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Hello this is a story about Shakespeare’s gold fish. It started when I went to the haunted forest to prove I wasn’t scared of any thing AND. I found a haunted house I went in and saw a goldfish and realised that it was shakes pear’s house the fish was alive. I Took it home and hid it until I could figure out what to do with it then when it was morning it said “to be or not to be that is the question” I was shocked it could talk that’s when it happened.

I told my friend what had happened and they were shocked and I led them though they were surprised 😮.

A potion to get a happy life

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I woke up in the morning IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I got down stairs and everybody was eating breakfast no decoration’s .I was shocked not even present’s. I went to my room crying for 3 ours I looked at my phone and my friend’s gave me £9000 I didn’t believe it so I went outside and they were telling the truth that’s when it happens

I went to the shop and made a potion





THEN the potion worked my parent’s said happy birthday. I had present’s even went to Paulton’s park it was the best day of my life hope it happens again.

OGRE next door

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“Hi I’m Alex” this is a strange story about a ogre that moved next door he is loud. Especially when he is sleeping the good thing about him is he does pool party’s he ALWAY’S BREAK’S OUR STUFF. Like our door our wall even my toy’s😁what they are special. One night I snuck inn the OGRE’S HOUSE😎.

Then I saw DIAMOND’S every where I was so amazed. How did he get them then I heard a THUD! What was that I whispered so I ran of.

MY nan is super gran!

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When I was visiting my nan for a few days something changed my life I woke up in the night. I peeked in my nan’s room and saw their was fire from her hand’s

THE next day I played with my friend’s and told them what I saw so they came with me then someone flew above us she flew down IT WAS MY NAN! She told me about it I was shocked my hole family were super heroes I asked about my power which was lightning. My friend’s were amazed My nan went to find a villain SHE was using a fire to knock a villain


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“It was a lovely day the sun was out the sky’s were blue it was perfect until I found this egg”. The egg was bright gold I found the egg in the wood’s my best friend’s Daniel and Lucas were with me I went to my house and locked it in my tray that say’s DO NOT OPEN I kept it warm and discussed what we should do with it.”

The magic tortoise

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I saw a magic tortoise in a mystical forest it was riding a yellow skateboard. there was two hedgehogs together under a talking tree with pointy twigs. I asked it if it would come home with me that is when it happened “IT SAID YES “a tortoise could not talk. I calmed down and brought him home with me.