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This is was not a ornery day in number 12 Hope sat down and said I wish some thing exiting happens today and ,some thing did a big van puled up next door it was weird that some wanted to live in a haunted house then a car puled up out climbed a big green man .I went out to great the man he just pushed passed her without caching her eye up close he looked like a oger well she went back inside and sat down again and rested in the morning she got up had breakfast and got an apple and decided to give next door an apple as well and I dropped it in meat then I dropped it over .


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So today I saw an …. OGER ahhhh that was neighbours their scared of every thing once I dropped my pet tarantula and they called the police anyway there’s an ogre living next to me . nee nor nee nor that was the ambulance she probably fainted . ok what should I do about the OGER living next door to them and that’s the neighbours . Aha I have a plan instead of this place smelling like a stink bomb just air freshener and I mean lots of it actually that’s to much money lets think of something cheaper maybe we can bath him.


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As a young child I always wanted to be the prime minister of the UK. So I have followed my dream, and because I have believed in my self my dream has came true. Now at this present day I the prime minister of the UK. I will lead my country as well as I can. But one day a singular Smeagol came to the UK and Smeagol said, “I Smeagol come in peace.” So the prime minister welcomed him, and that’s where things went wrong!!!

Smeagol he started to destroy the place and ruin everything. Then the prime minister thought then he said “it’s all my fault and I thought I was one of the best.” Then the prime minister went to the corner and started crying miserably😥😥.


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[ I hate that kid sometimes. ] was I to hard on him? Anyway its done now.” MMMMMMUUUUUUMMMMMM! can I play with Bob tonight, we have planed it all what about 9:00 I think that time is fine what about you. Anyway can I have some Doritos 🥪 and a sandwich. “asked Fred.


yes Fred mumbled. uuuummm……. chips, ham and beans and chilly heatwave Doritos. can I also Fanta please. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSS but you have to good ok. 🥂🍹 yes ok but can I still play NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cant don’t even think about asking me that question .

ok it lasted a month .


I no

OGRE next door

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“Hi I’m Alex” this is a strange story about a ogre that moved next door he is loud. Especially when he is sleeping the good thing about him is he does pool party’s he ALWAY’S BREAK’S OUR STUFF. Like our door our wall even my toy’s😁what they are special. One night I snuck inn the OGRE’S HOUSE😎.

Then I saw DIAMOND’S every where I was so amazed. How did he get them then I heard a THUD! What was that I whispered so I ran of.

slow tortoise

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I like my slow tortoise when I walk him I have to use a yellow skateboard so we can ride together. The next day at school my teacher said “Your pencil does not have a point go sharpen it”. My slow tortoise is very slow he is very lazy all he does is sleep and ride on a yellow skateboard. Today I decided to ride around the block with my tortoise. while I was riding with my tortoise some people came up to me and said ” you cant be here your just so crazy” so I rid with my tortoise.

My slow tortoise rid rid and rid till we got home . Oh I did not tell my tortoise name, its spotty. Me and spotty love relaxing at home and watching Netflix with snacks.


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It’s been a busy day and I, Jake, I just want to go to bed for once! Every time I go to bed the super, super annoying worms come up and go down MY SHORTS!!!! But when I woke up this morning I had no hands, or arms, or legs and feet. I don’t know what had happened, until I looked at my self. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! NO THIS CANT BE I’M NOT A… WORM!!!!!”😱😱.

I was all wet and I can go under ground, “now I know what a worm feels like. Now I think about it, it is pretty cool being a worm. Actually I feel super being a worm…😁.



While I was a worm I discovered I can do new powers…


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It was a strange morning for Bob a strange morning indeed he got up and looked in the mirror and screamed he was a bird a big brown one his mum came up and looked all around and said Bob come out please so Bob came out and fluttered all around and he said I’m sorry mum for all that I’ve done and out came Fox the fair I’ll tern you back if you will give me something to eat so Bob made some pancakes and gave them to Fox and Fox said” nice” I’ll tern you back now and with a wave of her wand and there he stood a boy boy again

MY nan is super gran!

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When I was visiting my nan for a few days something changed my life I woke up in the night. I peeked in my nan’s room and saw their was fire from her hand’s

THE next day I played with my friend’s and told them what I saw so they came with me then someone flew above us she flew down IT WAS MY NAN! She told me about it I was shocked my hole family were super heroes I asked about my power which was lightning. My friend’s were amazed My nan went to find a villain SHE was using a fire to knock a villain

STRONG nanny!

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so I woke up today and my nan was doing pushups I thought she was doing a yearly workout but it was the same the next day and the day after . I thought she was happy because she is always moody so I asked and she screamed at me so that could not be it so I gave up ….. for now. I looked at my nan the next day and she looked just fine she was back to usual grumpy, lazy ,and shouty. I thought she was not being lazy but she said” IM NOT LAZY WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!” she’s always like that so I’m not scared.


My nan did it a again and again she worked out then didn’t its crazy just crazy so I solved it … and I solved it good . I rushed down stairs my nan saw me she asked me” where are you going . I hesitated uhm IMgoingtotheshopwithmum . that was it she found out mum was already at the shop .