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Mr Jongys business

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Once open a time there lived a man his name was mr jongy he had a business place . He had a pet that was a monkey,he was mischief.

Mr Jongy had opened a new business.His pet monkey goes to work with him.the monkey’s name was John.One day he went to the office with his father. but he was very naughty because he drunk his dads coffee and he pushed the company’s computer.When they went home he got told off my his dad and was never aloud to the business again. “im so sorry dad I will never do some like that again”

The Gifted – Part 10

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Last time on 4 Elements, the 3 Elements got them selves in a hot pursuit and technically kidnapped a man. They took him to the head quarters but does he actually have powers. Find out today!

“Whoo hoo, that is what you call fun!” Shouted Blaze. They speed back to the head quarters. Once they get there they drag him inside and tie him up to a chair and wait. And wait. And waaait, Until he finally wakes up. “Hey what the?!” Questions in an angry voice. They have a long conversation…

A long time after, the 3 Elements ask the man to focus and so he does, a short burst of water heads towards Blaze and Gust Jumps in front and blows the water into a fountain knocking the angel  statues head off. “Call me Stream.” States the man. One of the other Cowboys mutters under his breath “I can’t live like this!” He then runs towards the edge of a cliff and jumps but Blaze runs over and grabs his hand but he falls so Gust holds his hand and Gust falls so Rock grabs his hand and Rock also falls but guess what, Stream grabs Rocks hand and pulls him up but when the get up they are still holding hands and something truly memorable happens… *Flash, Boom, Crash!*


The Gifted – Part 9

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Last time on 4 Elements, Rock, Gust and Blaze all became friends and set off to find other Elemental humans. After a long drive they finally found a man on a water fountain parade and he was ‘dancing’. Was he dancing or is he the 4th Element… Find out today!

“Hey is that him?” Asks Blaze. “I think so…” Stutters Rock. After an hour of parading the 3 Elements stalk the man to his car where they run in front of it and yell “STAY THERE!” The man quickly starts to drive knocking Rock off his feet. Is this a sign that he has powers or his he simply running away from craziness?

The 3 Elements take a pre-owned car that used to be a race car and tails the man. At this point they are both going over 100 MPH on a motorway. Suddenly the sound of sirens go from faint to ear piercing. Now it has turned more into a street race then a tail. After a few minutes of speeding both cars have got away and the 3 Elements safely immobilise the other car causing the man to stop on a side ally. The 3 Elements take out the unconscious man and put him in his car where they take him back to the head quarters…


The Gifted – Part 8

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Last time on 4 Elements, Gust and Rock had a mini duel and found out they both have powers… Rock and Gust wondered if any other people have powers so they suggested to go find them…

“Hey before you go, you might need some aggression… What i mean is you’re gonna need a strong person… Like a fire type.” Said another cowboy. “Are you saying what i think you are saying…” Questioned Rock. “Yes… Call me Blaze!” Proudly he exclaimed. “Look, if you don’t believe me then i think you’re gonna have a hard time…” Smartly said Blaze. Suddenly Gust through balls of strong wind towards Blaze but he just made a firewall then put his hands by his side and used his fire as jet packs. After a few minutes of flying he lands and exclaims “I guess you believe me now.”

They all get in a truck and start to head off. “Where exactly are we going?” Questions Gust. Rock replies with “Well somewhere where a person with powers would hide…”

After a few hours of driving they find a big parade full of fountains and a man that looks like he’s doing a dance but to them, it looks a bit strange…

Little Note:

Sorry I Haven’t Blogged in a while but i was preparing for Christmas and singing LOL 🙂                                                                        Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

Mr Mack’s library ( part 4)

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“scratch finding Abby, I’m gonna try the silver key!” Atlanta said to herself .Abby was at the bullet proof case waiting for Atlanta to get there .As they tried opening the glass box, Abby mentioned ” I have another silver key if you want it. Apparently there’s only 2 silver keys and one of them openes the box, so there you go!” Abby handed Atlanta the key and tried to open it and…”IT WORKED !!!!!!!!YAY!” Atlanta and Abby screamed excitedly .

“well done young ones ,I will see you shortly,” a hologram of Mr Mack said.

The end … or was it .

Author’s note:

sorry I rushed the ending, I’m working on a new story called: the streets of Southampton! I hope you enjoyed Mr Mack’s library though:)

The Gifted – Part 7

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Ultimate Cowboy showed his true power and another Cowboy claimed to have powers. Was this just to sound cool or do others really hold powers too… Find out today!

*Smash* The rock split into tiny pieces floating in the air and a big gust of wind went their way. “Looks like your Earth.” Commented the other Cowboy. “I’m known as gust, I’m Air type.””W..w..w..whoa!” Stuttered The Ultimate Cowboy. Gust spent the rest of the afternoon just teaching The Ultimate Cowboy how to focus on anger and control his powers. ‘5 hours later’ “Thanks for the training, call me Rock.” Stated The Ultimate Cowboy “Ok…see you later, Rock.”

In the morning Rock went straight to Gust and they had a long chat… “Hey, do you think there are other people with, powers out there?” Questioned Gust. “I Dunno… Only one way to find out…” Exclaimed Rock…

the streets of Southampton- part 4

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5 mins later:

“What do I do ?” questioned Oliver . “lets start from number 1,” . Immediately he started to solve the first puzzle .He eventually solved the 1st puzzle , it was a jigsaw puzzle that had words saying come to the art centre.

So off he went to the art centre asking anyone in his path if they knew the girl. He came across the art centre ,still seeing glimpses of the beautiful girl . Once he was in the room he was asking everyone if they knew the girl. He reached the back of the room where there was another strange door …

The Gifted – Part 6

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Ultimate Cowboy furiously starts a fight causing verbal and physical damage but when the other Cowboy takes it too far, The Ultimate Cowboy releases his power. Is he some sort of Earth type… Find out today!

“OMG, I have true power!” Yells The Ultimate Cowboy as if he ruled the world. Suddenly one of the higher ranked Cowboys walks out of a dark corner and speeches “I didn’t know when to tell you but i think now is the best time… You’re not the only one with powers here captain.” “Yea right, yarl just wanna sound call like meh!”         “No really, focus and throw a rock at me.” The Ultimate Cowboy does exactly that and it is remarkable what happens…

the streets of Southampton- part 3

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Oliver found an envelope with his name on it . As he opened the envelope it read “find me, I’m waiting for you . you have 120 hours to find me, your time starts now!”. He cautiously opened the door that had the envelope on it…

He saw loads of  weird clue like pictures on the walls with numbers 1 to 6 .The thing he didn’t know was they were steps to finding his dream girl . So he started to find his dream girl not knowing what to do or where to start and not knowing what he was in for…

The Gifted – Part 5

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Ultimate Cowboy got out the van and tried to use his powers but they did not work. He got back in the van and went to the headquarters. Does he truly have powers? Find out today!

The Ultimate Cowboy thinks about the robbery hard. After 5 minutes of thinking he realised that the only reason his “powers” activated was because of hatred / anger. Then he had a great idea – to get himself angry and then use his powers, he just need to practise and focus.

He walks outside and starts a fight where they call each other names. the bad thing is, the other fighter takes it too far and throws a punch. Obviously the Ultimate Cowboy doges and throws a punch back and at this point the other fighter is calling horrible names.”DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!” Shouts The Ultimate Cowboy and he quickly raises his hand surrounding the other fighter with massive hard rocks… *Crash*