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….but it seemed to be going backwards

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When I was in bed, I looked at the time and I thought  it would be 2:25 am  but the time was really 11:06 pm. I thought to my self saying ”why is the time 11:07 I went to bed at 8:00 and it feels like I’ve been asleep for 5 hours?”  When I tried to wake up, I asked my Mum ”what is the time?” and then she said to me ”your are meant to go to bed its 12:09 am go to bed now I mean it!” Then I went to myself saying I need to go to bed now,  Right now then I popped my mind to it so then I went sleep as soon as you know it.

Secret password

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I chose blogging for golden time and I was very excited about using the bold font on the keyboard.  I typed in my password but it seemed to be going backwards however it seemed to work and I managed to log in successfully.  I started to type my blog even though I was five minutes late after loosing some Golden Time.  I nearly got to 100 words but i noticed something strange; they seemed to be going backwards too!  I was very sad to lose Golden Time but won renetsil doog yrev a ma I.  By Calleigh

100 Word Challenge Week 3 New Prompt

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Back to a puzzle question this week! The prompt is:

but it seemed to be going backwards…

Things to consider:

What is ‘it’?
Why does the direction it is going in matter?
Is this a good or bad happening?

See you in the ICT suite!

Mrs Addleton