A potion to get a happy life

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I woke up in the morning IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I got down stairs and everybody was eating breakfast no decoration’s .I was shocked not even present’s. I went to my room crying for 3 ours I looked at my phone and my friend’s gave me £9000 I didn’t believe it so I went outside and they were telling the truth that’s when it happens

I went to the shop and made a potion





THEN the potion worked my parent’s said happy birthday. I had present’s even went to Paulton’s park it was the best day of my life hope it happens again.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Jethro,
    It sounds like your perfect life would be to be pleasantly surprised when things go better than you expect. In this case what you actually experienced was way beyond your expectations so you were perfectly happy! I found the text a bit confusing and think you might have got a bit distracted whilst writing? I hope you had a delicious cake!
    Mrs Addleton

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