Week 24 100WC

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This week we have part of a strange sentence. It is:

…empty. What a surprise!…

Things to think about:

  • What is empty?
  • Why is the writer surprised?
  • How do they feel?
  • What is the impact of ‘it’ being empty?

Red, ladder, sinking, coins, pavement.

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One day there was a lady loved the colour of red, why she was so obsessed with red because it is the colour of  LOVE. and she has a load of collector coins and the specific number is 10,000 collector coins. So she was made of money and all of those coins just cost her £100,000 just on them. When her son had a bath he was sinking into the drain because her son is only 3 inches which is the size of 7.62 centimetres which is very very very very small. The pavement at her entrance bit was also red. And when her son tries to get her son in the bath he has to use a ladder.

Hope you enjoyed story time with …………………………………………………………Poppie

Bye. seee you next time

Week 23 Prompt

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We have one of your favourite prompts this week – 5 individual words. They are:


Have a bit of fun with these words!

Mrs Addleton


The great performance!

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On the 5th of May there was a great performance live on tv. Were you able to see it? It was on at 5 o clock on itv . It was performed by a girl called Mollie . She was very talented .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 On the 8th of May there was an even better performance by a dance group . Were you able to see it? They were brilliant , excellent , outstanding . The best dance I have ever seen n my whole entire life!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The performance by the choir was brilliant on the 10th of May. Were you able to see it ? The best choir group ever!

The Shadow

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This morning me and my friends Eden and Amelia were hanging out in the back garden playing on the trampoline it started getting cold so we went back inside for our breakfast and warmth.

After breakfast we went up to Eden’s Bedroom to play with her hamster Claudia and the piano,as we did so a I saw a strange shadow out the corner of my eye, “I saw a shadow,were you able to see it?”
“No” thy replied with a hint of curiosity in their voices.
We ran downstairs scared but curious ” I wonder what it was” mumbled Amelia curiously.

Week 22 100WC

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This weeks prompt is:

Were you able to see it?

Mrs Addleton

Haunted house

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The other day I was in this very creepy haunted house then I saw a egg on the floor then the lights flickered and so I thought I should run out befor I got caught.it was black outside so  it made it very creepy,then lightning struck so then i raced home and my fringe kept geting in my way and that’s why i hate having a fringe.so I pulled my hood up and continued running then I heard footsteps following me. My heart started to race faster and faster,so then I looked and saw a black panther.he then started to glance at me then I growled at it and  the panther and then it ran of scared and howling.





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Today,we are going live on Britain’s Got Talent,as an Acapella group! Later that day we hopped in the mini bus and drove to London.

We were in the middle of auditioning when Simon Cowell cut our performance in front of the whole world,He said that it was completely out of tune…

We were so embarrassed. We had practised for months-years actually,we were devastated all of that work for nothing!

One year later…

It happened again, this time it wasn’t Simon! This time it was Amanda!

We went home and perfected and practiced .

We went back in five years time, perfect!

She Said she was a MUSICIAN !

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One day, a girl called Brianna Said She was a musician! But really, when she made me listen to one of her Horrible Concerts, She LIED about Her being a musician! She was, Ok Admitting it!  She Was A BIG, FAT, LIAR!! Every thing was so annoying in HER LIFE Everything was  so angry  at Brianna! Everything was so Bad!! she was very sad and she was a kind girl and she is very cute! She goes to this Ballet Class which is very Boring! she is so annoyed and sad that her head was in a spin! she was so amazed! IT WAS SO OUT OF TUNE!