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Greg Goes the Killer Way!!!

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You might not know Greg Bensons, he’s an evil man with his sidekick NO WE ARE NOT TALKIN ABOUT FOOTBALL Dennis Gramms. He is trying to get up to the House of Parliament to try to sack the queen and he can be the King… “ARGH!!! OH MY COMEDY COCKTAILS!!! WERE HERE!!! Now they went left THATS THE WAY TO THE CAR SALE!!! Although they are running quickly, they are making no progress “WHERES THIS O OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry from the ! Marks!) It’s like drama ain’t it! Finnaly they died so a good and bad ending for the Queen and them!

Week 27 New Prompt 100wc

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Welcome back Bloggers!

The prompt this week has been suggested by Liam Murphy at Crosshall Junior School. It is a little longer than normal but I know you will have a great time with it! It is:

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…

Things to consider:

where is the setting?
Why are they running?
Who are THEY?
What is the progress they need to make?

Mrs Addleton