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Week 22 100WC

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This week we have a question for the prompt. It is:

‘… but where did it go?’ she shouted…

Mrs Addleton


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One day I went to school and today was a school trip but it got cancelled because of the weather I was really looking forwards for the school trip.  I was really annoyed,but in the afternoon we had a nice time.  Then it was home time l went home and had a good time then it was bedtime and I read a good book about some children having an adventure l then went to sleep. I woke up and got ready for school I went to school and at break time I went to blogging and I blogged about this.   (more…)

Rubeus Hagrid

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Hi there, my name is Rubeus Hagrid I’m a keeper of grounds and keys at Hogwarts and I love the job but I wish I could do herbology but I had to be a animal professor because the job was cancelled in year 4 when a girl smashed the glass with her mandrake but I love animals and If anyone hates them, I’ll show them how cute they are. well right know I’m feeding my hippogriff and I’m enjoying it so much, I wish the other professors could see me taking care of them

anyway need to go now

from Hagrid

Dobby the house elf

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Hello there , my name is dobby the house elf and I work for the Malfoy Manor and I normally enjoy it but I think there making a mess on purpose and I feel angry but sad that I’m working with the worst wizards of any sort but according to legend, I must not quit otherwise I will die but I can be free if somebody gives me clothes because I cant be free without clothes

anyway I need to clean now

from dobby

Week 22 100wc

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Things to consider:

  • What lies behind this door?
  • Why are you there?
  • Who lives here?
  • Are you safe?