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Week 1 100wc prompt

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This week’s prompt

To start this ‘new year’ we have a prompt that should provide you with lots of opportunities for some great ideas. It is:

…gradually, things started to move…

Remember, you must use the prompt EXACTLY as it is written.

Mrs Addleton

The 2 Musketeers.

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In 1866, there were these 2 men roaming around the land looking for something mysterious. But they couldn’t what they were looking for . Were they seeking glory, were they seeking fame or were they seeking mischief… 

A not so satisfying story…

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  1. Hello. My name is Yuni, and I have a story to tell.

It all started when I was born with my twin sister. My mother didn’t love me at all because I was born with an illness (my illness is I can’t feel emotions like other people). My dad still loved me though. He said that people are different and that they (more…)