Week 22 100WC

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This week we have a question for the prompt. It is:

‘… but where did it go?’ she shouted…

Mrs Addleton

Week 21 100wc

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Our prompt for the next week is one that asks about carrying. It is:

… but it was heavier than I expected…

Things to consider:

  • What is IT?
  • How heavy did you imagine it was going to be?
  • Why does the weight matter?


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Hi Izzy,

I can see that you have nearly completed a blog today, ready to publish tonight, and I will be very excited to read it but I  just wanted remind you that I am not allowed to check the blog at home during the lockdown anymore.  Tomorrow, I cover Mr Leftwich on his PPA time.  This means that I won’t be able to read and comment on your writing until the end of the day tomorrow – I haven’t forgotten you!

However, I am hoping that I will be able to keep the blog up and running during the half term holiday.

Mrs Addleton

Lost memories part 4- the end and the epilogue

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It was after the fight and Olly had just realised what he’d done.

“I’m sorry, brother. I had no choice..” Olivia sniffed.

“No, no. Don’t apologise-I should. That hammer attack was divine; you put everything in it-enough power to awaken me from that dark dream. Please, Olivia. I have one request before I leave, though. Please fold my paper into the very last crane.” Olly sighed, letting his paper unfold and he laid there, one sheet of purple paper.

Brother!!” Olivia sobbed.

Luigi and the Origami Craftsman burst through the window. “Why are all these cranes here? Is one of you doing the forbidden 1000 cranes technique?” The craftsman exclaimed in shock.

So Olivia got taught how to fold a crane and folded Olly’s body into a crane and did it. She wished for all the origami folded by Olly to be unfolded-and that meant her. But the origami diorama of the origami castle, folded by the origami craftsman but the big one was folded by Olly, was displayed on the night of the Origami Festival and that continued.



“Are you sure this will work?” Freshly folded (by the craftsman) Olly had asked freshly folded (also by the craftsman this time) Olivia as they snuck through Toad Town to surprise Princess Peach and Mario in the castle.

“100% sure, my dear brother.” Olivia had said and she was right, it went wonderfully.

End of epilogue!

I know that suspense is building for who Olly and Olivia were talking about but that’s a story for another blog-literally.

What a vellmental is and Lost memories, part 3

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A vellumental is, in the stories case, a large (origami)animal or figure guarding something. Ok, to the story now!!

“Olly. Listen to me. I know that I have never gotten truly fiercely angry at you but I am getting close that point now. Just listen. We are origami but this isn’t what we were folded for. You need to get along with flat paper.” Olivia said.

Olly groaned. “Baby sister, you never take my side-”

“DON’T call me baby sister!” It was clear that Olivia was angry now.

“Ok, fine. I will not call you my baby sister anymore, but just “my sister that hates me’, hm? But these flat jerks need to disappear. Don’t you agree, Olivia?” Olly said in this sweet, silly-girly voice, like Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard Of Oz. 

“Nope. I don’t. And I hate you so much that I may as well just live with Mario now. And you don’t know what I’ve been through, Olly.” Olivia moaned.

“Well, I went through the same, for origami’s sake!!” Olly shrieked.

“No, I am not talking about you-know-who, Olly. I lost a friend, then another. Now I feel as I’m losing a brother.” Olivia chorused accidentally-on-purpose.

“Olivia, DON’T you dare remind me about it! Remind me about the friends all you want but if you remind me about them..you’ll be in for it, sister! I was older when we lost you-know-who and if you remind me I will fold you into a crane! Now just stop talking and let Mario fight!” Olly muttered loudly.

A. What were Olly and Olivia talking about??

B. what will happen when Mario fights Olly again?

C. Will Olivia remind Olly?

To be continued..

Week 19 100wc

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We have a bit of a problem for our sentence prompt this week. It is:

… when it just wouldn’t take off…

Mrs Addleton

Lost memories, part 2

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About 5 weeks later..

“Ah, you’re finally here, sister. Took you long enough.” Olly said slyly, “Actually, it took you so long that there is nothing you can do to stop me now. My world is almost complete.”

