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The hand (horror)

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This a normal blog. Not really its a horrible blog about a naughty hand. Ok this is the start.So,this horror story isn’t like,any other .Its in  school and theirs a girl called gabby.She was friends with to girls Atlanta and Ella.But, they found something that could change the world!!!!!! The found……..a hand. You would think its a hand and its normal but, this hand is a zombie hand that likes drinking blood

The bad thing is that he wasent sweet .He was so rude that they locked in their cuboard behind their door .They didn’t know what to do.So, they teamed up to find where he came from. Then they found out where he came from.he came from……. But, before finding out h e jumped and drank their blood.


THAT’S THE END (or is it) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’ll get you again.


hand invasion!!!!!!!!!!!

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This hand was found out side a shop. This hands been there for a while and now called Nick. Everyone thought this hand wasn’t just there for fun he was on sale for 34000,000,000,00$.Now this town is not safe screaming around every corner there shouting the hand is no any hand he makes the worst disasters

No one lives there theyve all got a fear now one is back yet he dosnt want to apologise he wouldn’t want to any way there moving back one by one but not all back scream shout he is not about . Where is the hand?


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There is a mythical creatures called that are Pokémon that are intelligent .They also have powers such as normal grass fire water bug steel ice and dark those are8 of the 18 powers but there are male and female some are different to others .here are some starters Litten Poplyo and Rowlet there is mega evolve  there’s ones can do it  Absol ,Glade, Pidgeot,  and steelix . Ash is pokemon are Pikachu,Taloflame Noivern greninja and Hawlucha. Ash is a intelligent and powful trainer that has 5 pokemon that are brilliant and helpful they are always looking out for him and his friends,




Home Bloggers Please Read

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If you are blogging from home and have finished your blog don’t forget to press ‘SUBMIT FOR REVIEW’ so that I know you are ready for me to publish it onto the school blog/website. You can find the submit for review button under the ‘save draft’ button.

Your blogs look great, especially the new lower school entries from Snow Leopards and Giraffes so let’s get them published before the new prompt comes out tomorrow (Sunday).

Mrs Addleton

the hand of terror

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The hand of terror might look scary in pictures and photos. but does that mean it is scary in real life? I hope I am right about this but to be honest  I am probably the only one that knows . he looks scary but in real life he is not. because every  one thinks he is scary  he has no friends .I promise to you he has not come here to terrorise  us guys if you  really  get to know the hand you could actually become his friend in about 3 to 4 minutes  with would make him very very  very pleased .

The gifted child called Hugh

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Once upon a time,the was a child called Hugh and he was a gifted child.    He had the power to eat anything in the world. He can even eat a tank in one gulp. but he met his match when he came across a food that he couldn’t eat. It was a big mac from McDonalds and when he ate one he would puke everywhere and the fly into his house where his mother tells him off for eating a big mac.

look for the hand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The hand is looking for people to be its slaves, it’s looking for you. In the school, there are posters of the hand. The hand looks like a face was printed on to a hand and was painted pink.The hand is actually really scary in real life and will try to turn you into a slave.

The missing hand…

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One evening there was a hand it was called Donald trump 2 and he was a statue.  but he had gone missing… his mum and dad were very upset there looked everywhere but they never found him so if you see him call this number 12345678 but if you don’t see him do not call the number if you lie you will go to jail.

the creepy hand

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hello people a hand with a UGLY face it has accaped my house it was a statue on the unit but it suddenly turned alive. The parents didn’t know were it has gone so if us see it plz call this number 123456789 don’t call this number if u haven’t seen him. thank u.


The War

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Hello, my name is Joy. I am writing in this diary because I found it in a puddle and took my time to clean and dry it. I have had this diary now for a day and thought I should put it to some use. Let me start by saying, I am Joy and I am 13 years old and I currently live in the U.S In a town called San Francisco. My dad has suggested moving to England so that we can move away from the constant battles.

Monday 25th December (Moving day),

It is now Monday and we are going to move to England as a Christmas present. We don’t get much for Christmas as recently we have had a massive rise in our bills and are now poor; are monthly income is £25. I am one of three sisters and so it is hard to get an equal share of food and toys. I wish life wasn’t a  constant battle and a surviving challenge. I just wish my life could at least include:

  • A roof over my head
  • An equal share of food
  • And most importantly… peace

It is now 12:30 and we are preparing to go to the airport…