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Laycee said she wanted to blog about a fluffy cat and it reminded me of a time when I had a fluffy cat. I really loved  that cat because it was brown and it was so fluffy and cute.

Secret Statues

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Deep in an ancient forest, hid three, secret, stone, super-power statues.  During the day, these mysterious creatures  were  as still as a building but at night they come a live and atack the hole world. When it is morning they go to the place and have a cup a tea .When the wind hit them they fell over and they smashed to smitherines.

when i started dance

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i was looking for a shop. i tryed to find tesco when suddenly i saw a dance school i went in it reminded me of a time when i lost my teddy i was looking for it when i found gymnasics i went in to dance they said you dont have to pay for your first lesson my sister was with me she said we would love to i realy wanted to do it and we done it i have done it for 4 years now i still do it i set my mind of for a bit but love it

Week 5 100 Word Challenge

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This weeks prompt is part of a sentence. Remember you must include these words exactly as they are written here:

…it reminded me of a time when…..

Mrs Addleton