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. money




  1. First get most of your money and spend it on rubbish toys and spend it on makeup.
  2. Next have family time and go camping.
  3. go out with your friends and go and see butterfly.

One response to “HOW TO MAKE A HAPPY LIFE!”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Amber,
    I think you have correctly identified some of the things that most people associate with happiness in your blog Amber. Friends and family are definitely essential. You also mentioned seeing a butterfly so I wonder if you should have a fourth item – nature? I think being disconnected with nature would make us very unhappy don’t you? Check your spelling of method – you can Fred finger this word! I like the way you have used words like ‘first’ and ‘second’ to support your instructions.
    2 HP
    Mrs Addleton

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