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Week 12 100WC

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We have part of a sentence this week. Please remember to use it EXACTLY as it is written here

…he felt really ill…

Things to think about:

  • Had he done something to make him ill?
  • What might be the consequences?
  • Will his illness be a problem for others?


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There was a little boy named Marcus, he played the violin and his favourite colour is purple. One day he was at school and he painted a masterpiece and his mum and dad were so so proud him. Then the school gave him a £5 voucher to go to waterstones in town so then he can buy some books. For his achievement they went to the zoo, and guess what he saw… An elephant.. Marcus was bundled up in joy he just burst out with laughter and happy. When he got home he was still full of excitement but he was really tired and drowsy then he fell fast asleep…

Amys birthday

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Once upon a time there was a elephant called Amy she was very cute and lovely.She liked purple and she liked violins and was a happy elephant when she grew up she wanted to be an artist who panted all day.One day she said to her mum when is it my birthday her mum said in a couple of weeks .You will be 8 she said I wonder what I will get. It got closer and closer to her birthday and then it was there .She was so  happy she opend her present and her most favourite was her violin it was purple in the end her family all celebrated and lived happily ever after

Week 12 100wc

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We have 5 words for you this week & I have no idea how you will get them all into one piece of writing! Don’t forget – they must all be included but they can be in any order. They are:


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