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Meet you on mars

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Dear family, I am going on a journey to Mars. I know it is dangerous but I have to go and explore all the living things that live on the planet. Anyway I want to beat the other person who also wanted to be the first one on Mars. It is an opportunity for me to learn and discover new things that is one of the reasons for why I want to go. I am going to also study the aliens that live there. I am so excited for my awesome trip to Mars. It is time I set off.

love Bob

Alien invasion!

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A very long time ago there was a nice Prime minister and was very strict. But one day something extraordinary thing happened to her, there were U.F.Os everywhere! It was an alien invasion! She knew what to do, she had to be nice. She hated being nice but it was the only way! The fat and ugly looking Plotinians were going toward her but she held out a packet of rich tea and digestives to have a tea party! the slime was going everywhere but she had time to clean up. The party was over so she saw the aliens out. It was a wild party but it was over!


The missing socks

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Once a boy had a pair of socks. But they are not normal socks because they are MAGIC. The problem is that this boy lost them. He tried to find them but he soon found out they were magic and had ran away to a cruise to France! The boy was furious that he didnt go with them!

Soon he saw some socks and the socks were his! he also saw some lady socks too!