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The sandwich apocolipse

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There was once an energetic girl name Elizabeth. She had long, fair hair and loved cucumber sandwiches made with white bread without the crust. Then one day, the sandwich apocalipse occurred. Everyone was being evacuated to the moon.

The next day, Elizabeth discovered something that could have a MAJOR impact on life. The moon ran on BATTERIES!!! What if the batteries ran out? would the moon collapse?

Planet Batteries

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Batteries Planet is so cool! Sunny everyday, Honestly its paradise! Its very energetic there because they are batteries and batteries charge up quickly.  The planet is kind of a white planet but is a shape of a sandwich. In every Olympics the last place competitor hurried so fast they nearly got on to the podium.  Last year Ussain Sandwich came first and his reward was a white cup which was massive.  One day they promised to name the planet after him.  He felt a bit happy and a bit shocked.

Mrs Sandwich.

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One day I was eating a SANDWICH and when I about to take my first bite it talked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I though it onto the floor. Don’t blame me I was scared, It was a talking sandwich!! Then it said ‘OWCH’. Then it said ‘hello’. Then I screamed like a girl.

But after a while  I was fine about it. But then it said it was on low BATTTERY so I went to find some so it could be energetic.

so I HURRIED to the WHITE shop round the corner so that was a quite stressed day.

That was my blog today.

Mr sandwitch

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once there was a sandwich that needed batteries really bad for his new toy remote control car.The sandwitch was made with white bread.

Luckly he was very energetic .He was exra  energetic becease  he really wanted the batteries for his remote control car that he got for his birthday.


whenever he wanted to get something and there was only 1 left he always  hurried to get it before someone else does. He was so determined to get them for his car . But he saw a golden hot wheels remote control car it was 3 feet long and 2 feet tall MUM PRETTY PLEASE.

Week 12 100wc NEW PROMPT

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Hello Budding Bloggers,

This weeks prompt is a bit different; it’s not a photograph or a phrase this time.

You have to include ALL of these words in any order:

Sandwich  Battery  Energetic  White  Hurried

If you don’t have a login and want to enter the 100 word challenge this week then come and see me.  I will be in the ICT suite at playtimes (except Tuesday).

Mrs Addleton