Olivia stared at her brother. “Olly, I have told you to stop! You need to stop this, now!”

Bowser nodded in agreement. “And where’s the princess? Is she safe? Is she comfortable? Does she have something to read? …asking for a friend.”

“Oh, the princess is right infront of you. Behold!” Olly pointed to where he’d.. Folded the princess into the castle?!

“You moron! Folding the princess into the castle is too much. You’ve gone too far!” Olivia shrieked, trying to contain her tears.

“Well, I said I’d fold all of the castle into an origami castle. Including the princess herself.” Olly said.

“Even I wouldn’t do that. And I’ve done some mean stuff, believe me! Ask Kamek!” Bowser said.

“O-Olly..all these cranes..you wouldn’t..” Olivia stuttered.

“I would. And I did. At last, 999 of my cranes are complete! And I will use it to turn all the toads into scrap paper!” Olly said.

Olivia stared at her brother. “I still don’t know what you’ve got against the toads.”

“The toad that folded me.. He disrespected the very paper I was made on-He scribbled all over it!” Olly said scornfully.

“So THAT’S why you’re doing this?!” Olivia looked angry.

“My sweet Olivia..I wish you would just see my vision for an origami kingdom.. And for you, Mario. You’ve proved to be quite annoying. I will honour your paper..by folding it into the very last crane!”

A battle started between the 3.

“See how a true KING wields the  vellumental powers!” Olly scowled, flicking his hair and turning into the earth vellumental!

After they’d beaten Olly’s 1st form, Olivia looked worried.

“Brother? Are you ok? Even using one vellumental power can be tiring-”

“*pant* *pant* No! I don’t need your lovey-dovey speeches!” Olly said angrily, looking tired.


Lost memories; a blog on what happened before part 1.

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Before I write part 2.. A little touch on what happened before and why Olly is trying to fold everyone into origami and why he hates his sister, Olivia.

So, as you know, Olly was folded with the fold of life and that means he is like a human but he is origami. The origami craftsman put a note on Olly’s body saying ‘Dear Olly, I trust you will be a great and kind King.’ But Olly doesn’t know that so he thinks that the origami craftsman just scribbled all over Olly’s body. Olivia does not agree with Olly’s plans so pleads for him to stop. Olly refuses and goes to Toad town, where he stuffs Olivia in a wall so he can build a (perfect?) kingdom. Mario finds Olivia and they team up to stop Olly, but Olly  wraps the castle in streamers, and they go to 5 different places:

Red: Overlook Mountain

Blue: Shogun Studios

Yellow: Scorching Sandpaper Desert

Purple: Sea tower

Green: Bowser’s castle-Shangri-Spa

They are all guarded by the stationary (from the previous blog.)

Mario and Olivia have cleared the green streamed and are on their way to Scorching Sandpaper Desert.


Randomness on stationery.

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Hole punch: dancing aggressively and singing terribly out of pitch  to thrills at night at 2 in the morning.


Coloured pencils: “de suis d’accord avec les ciseaux.”

Rubber band: “Help me..”

Stapler: *bark bark.*




Hole punch: “Hey, Olly? I was wondering if anyone here could speak any different languages. Other than coloured pencils.”

Scissors: “Si, puedo. Sabia que no esperadas que puridea hardar Espanol .”

Olly: “Wow. ”

Coloured pencils: “Yo tambien puedo hablar espanol, sabes.”

Everyone else: “How can stationary speak Spanish?”





Hole punch: *spinning* “I’M BORRED!”

Rubber band: Then find something to do!

Hole punch: I can’t! I don’t know WHAT to do!!

Rubber band: *sigh* “How do I explain it..”

Coloured pencils:..”I thought you would want to dance.”

Hole punch: “OH YEAH TIME TO BOOGIE!!! Thanks, Coloured pencils!”

Everyone else: “SERIOUSLY, Coloured pencils?!”

Coloured pencils: “Desolee.”