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bike mistake

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One day I was riding my bike in the woods and I crashed in a tree and it got stuck in the tree it was my new one. I new I was in trouble I was to scared to tell my dad and mum. I was sad it was my onley one I cried fore 10000000 min. I was sad I hope I get one for Christmas I cant wait to get lots of gifs from santa im so so exited. 24 days until Christmas and trees get put up and we sing songs to think of god merry Christmas evry one.

The bike accident!!!!!

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dear diary,
today I was on television because I crashed my bike it cant really remember what happened It was 
strange ... I found my self led on the floor there were paramedics I woke up when I was in hospital my mum  by my side it must of been pretty bad mum was crying I thought I was dyeing but my mum  said the doctor gave her good news I was alright to go home to my family everyone was at my house they 
were  also happy to see me I think that's enough
drama for today bye now :)

discovered bike

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we seemed to be on the television


I was  really mad that i mad when i fell of  my bike 2 years ago so i through my  bike in the forest but what i didn’t know is that a tree was going to grow were i through my bike when people discovered my   bike  they told television people about it and they all asked me to go on there show so i went i actuary seems to be on television because i went on there show i got paid money (100 pound)  and my mum got mad at  me because she didn’t know where i am  when i told here i was on television she went crazy mad at me  and i was grounded for a month she was quite mean to mean and i hated every second of being grounded.”



television teleporter

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we seemed to be on the television

As I flicked the power button on the TV remote. I stared watching it teleported me into the television as I went on the things I saw were amazing the grey fuzziness was weird. When I noticed that as people went deeper in they stared to fade. deeper I went later I faded…

when I faded there was an mythical creuters called Pokémon nobody can know of this wold when I got out I told my foster care that I don’t want it any more then it got threw away.

to be counted!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are on tv!

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I woke up with the noise of my phone beeping. It was from a tv company saying; turn the tv on and watch the first commercial! So I quickly rushed to my tv and pressed the on button and I could not believe my eyes… I was on the new iPhone Z commercial…It was amazing ! I looked on facebook and everyone had put brilliant comments about me , I was beginning to become famous,the commercial went viral in only 2 minutes flat ,shows how much they love the iPhones.  Later that day I got a call from  Ellen from the Ellen show saying she would love me to be on her show!! This is my chance to become a celeb! So I agreed to it ! I drove down to the studio right away! I went as one person and came out another!

My childhood

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My childhood is fun i agree but apparently i look cuter in all my baby pictures that ive tooken over the years. But if youve been a lonely child like me for five years and then another family member just came in your life then you would know how hard it is to have to share your parents with another child. Though if you think about it its quite fun having a little brother or sister!

we went out

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we went out with my family and we some how got on TV!!. my friend knows. ”please tell me” so Lewis said ”we were the first one to leave town” theo and Lewis wins 100.000 million pounds. ”OMG”

”We won we won we won”. so they went back to town to buy a fortnite ps4 bundle. ”why did you buy that i wanted a Xbox”  ”go buy one then with your money”

so he did and theo got in his car and went home without Lewis ”theo where are?”

theo felt bad so he went back to get him get back home. They went back to Lewis’s house and watched TV and they were eating popcorn and won a other 100.00 million pounds they are now rich. ” cool another  one ya”

The secret show…

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It seemed for years that I was just living my life ordinarily, nothing strange about it. My daily routine was the same each day (if you’re wondering what it was, ehh, it would take even longer). However, it was when our flashy, 4K television arrived, that I discovered that my life was secretly being recorded..

“Oh, there it is!” I said, just as the postman handed us the TV, with a huge grin on his smug face. Of course, I could brag about it, since it was a 49″, 4K Smart TV, but of course, being the good kid I was, I had to resist telling everyone I knew about the TV. Setting up the TV took a while, but, when we started watching Freeview Play, -that was actually built in, btw- my family realised that we were actually on a show that was LIVE, we seemed to be on the television…

“Huh?” I wondered, “Why is this show live? Who’s recording this???”. As I said those words, people were coming from every angle, our house’s interior was slowly (but surely) having it’s walls, ceiling and everything else turned into a soundstage!

The rest of that story, however, still lies unknown in the bottom areas of the 100WC website…

They seemed to be on TV…..‍

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So there was a group of children practising for a talent show[ a TV show on the television]. And the show was called ‘Try and get your own TV programme’ and do you think they won it…………………………………………………well drum-roll please and here are the results…. and they did win it did you think they won. Give your thought in the comments when this is done. Carrying on with the blog and then they actually got a big ol’ trophy it was gold on the outside and the silver was on the inside,it was beautiful. So that is the end of this story see you next time on telling stories with pops.

I went to the movie with my friend

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me and Theo had just seen the new release of the Grinch. I started to see news reporters and I thought we must of been the first people to see the film and I got on TV .