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Week 15 100wc

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Our last prompt of the year is a little different. You are going to do all the work!

  1. Choose a word that describes what 2020 has been like for you
  2. Choose a word that represents what your hopes are for 2021
  3. Write a piece of 100 words with both words in it

I’m really looking forward to reading these that will link the past with the future.

Mrs Addleton

…”Which way is the shops” it panted…

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There was once a dog called Max, he was the Grinch’s dog but he could be mischievous when he wants to. I think you didn’t know this, but Max could secretly talk and he never revealed his secret to the Grinch. The Grinch hollowed from his room to the kitchen saying ” MAX GET HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! ” Max barked pretending to sound like ‘yes’  ” Can you go to the shops BUT you better be fast so run as fast as you can okay.”  Max tried to run as fast as he can, but he just stopped for a break. He saw a person walking past him max was going to talk to him. His gut told him to talk to the person and his mind saying don’t talk to the person. He went with his gut and talked to the person ”…Where are the shops…?” he panted. the person was so baffled that she just pointed to where the shop was because she was that speechless. The woman had never seen a plain old dog talk.

So this was a mix of christmas and now. I Know it’s a bit late to post this but atleast I posted it. Byeee.