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the legendary island

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20 years ago their lived a boy called Dan , Dan lived in a huge house with his dad and he had a friend called Jack , Jack lived in a small house with his mom and dad so Dan thought that he wanted to go on an adventure!

So Dan went to get Jack.

“lets go an adventure!”

” okay!”

So Dan and jack went on an adventure so they went on an adventure so they had to go through forests fields villages and finally they had reached the legendary island yessssssss were hear the legendary island said Dan and jack the end


stick trees on the run!!!!

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One day there was two little people called Daniel and Katelin  they were walking through the forest and Daniel  said, “Isn’t  it a wonderful day today!” And katelin said ” yes it is a wonderful day today!”

after a while they saw a tree walking then other then another . soon they were all walking . Katelin was very scared but Daniel was not very scared because he was a boy and boys don’t get scared…

Stick Man

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The stick was walking with his family when a gust of wind blew him over.  He was lying in the mud when a dad picked him up and made him fly.  He flew for ages and he tried to cross the sea to get to a tropical island but as he came into land a shark nearly ate him. He found a very small tree to live in  and found lots of stick people in the other trees.  They all tried to make a helicopter to help the stick get back to his family but it didn’t work so they made a speed boat and it worked.  When he got home the stick, his family and all his new friends lived in a ginormous tree all together.

New Prompt: Week 21, 100WC

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Welcome back bloggers,

Here is the new prompt for Week 21.

This picture reminds me of Oli in year 6 when he does tai-chi on the playground – perhaps ask him for a demonstration if you don’t know what it is.

Things you might consider when publishing your blog:

Where have they come from?
Why are they here?
What mood are they in?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Mrs Addleton