The dancing clown

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It had been raining all morning , it still is . about an hour ago I sent my brother Austin out with a paper boat but he hasn’t  come back I would go out and look for him but it’s raining and I’m not that well ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” faint scream . wait I just n n n  no Gorgy …

the twisty gun

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Hello my name is Rosie this morning I saw a twisty gun;a strong man had twisted it into a circle .I was so astonished that I almost fainted .My sister Laila came and took me into my class giraffes .Suddenly I was in a big lair where there was lots of guns .All of the guns were twisty and I saw a very strong man .And at his side there was a pile of straight guns .Suddenly I was back in class .Mrs Stevens seemed to be frozen every one was .I went  to the rest of my school and the whole school was frozen .I was so scared that a man came and calmed me down “hello” he said “h-h-hello” I said to him ,”m-m-my name’s Rosie “.”my name’s Sidney “The man said in a low voice “I didn’t mean to scare you , please accept my apology.”Come on school blog to see the rest !


Week 37 100wc New Prompt

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Morning Bloggers,

The prompt this week gives you a chance to write in the past perfect tense. It is:

…it had been raining all morning…


Mrs Addleton


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Humphery couldn’t believe what she had done. he had told ogg the frog off for splashing his golden fur. Mrs Brisbane told Miranda that she would be taking humphery home for the weekend. Miranda has a Wicked stepsister named Abby. Humphery moved the hair scrunchie the ring the name bracelet and pen. but the ghost turned up last night . “it was  Humphery! sceamed the girls . Mr golden said,” Its good to hear you too laughing, but no more screaming, ok ? he said. ” Ok. ” They said . the next morning, they said  bye on Monday . The next morning the poetry festival was in place.


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The worlds smallest water slide was 1metre tall and 2 inches wide. it was black and more black. It was so special that you could put toys down it and donate them to charity. it was viewed at the harbour museum for people to look at and donate toys that the children think they don’t like or play with at playtime or teddies that they don’t cuddle up with at their bedtime when they argue. this is very special slide is displayed and it is made by a famous artist that works with clay. the toys they throw in the house and the ones that get thrown in the bin by other children or the ones that have stuffing coming out of the top or bottom of the fur.

the story of an old friends gun ( The play script)

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OK  so you may not believe what I’m about to tell you .  This is a story of the gun outside the UN building in America . As it will shock you all .  Years ago my friend owned this gun it was his prised possession you see he crafted this out uranium .  while he was building it the world  was over run .

Giant 1 ”SMASH”


Jonathan ”No HIDE”

Sabrina ”Just shut up ok , it won’t hear us”

Jonathan ”It doesn’t matter have you see the barrel on that gun it’s not like it’ll shoot us”


as they hoped the Giant didn’t see them they sprinted towards the door they were met by a warlock  triple their size they screeched to a halt and turned around thy were met with a huge twisted barrel right in their faces


Jay  ‘parillized’ ”uuuuhhhhh i guess we run ”

Sabrina ”oh for god sake i’ m fighting”


Narrator ”As she charged towards them the mase of the warlock swang and crushed all three .  Eventually the Giants were extinguished .


Week 36 100wc Prompt

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This week we have a startling photograph of a famous sculpture.

What is the story behind it?


Week 35: 100WC

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Hello Bloggers,

I am not sure if the ICT suite is ready for use this week but here is the new prompt.

This week we are looking at the third person for the prompt. As always, please make sure you use the prompt as it is written with no changes or additions. It is:

…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

Mrs Addleton

New Prompt: Week 31, 100 word challenge

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Hi Bloggers,

If you have access to a computer, laptop or tablet at home you can still enter the 100wc whilst the schools ICT suite is being refurbished.

Questions to think about:

  • What is under the spikes?
  • What if it came alive?
  • What if it ruled the world? Would there be a brighter future for us all?

Good Luck!

Mrs Addleton

New Prompt: Week 31 100WC

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following last week’s exciting competition, this week we are back to a part of a sentence. The prompt is:

…but I didn’t understand the instructions…

Things to think about:

  • What were the instructions for? A thing, a location, an action?
  • What problem does not understanding bring?
  • what be the perfect result be?