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hi ninja bro

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At night one ninja comes and saves us from the Dragon s at 3 00am. I get really really frightens. Me at Sun rise the Dragon s go somewhere we don’t know where they go. I wish I could be a ninja when I grow up if I’m not I will be a parkor man and gow to the new florist and sturdy nature. Because I like quite places and like birds playing with each other I hope people are reading this if not read it because it will be a good adventure we will.explore Dragon s and ninjas to be continued thanks for reading.

I wondered what was behind the door… It was a PROJECT ZORGO mask!!!

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One day, I was watching television when I saw a mask that I recognised. It was a Project Zorgo mask hiding behind the door! I screamed with fright as he walked nearer and nearer to me. He came near to the telly, past it. Next he walked to the sofa. I then saw something else. I wondered what was behind the door.It wad very scary. I screamed again ,Again and then again he spoke in this mummery type of way. It was a BIG surprise to see Kawaii kunicorn at the door smiling at me happily as she said,” Quick! Lets get out of here”! she said as she tried to pull me out of the dreaded Project Zorgo (YouTube hacker group) mystery which was scarier than usual.I always scream about things but  today i nearly fainted because Kawaii kunicorn said i was her one and only daughter, Isolde parker,

beind the door

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I wondered what was behind the door

I wonder what is behind the door,it might be a creature coming to attack my house.it could be a chest full of money. It could be a big fat cow . It could be a box with a snake in. It could be a ps4 with a fortnite bundle(hopefully) it could be a dog!!!! It might be a robber or mum with a troll face. It might be a different door with a skeleton on it or someone with a gun or a knife. It might be nothing. It might be a cat good


killer clown!!!!!!!

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Long ago, I walked up to a creepy house.  It had a smashed window it and it felt like someone was watching me! There was a door.I wondered what was behind the door! I opened the door.  It was a killer clown and it came after me! finally I lost him my heart was beating. I went  back to the door and it was covered with blood this moment I was freaked out and then I got jumped scared I was even scared. my heart was beating my mum didn’t know because I told here I was at my friends house the end.

I wondered what was behind the door…

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When I was a child I would say to my mum to keep the door wide open and she did.Then as I got older she would close the door I would get nightmares and they were scary that a random monster would pop out of nowhere. Don’t you think its very weird that i that when i was a child. When i was about 12 every night I would look behind the door and there was nothing behind the door. When I was asleep I would hear something rattling from my toy box but I thought it was doc mcstuffins automatic speaker but it wasn’t……..

Week 8 100WC Prompt

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This week you need to think about place. The prompt is:

I wondered what was behind the door…

Things to consider:

where is the door?
what might be behind it?
How do you feel approaching it?

Have fun,

Mrs Addleton