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my painful life by by charliep

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in the beginning,in year 4 my hand got slammed in the door and I went to a&e . my hand was swirling up and I had to have a sling on my hand.

In year 5 my head got slammed into a chair and my eye  was swurl up it hurt very much .

in year 6 my hand got slammed into the doorand my nail fell off at my house and it hurt {it was by me} I went to a&e with my mum and my granddad .they put 2 injections in my hand and pushed it back in to were it should be


cats and dogs

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in the begging cats and dog ruled the world. Then one day suddenly they and felt happiness.  then the public decided “no we do want  animals to be boss” so they set up a campaign against the cats and dogs.

                         three years later,

the dogs and cats have kittens and puppies. Then a few more puppies and kittens arrive. The next day every thing went wrong the humans decided they would move to a another planet instead of fighting. the cats and dogs were happy but they felt alone and didn’t understand “why did they go” said custard [the cat]

                  dun dun dun …….


In the begging of the end #part2

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 Jess and I were devastated at the result of the tsunami. ” Why are we living here. We should be with grandma Sue not here .”I  exclaimed “Soon we will be out of this dump “replied Jess. But That night I felt hope even though a tragedy happen just a few weeks ago, I felt weird. I ran to jess’s room “Are you ok what’s happened? Are you thinking of mum and dad! “Jess said worryingly “No  I just feel funny, I feel hope, I think Mum and Dad are still alive!” I said to Jess she thought I was silly but I think it is true

I know it ……….

The chicken

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Last night I gave birth to a human chicken who liked bread and he wanted to swim in my bath. he likes sweeeeeeeets and caaandy he also eats chicken nuggets with me and he also goes to school in his pants. The chicken was also called Jeremy Pickles. He also ate bears and babies… He also gave birth to a bird called Jeffery pickles he also gave birth to chicken nuggets in his time. 😀

Worlds best pancakes!

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In my opinion, the worlds best pancakes are made by one of my family member’s, my brother, Terrance. I have never said a complement like this to him before and I think it is time to do so. This may sound ridicules but out of my brother’s pancakes and the Tesco’s pancakes, I think I prefer my brother’s. (P.S.  All this is true.) They taste so amazing that I had two when I got home from school one day and two for my breakfast. I guess it is safe to say that these are the Worlds Best Pancakes! The End!

Panda boy!

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There was once a boy named Joel. Although his nick-name was Panda Boy as his favourite animal was Pandas. In fact the loves Pandas so much that he makes me to write Panda or Pandas with a capital at the beginning. Amazingly, he even has around fifty different Panda book marks but only uses one at a time. How ridicules does that sound! But that is not the end of his love for Pandas, he also has adopted a Panda and what’s to be a vet when he is older so he can save Pandas life’s. How cool is that!

The tigers from outer-space!

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In the beginning…

“Later on today we experienced a crash land from outer-space. After that we had an attack from tigers. But they have gone into hiding and will not show.”

“Have you seen the news yet, Bob.” “No, why.” “Apparently there has been an attack of tigers and they have court one.” “AH!” “What.” “A TIGER!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!” *Chomp Chomp*

Author’s comment:

Hi. I hope you liked my blog. I couldn’t think of anything to write so I wrote this to reach 100 words. this is my 1st ever blog so I hope you like it. Thank you for reading. 🙂

The Death Day [my first blog]

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In the beginning of 2068 Abby died because she smelt of peanut butter and she ate wall paper. A 10 year old boy called Oliver died because he killed 5 people and got the electric chair and a tall boy called Hugh died in 10 seconds because he went in the hunger games where people fight with what the find and if your the last one alive you get 2,000,000 pounds. Charlie,a 10 year old boy was so moist like a baby wipe his eyes and brain turned into water and he flopped onto the floor and died.

my only ‘COMEDY’ post

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In the beginning nothing happened the end , well its not the end because something happened something so interesting I think this is going to be split into 2 parts, so all I can say is grab a biscuit , sit down and get ready!!!!!.

So basically there was this boy, and his name was… wait what was he called again, oh yeah, his name was Milo… Milo curry [yes that was his name] and he had a sister called Diana curry, and  …what was I going to write, ah yes… and they were the best of friend but one day , a giant mon…hold on! if I wrote that,A, there would be no detail, and,B, it would be a massive spoiler so lets reverse to before the _ _ _ _ _ _ came. It was a lovely day, some sun, some cloud , but still, something wasn’t right, Diana and Milo were walking through a dark forest [no it wasn’t at night it was just known for people disappearing] Milo heard a chilling howl, [MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!] until they came face to face with a monster…a monster cat, and ironically there was a fish bone sitting next to the humans, so they through it to the cat and run the end…or is it

The story of a Chap called Charlie pt3

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With the metal covering the window he went to his room and started thinking about what he just did he then heard his mum scream in horror over the monitor Charlie grabbed his gun ran down and a man ,with a mask saying kiss me, was circling his mum with machete. He figured if he had purged once he could do it again he shot the man ” how did he get in ! ”…