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first day of school

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I carefully got out of my beautiful clean bed and woke up my kind caring parents that it is my first day of school . my mum was at work so it was my nan and dad looking after me and my brothers . my caring dad said you are so excited for school I said yes I am because I get to meet my friends and my now teacher . so I got ready for school and left my warm house 5 minutes later I arrived school it  was getting a little bit scary  now  but I did not want to tell my dad. so I went into my classroom and I saw my best friend  I was a little bit happer now and i was settling in well . It was the end of school i did not want to leave but i did .




Week 9 100wc

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Things to consider – are they real sized men or is the creature real & what does that mean?

Mrs Addleton

The strange dream

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Once there was a girl who loved red .She had red cloths and red shoes and even a red dog.Iknow it sounds inpossille but it is not her favourite courlour most favourite was scarlet . One day she went to a town it was a a rosey red town. Even the people in the town were red houses were red shops  she went on plane and she saw the part of a city that wasnt red .It was a mystrey  she went home to see her dog and she was sad .She went on the plane and she looked agian and it wasnt red any more and she woke up and it was a dream