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The black banana

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There once was a black banana, hanging on the oldest jungle tree in the oldest jungliest jungle. This banana was no ordinary banana for 2 reasons.1; it was black and 2; it could talk, and every animal in the jungle prayed to it as they believed that it was special and that is was a gift and that they had to protect it. King Leo lion was the carer of the damaged black banana, and he spoke with him every day to see what he wanted. One day King Leo lion said to the jungle that he wants to name the black banana so they had a vote. Zara Zebra voted for Juanpa, Ellie Elephant voted for Jumbo, Taylor Tiger voted for Jason and Holly Hippo voted for Jumped Jackson. King Leo lion found out who got to name the black banana based on who got the most votes. The name Juanpa got 90 votes,the name Jason got 123 votes, the name Jumbo got 220, and the banana was named Jumped Jackson and suddenly the banana became heavy somehow!