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Harry potter ( the character)

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Hi my name is harry potter, I’m 11 years old. my life is horrible, Firstly my cousin, uncle and aunty are treating me like I’m a rat and Dudley ( my cousin) is punching, kicking and pushing me into my stupid closet and I’m FED UP with it. well it good be worse.  Anyway, its my birthday today but something weird is going on. my house( well its not my house, its a sailors house) is shaking and the door is broken. a Hairy big man is sitting in my room ( I have to share with Dudley. Well, right now all he’s saying is ” I haven’t seen you since you were a baby but you’ve got very large, especially round the middle”. but he’s not looking at me, he’s looking at Dudley. Well I hope you enjoyed reading my diary. hope your having fun

from Harry Potter.

A Bike With Personality

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I was having a great time, i was doing wheelies with my friend, when… i know, its hard times, but i have to mention it. I crashed. Battered and bruised, my friend, Maxie had a head injury. He couldn’t remember anything. Including me. It was sad. I was tied up on a lampost. Maxie didn’t care. In 5 seconds everybody forgot about me. It was like everybody had a head injury. I was near nobody. Nobody played with me. Nobody talked to me. I remember a scooter passing by who gave me a sympathetic look. I wish bikes were like that. Most bikes are selfish and ‘cool’. At least they think they are cool. I am a bike and i am a selfless nobody, as everybody calls me. But the years i was with Maxie I was strong. It feels like i have shrivelled up into a pile of sadness. Oh Maxie, MAXIE!! Where are you?

Elsa’s birthday

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One day in Arendelle, A beautiful princess named Elsa was just about to go to bed when Anna, The queen of Arendelle, came sashaying in to her room. “Elsa,who’s birthday is it tomorrow?” “Mine…” And Anna was like, “Elsa, how on earth are you not excited for you birthday tomorrow? There will be presents-” Elsa interupted her by saying…”Anna, I need a lie down. Goodnight. Anna would not go out so Elsa let her sleep with her. The next Morning, Elsa woke up at 8:00,she usually wakes up at half six so she had a 1 hour and a half lie in! “Elsa, happy birthday…” “(Sleepily) too you…” “No silly it’s not my birthday!” “To meee!” Elsa got on up and went to the living room. She was very shocked because her biggest present was that she could visit the mythical forest and see her bestie, Honey-Spirit and keep the wind,Earth,fire and water spirits calm. The reason she could do this is because she is the fifth spirit, the ice spirit. She was born with mystical ice powers that nobody knew about. Then she took a weeks long trip to the forest and realised what her fathers message about the wall of mist blocking the forest was right, but she went to Atahallen, the sea that can predict the future, and found Nokk, the water spirit and rode to Arendelle, realising there was a giant wave coming to destroy Arendelle from the dam, the bridge that her father built with his team for the people of the forest. She used her powers to build a giant shield and saved Arendelle! The he reason she went to the forest(not on her birthday)Because she had been hearing Queen Idunas voice!( she was her mother) She had a good time, went home, opened her presents, had lunch,played with Gail,the gust of wind is Gail,Anna and Olaf. Then she finally had dinner then went to bed again. Elsa had a really good day!

The end!





The one and only yellow bike…….

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There once was a lovely yet beautiful girl named Layla she rode her bike all the way to her friend’s house, she loved her friend’s house.

Layla was riding to Charlotte’s house. Charlotte was picking Daria up from her house but Layla wanted to ride her bike to Daria’s house.So Charlotte went to Daria’s house in the car, and Layla went to Daria’s house on her bright yellow bike.

The reason why they were all joining up together is because they were going to Freya’s party.Charlotte arrived at Freya’s party with Daria right on time but Layla was very very late….

Layla had crashed her bright yellow bike on a big palm tree! lot.  Related imageLayla was fine but her bike wasn’t but it got fixed and is now as beautiful as it was when she first saw it!

bike up against a tree

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I saw a bike up against a tree but i didn’t touch it.2 hours later,Tommy (my friend) ran past me when i was examining the bike.Tommy asked me if I was OK and I said I was just seeing what the bike was doing there.Tommy sat with me for a while but he had to go because his mum wanted him home to do his homework

Week 17 100wc

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There was a saffron bike that looked ever so strange whenever people had walked by. When people walked by all of them looked very puzzled to what the bike had done. A collector and also an inventor strolled by the bike, he was thinking to himself ” Shouldn’t I just take it because it’s just sitting there abandoned. ” So the man just took it.

The next day, the inventor thought to make a lemonade dispenser, but he didn’t know how to make it in a time crunch. 5 hours later, the man was fascinated with the mould of the bike he had never seen such mould of a bike before. He started to make the lemonade dispenser…

…It worked and here was the result of the creation…

Image result for lemonade dispenser

The bike that was not anywhere near being careful

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One day,a bike Came alive!(yes it really did come alive but it just hid all the time so nobody knew that it was alive) But it kind of got realised by somebody! A boy came for a walk with his dog but lost the lead for the dog so he ran of to catch the dog but the bike got startled and ran away! The bike owner had left the bike alone for many years so it grew  invisible eyes that seemed invisible at first but then he realised that they could see his eyes. The only way his eyes would become invisible is by him closing them, so he always did. He got startled so badly that he tipped over on his side!

The end!!

The magical bike

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There once was a bike it was a magical bike .The bike had a mind of its own  .In house number 10 there was a boy called Ben.One day Ben went outside into town for a walk. He saw a  yellow bike  he saw nobody was on it so he got on it.We he got on it the bike teleported to a magical land At first there were no people.Then he went into a castle inside there were magical people .Then he looked at the time it was dinner time so he got in a hot air balloon and off he flew home when Ben got home for dinner he told everyone about the magic bike but nobody believed him.


the yellow bike…..

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one night when the sky was as dark as a crow a rider named daria my best friend was riding her vehicle listening to music riding along when she found out she could …could….could FLY her bike got ramed up a tree and she flew up in the air but wen she tried to fly in front of Freya (my best bestie friend)and me she climed slowly up a treeand jumped of it didn’t work and we laughed.

the next day me and Freya tried her new yellow bike (the one she flew on)and we both flew in the air we all  had come to the conclusion the yellow bike was magical till this day the yellow bike is out there somewhere…