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Week 11 New Prompt 100wc

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This week we have 5 words, all of which need to be in your writing but they can be in any order. They are:


Mrs Addleton


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I tried the marmalade but I didn’t like it and I was sick.  I tried marmite and I didn’t like it because it had a disgusting taste.  My brother tried the marmalade and he didn’t like it because it made him sick.  My brother tried the marmite and he didn’t like it.  My brother said ” Dad don’t try the marmite because no one likes it.”  “No” he said, “I like marmite.” and he ate the whole jar!


“No” he said, “I like marmite.

… “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”…

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One day, I asked Mum for toast.  She answered “OK Charlie, what would you like on it?”

I replied, “Please may I have chocolate spread?” 

Mum laughed “OK.”  Mum went into the kitchen but got distracted.  She served up the toast.  Charlie took a bite and spat it out  “Yuck there is marmite on this toast.” 

Charlie sneakily gave the toast to his sister, Olivia.  Olivia took a bite and then gobbled up the rest!  Charlie exclaimed “How can you eat that?  It’s horrid?” 

Olivia replied “no,” she said I like marmite.” 


Week 11 100wc Prompt

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This week I have decided to test where your preferences lie! I’m a definitive ‘Yes’. The prompt is:

… “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”…


Mrs Addleton