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Week 16 100wc prompt

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We have a very short prompt to start the year with. It is:

… everything stopped and…

Mrs Addleton


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I saw my fate plummet before me, light turned to dark, vehicles changed to ash. My fury was indescribable as i sprinted down the gloomy hill. I climbed the fence and prayed that god would forgive me. While utterly depressed, I slowly made my way back home. Shattered glass sprayed across the floor as music played in the background, voices screamed as bullets sprayed into the walls. This was the end for me, my lungs felt air for the last time, and I shot to the floor ( wounded ). Bodies fell to the floor around me, as glass shattered from the walls.


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I once met a person called Tommy who thought i was an idiot so i climbed up his giant legs but his legs were to slippery.Tommy played music and he was part of a furry club because he thought he was better than everyone.On Saturday, I called my friend Alex to see if he could train me to drive a vehicle because i wanted to run Tommy over.Alex agreed because i didn’t tell him what i was going to do.Soon Alex got intrigued in what music i was slowly playing so i told him it was rapping but Alex didn’t know what rap is!

Week 15 100wc

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We have five words that all need to be in your writing but they can be in any order. They are: