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The Prime minister sent a text to his mum. The text said,, “what time is dinner mum?

She replied, “7.00.”

“BUT MY WORK FINESHES AT 9.30.” The Prime Minister yelled!

“Do you want me to get angry my dear.” She snapped.

The Prime minister said, “No mum.”

But because the Prime Minister had enough of his mum, he turned his phone of. Then got on his PS4 and played Fortnite. While his mum was just texting and texting.


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Buddy is my springer spaniel. He is my favourite pet in the world. I cuddle him on the flor. But one day I don’t know how I don’t when but Buddy was giving evil eyes by WILLOW!!!!! She lives on a different evil planet but the one thing that is really, really annoying is that she’s my sister😡😡.


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As a young child I always wanted to be the prime minister of the UK. So I have followed my dream, and because I have believed in my self my dream has came true. Now at this present day I the prime minister of the UK. I will lead my country as well as I can. But one day a singular Smeagol came to the UK and Smeagol said, “I Smeagol come in peace.” So the prime minister welcomed him, and that’s where things went wrong!!!

Smeagol he started to destroy the place and ruin everything. Then the prime minister thought then he said “it’s all my fault and I thought I was one of the best.” Then the prime minister went to the corner and started crying miserably😥😥.


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It’s been a busy day and I, Jake, I just want to go to bed for once! Every time I go to bed the super, super annoying worms come up and go down MY SHORTS!!!! But when I woke up this morning I had no hands, or arms, or legs and feet. I don’t know what had happened, until I looked at my self. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! NO THIS CANT BE I’M NOT A… WORM!!!!!”😱😱.

I was all wet and I can go under ground, “now I know what a worm feels like. Now I think about it, it is pretty cool being a worm. Actually I feel super being a worm…😁.



While I was a worm I discovered I can do new powers…


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In this Pokémon book, there will be a trainer, Ash from pallet town. His dream is to to catch every Pokémon in the world!! Ashes friend Go. You will have to fined his dream in the book. Ash also makes a new friend, Cloe She is a bit afraid of Pokémon. But the help of Go and Ash Cloe caught her very first Pokémon called eave ✔✔. Now Cloe has gone on the rest of the the Jerne’s with Ash and Go😀😀.

By Rudy Jones.

Hope you enjoy my Pokémon book.🙂. This Pokémon book is won of my favourite books so far.


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” Hi I’m Ash catcher from pellet town, and my dream is to battel awesome trainers, and even LEON, THE BEST POKEMON BATTELER IN THE WORLD!!” His best’s friend dream is to catch every POKEMON in the world, even Mew. Ashe’s best friend’s name is Go. Thieve been on some amazing adventures, ” And by amazing I mean, adventures you can’t even think of😣.


Like these adventures…


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This is my speedy yellow skateboard, together we are best friends. Sometimes he is as slow as a green tortoise, like , STUPIDLY SLOW. We go around the block every day, the skateboard and I both point in the direction of the heat, burning sun!! So we must follow our knew dream and travel around the world on my yellow skateboard…