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A massive well done to all our budding and brilliant bloggers!  Amongst the 616 entries from all around the world, Wildground published 14 in response to the 100 Word Challenge, Week 13 prompt.

Congratulations to Grace who is the first infant blogger and received no less than 9 comments!

Well done to all those that didn’t quite manage to publish as well.

Thankyou to everyone who left comments – we received over 80!

Mrs Addleton

The sleepy tiger

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One day me and my friend, Ava, was walking down the street then we saw a field with a sleepy tiger. Ava said to go and wake him up. We went over to it, it suddenly it yawned. When I tapped the tiger it woke up. Then Ava said to leave it alone for a minute. We started to walk down the road the tiger was following us then I said to stop walking the tiger walking of we saw some little cubes. We thought it was the Tiger’s. Me and Ava went to the bath room and when went to go out the tiger was blocking are ecape so I jumped out the window. By Grace B

Gavins tuck shop

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many moons ago there was a man named Gavin who worked in a zoo . his tuck shop was put next to a womans  shop her name was Natalie they both worked eather side of the tigers who were always vicious no matter how happy you made them . one tiger esaped and Natalie and Gavin were sent to find them. natilie and gavin went everywere looking but the tiger was gone . then gavin relied that they had missed one plae the most dangerous of all ,the thunder beah were nothig deared to enter the Gavin sreamed the tigers bloking our esape…

Tiger Planet ): ): ): ): ):

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In a land far away were no one knows about a planet called the tiger planet !!!

2 men from planet earth travels across the universe  but on the way there unexpectedly  a dreadful tiger follows them back home. The tiger at first was fine then the tiger tried to attacked them , but they tried to escape the rocket but the tiger was blocking our escape!!!

How was we able to escape?!

Just then a man was ate by the tiger ! ):

The day the tiger escaped from the zoo

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Today was a CRAZY day out at the zoo. It all started when me and my bff Aimee arrived at the zoo.

”Mum? Can we go see the tigers now?” I asked. Mine and Aimee’s favourite animal is tigers.So we went up to see the tigers.

When we arrived, we noticed a man standing next to the tiger enclosure. ”Hi!” he said. His name was Norman. ”I’ve just fed the tigers! Love a good bit of meat they do!”  He seemed nice.

”Are they friendly?” Aimee asked.

”kinda. Just don’t get too close.” Norman replied.


Soon, I noticed a panel with loads of buttons on the side of the cage.I pointed this out to aimee.

The great escape

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I was once walking through a zoo and then I heard a announcement over the speaker “a tiger has escaped, please report to the cafeteria for lockdown, so I ran as fast as I could towards the exit, when I stopped for a breather, I was in the aquatic area. I looked into a fish tank and saw a black and orange paw scooping up an unlucky white fish. it was above me. above the tunnel that I was in. I ran. towards the exit but the tiger was blocking our escape I found an air pistol, so I shot the roof , the tiger fled into a corner. when I got to the exit of the zoo I noticed the animal control.

Tia the tiger

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once upon a time in a land far far away, was a tiger named Tia who was sweet but if ever fed meat would become the most vicious creature in the word.as it was deadly poisonous to her species. One day, her loving owner was sent on a mission to retreeve the golden leaf and Tia needed a babysitter so her owners sister took her in for a week .not knowing about the poisonous meat her sister brooke fed her meat and grew to the sise of 100 elephants.the tiger was bloking our escape said brooks friend and they were gone…

Mr Mack’s library

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“AHHHHHH THERES A SPIKEY THING!!!!!!”screamed Abby. “its a hedgehog Abby JEEZ “Atlanta rolled her eyes. ” I’m getting out of here”.so off Atlanta went to the fire exit . But no one could escape Mr Mack’s library once the started playing. They were the chosen ones. “THE TIGER WAS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Atlanta shouted. “first of all it’s the tiger is blocking our escape and its a HEDGEHOG . who’s the stupid one now!” Abby sighed .

“hello children welcome to my library, where you are in a competition to win a job here in this library” said a hologram of Mr Mack…..”BEGIN”

Tilly The Tiger

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We were on the boat when… CRASH!! We were tumbling into the freezing, mucky ocean. We didn’t know what was happening I just grabbed hold of Molly (my gorgeous Dalmatian) and held my breath.

When I awoke I was still with Molly on an island; I was terrified. We started to explore because we needed food, when we came across an amber tiger with black stripes.

“Hi I’m Tilly the Tiger, I will eat you up…” she scowled. Molly and I started running in the opposite direction but the tiger was blocking our escape! Luckily I escaped, but that was the last I saw of Molly.


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Once upon a time, there was a boy an average boy his name was Joe. Joe was a very shy child, he had a pet which was a grey,silky tabby cat, Joe was listening to the news when he heard about a tiger who broke out of the zoo, and it was his birthday today and he was meant to be going to the zoo but , now he couldn’t because it was closed and he went swimming instead. While we was driving to swimming we saw the tiger and we couldn’t move so THE TIGER WAS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!