shoulder and look inside. Inside was a length of rope and a hook. How would THAT help?!

You suddenly get an idea and attach the hook to the end of the rope, throwing it onto a nearby tree branch. You pull yourself up the tree with the ropes help and look around at the dense area. There is another pathway that doesn’t look that sketchy..

You make a mad dash for the exit and manage to escape..

Week 16 100wc prompt

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We have a very short prompt to start the year with. It is:

… everything stopped and…

Mrs Addleton

Bernando Bear (Cherry Berry bear)

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My new puppets name is Bernando and he arrived today. His nickname is Cherry Berry. Or just Berry.


As you saw that is Bernando. He only writes in capital letters and will NOT use word contractions. He looks a bit like Fozzie bear from the muppets. Actually not real- I TAKE THAT AS AN INSULT! I-i don’t mean it as an insult,  Berry! Berry?! Okay, he is refusing to talk now. I am going to apologise then I will be back..

OK FINE,I AM SORRY. Me too, Berry. CAN I GIVE YOU A NICKNAME? Ok. HOW ABOUT.. DARCI? Darci?! That has nothing to do with my original name. I KNOW BUT I LIKE IT! It’s a bit quirky, but fine. Call me Darci if it pleases you.

You decide..

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You are trapped in a forest, with no source  of water, no source of food. There is a bear behind a tree about 10ft away from you, and  an eagle screeching in the dusk sky, staring at you; wanting to grab you by its long claws an drag you away.. You stay still, pondering your options on how to get out in your head.  Do you:

. Try and escape by foot? The pathway seems a bit sketchy, but it’s worth a try..

. Try and call for help? The chances are low that another human being is in this remote area, unless another creature saves you….


.See if you can escape yourself? There might just be something slightly useful in the bag that is hung over your shoulders droopily..

Tell me what you think! Or shall I just write an ending for all of them? 

ANOTHER new puppet

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I am going to recive a new bear puppet tomorrow. I am not sure what I will name him but since I have used all the features (bold, underline etc) I will write in capital letters to represent him. I would like it if I could have (some) name suggestions. I am thinking Charlie but I’m just thinking of the show from CBeebies, Little Charley Bear; and that name just doesn’t seem right for my pupp- I mean bear (the puppets don’t like it when I call them puppets). I will tell you more about my new bear puppet tomorrow.

I would appreciate name suggestions. I am stuck on giving him a name; but he’s not even arrived yet and it’ll probably be easier to give him a name when i can physically see him with my own eyes.

New Years Eve!!!

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Happy New Years Eve everyone!! I just want to say that I am wishing everyone a happy new year! I hope that 2021 is better than 2020 but we will have to see! I will keep blogging throughout 2021 (maybe 2022 if you don’t delete my account when I go into yr 7, please don’t) to update you on my ventriloquism, etc. I know this blog is short but I just wanted to say the stuff I’ve already said. I WON’T be up until midnight tonight..I’ve never been allowed. Well I’m running out of things to write so I’m going to end this blog now.

Happy new year! 🎉🎈