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Week 8 100wc Prompt

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This weeks prompt is:

…exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists…

Remember to use the phrase exactly as it is here and have fun with it!

Mrs Addleton

The anoying sister

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There was a weird balloon it was called the weird balloon because it was brown.It sounds weird right but there was a boy who liked that balloon.That boy had a little sister who he hated her so much he kicked her it was so bad he went to his room.He never wanted to come down  but he came down for dinner he said to his mum  im sorry. He said to his mum am I still grouned she said just till the end of the day.Next morning she said you can bring a friend so he did they went to the park and then had ice cream.

Balloon, never, kicked, brown, frightening week 8 100WC

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There was this little boy who never liked anything. The only thing he likes is brown ice cream (chocolate) and a balloon. So his name is Lucas, when he doesn’t like something he really does not want not have the object/food/person he kicks at them. But there was one day that he had a balloon and his sister got revenge on him for kicking her. So his mum got a needle and put pressure on the balloon and there it went POP! Lucas got frightened and bawled the house down until his sister said ” Haha Lucas got you back for kicking me haha!” But then something happened with him and his sister…

Week 8 100 Word Challenge

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This week we have a 5 word prompt.

These words ALL have to be in your writing but they can be in any order.  They are:

Balloon, Never, Kicked, Brown, Frightening

I will check the blog during half term for any of you that want to write, publish and enter the 100 Word Challenge during the holiday.

Mrs Addleton