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The mystery man in a cloak!!!

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is he actuly a man in a cloak  or a real monster

does he  like living in the woods

why does he live in the woods

has he been good or bad

is he just a man dressed up in a cloak

has he got a mask




My Journey to the Beach

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My Journey to the Beach, was it good? No! I’m sure. Although it was a nice sunny day, at 03.18 pm I had a confession to make, a big confession! I didn’t like huge deadly Monsters but… at that time I saw one “Leave me alone, I’m only a 8 year old!” I shouted but he was a type of a ghost called Bam – Bam,he was a black old beast who loved eating people like YOU! I luckily had my knife a SHARP one because I needed to cut my samwiges and guess what, I did it! BUT I didn’t like it…

forest lover

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I’ve only just seen this so I am  just going to tell you what I saw.      I saw him and took  a picture  of him but… he jumped all over me and I  found myself in the suit and I really loved being as creepy as the black figure.   I just caught myself in a bad situation, I had no clue where the real black THING was so I tried to escape out of the cloak but it was to late.

I was bleeding all over but  my torso was the worst.  I  was crying my eyes out until my mom and dad came.   They were  really scared so they called the police.  But what happened …?

The mysterious black suit

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Is it from star wars? it is a mysterious man in a black suit, over the years he grew older he. He didn’t have any money or he didn’t have a home either, he learnt this special skill he used. He used it to make any electronic turn of and not work ever again. he sold DVDs what he either stole or found and not get arrested. one day he did something really bad, he learned this skill to take someone’s soul to make him stronger and take control of that person to use he became really strong and took over the whole town.

eclipse of the tree dwellers

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I was walking through the forest one day, with a friend, when he nudged me and said that “I saw a statue move” , so I replied with “umm no there are no sta…” I stopped there WAS a statue and it WAS moving I ran when I turned around my friend was gone! I stood there wondering where he went until I heard a very girly scream like a dying cow, it was him  I ran until I could  see him, I saw him but he was a statue suddenly, a cold hand grabbed me and dragged me away…

Mysterious Mayhem

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This man is as creepy as the darkest woods.  He always knows when people are coming.  He looks like a statue so he can leap out he has no face.  He has a creepy sign next to him and no one understands the language. We should be afraid of him because he is deadly because he gets out of stone mode and attacks people.  The last person who got surprised by him didn’t freak out they kept a cool head and faced the no-faced monster.  The man (who has super powers) turned invisible and ripped his hood off and the cloaked devil vaporised.

The Person!!!!!

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The person that I saw was weird and dark so, I walked up to them and asked if they were ok, but in a deep voice she or he said ‘no, ‘.

I had my friends next to me and one of them went home, then I thought  ‘Who ever they are they should not be in my back garden . So first I tried to say ‘ Go  away ,’ but it did not move so then another friend went home and after that I was tempted to go tell my mum and dad.

But I thought if we were afraid he or she would come back, they could just be a teenager  trying to be funny to his friends. So I was not scared but then they started to take off their hood and I saw it was a….

  • He was green.
  • It was a he.
  • He was bold.
  • He looked a bit like this but he was bold.                                                                                                                           .  

100wc Week #11 Prompt

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This weeks prompt is a mysterious picture.

Things to think about:

Who is it?
What are they doing there?
Should you be afraid?
What is the climax of your story?

Cant wait to see your blogs this week!  Please see Mrs Addleton if you want to enter the 100 word challenge but don’t have a school blog login.