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The investigator

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On Saturday there was a ghost sighting they thought they were nice but… the next day someone went missing.Someone else went missing the other day until loads of people went missing, the whole town was confused.One person called Jake, who was an investigator, was the only one who actually cared about it.He’d knew it had been the ghosts so he looked all over town he couldn’t see anything suspicious he didn’t know what to do so he turned into a ghost by taking a potion and he met the ghosts they showed were the people were and he said that he was burrowing them but he took them back.



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This is a ghost town or is it which county is it in if it is in your lock your doors a hide they look like normal people but are they. In the background that do not realize. Some of the lights are off , so you can see them, some of you will think that they are reflection but some of you will not. It looks like a busy town but most of them are ghosts and are sometimes invisible but in this picture we found them and it look like there heads are chopped off and are dead in our world…

haunted town holiday!

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Since I came into this town feelings of eeriness have been coming into my stomach. I feel this town is haunted. Mum said that this is going to be a ‘family’ holiday but its turning into a nightmare!¬† ¬†first I feel a cold hand on my back, then some thing falls of the shelf when no one was around and finally, some thing brushes past me when no one was there!!!!! its crazy , I need to sweet talk mum for us to go home because otherwise, this is the end of me…