Week 36 100wc

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…that’s when I knew I should run…

Things to think about

  • Where are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • What has made you consider running?
  • Why run & not stay or walk?

Mrs Addleton

Week 34 100 WC

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This week we have 5 words. They are:

Box    Racoon    Chair    Sky    Leaf

They can appear in your blog in any order.

Mrs Addleton

Week 33 100wc

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This weeks prompt is a part of a sentence.

The deafening screams echoed through the cold night…

Mrs Addleton


Week 31 100 wc

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We have two prompts this week. You can choose either or do both!

Prompt One

…we disappeared into the night …


Prompt Two

…but should I really do this?…

Lots for you to think about this week!

Week 30 100wc

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This weeks prompt reminds me how much clearer the sky is now we are all at home and not creating as much pollution as normal.  I wonder if any of you were allowed to stay up last week to watch the meteor shower?
Don’t forget to press ‘submit for review’ so that I know your blog is ready for publishing!
Mrs Addleton

Week 29 100wc

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  • What on Earth has happened here?


mysterious door bell

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One day, I  woke up and went on my daily walk  but on my way there was a mysterious door and on the door was a  ancient door bell  so I kept  on walking.Then I realised that the mysterious door bell was all over the doors. so I went back to the mysterious door that I saw before.  So I went back to the door but  the doorbell had  magically disappeared . It made me anxious.    I went back home and got changed out of my working clothes for the day . then I saw it the clown come out from the door then I asked my self should I still go in there because there mite be people in  trubble.  so I slowly went to the door and he pulled me in and then it was my friend dressing up for  Halloween



things in the world

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HI,my name is Alayla and there are a lot of things going on in the world  like the coronaviras  and  how it is speading . So I am going to tell you how to be safe from the viras  so you  need to stay in your home and if you need to get  food  you need to be about 6 feet away from people . If you do go out you need to wear gloves and a wear a mask so you don’t get the viras and no socialising only with the people that you live with because still in the world lots of people are going on walks in the park with out a mask. if you have a garden then you can play in there but if you get delivers stay away. With  this viras going on every thursday we  wate till 8 and then we go out side and clap for the nhs  that are still working still with the viras going on . stay safe / stay home . thank you  nhs. 

Strange creature

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My pet is very strange , when I work up my pet was growing horns . Then  my pet was growing fangs it was so scary because I thought that she was going to eat me. So I went back up to my beautiful safe room and waited for 1unhelpful minute. But when I went out of my room my pet was not there  I wondered were my scary mysterious pet went. And I went out side to see the great beautiful flowers and my  black dark pet was eating my beautiful colourful . I had no idea what to do because my pet was so scary . Then I called the animal controllers and they  helped me to get my pet away from me


the only thing left [coronavirus edition]

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One day a 12 year old boy was hanging out with is friends.Toms mum called ”can you get me some toilet paper  please”. ”Fine    Ok” he groanded. So Tom and his friends went to the nearest tesco. Toms friend asked ” So Tom want did your mum want you to buy at the shop”. ”Well just some toilet paper really”. His friend knew there was no toilet paper left, so he didnt tell him. Tom a very adventrus boy, so when he was walking to tesco he climbed a few trees so he wasnt bored. They reached tesco got a basket and then a voice came… ” stay there please, you need to wash your hands and clean the basket”. Tom knew that voice it was is auntie ” auntie ruby what are you doing here. said Tom nevesly. ”I work here Tom.” said auntie ruby. ” Just where is the toilet paper” shouted Tom. ‘if we have any they will be in isle 9” said aunt ruby. So him and his friends went to isle 9 and there was none left. While no one was looking Tom went into the staff only room. He found 1 roll of toilet paper. ”I to take it and get out of here.” he told himself. A staff member came in.Tom didnt see him and when BUMP right into[spilling all the milk]. He got his friend and ran out of tesco” is that the only thing in that tesco” joked his friend. ”Ha ha ha” Tom said sartasicly. He ran home ditched his friend, and  stayed home… 3 months later. ”Tom i am going to tesco you have to come this time” said his mum.” OH NO!” shouted Tom.