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The Black Panther movie!

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I have just gone and seen the new Black Panther movie and because I loved it so much I wanted to share what I thought about it.

Personally I loved it and I could see it any time. It was probably the best movie I have ever seen. There is really nothing else to say about it. It is just the best thing ever. If there was 1 movie that was the only movie I could see it would have to be The Black Panther movie. It is just amazing. And to top it all of me,y brother and my dad all went for Mexican food after.

but what if I was in charge?

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If I was in charge, I would let every child in  wildground school to go back home or I would get all the teachers go home and let the children rule the school and do whatever they want. When I’m at home I would say to my mum ”Mum you should go out with your friends and I can get someone to look after me and Callum” .Or I would give my mum a challenge to say yes to everything what me and callum say and wail about what we want . If I could persuade my mum to give me what I want.

The magic drain pipe !!!!

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On a dark night there was a drain pipe. This was no ordinary  pipe .A snake it   came down the drainpipe. A rat it came down the drainpipe then a mouse came down the drainpipe. Sundly a portal to the middle of nowhere the rat was confused . The sake hissed at the cars. The  mouse was scared. after that happened they tried to get home…

the end


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Long ago there was a very creepy hand who was very annoying . He was the son of a creepy Queen named Victoria the creepy Queen. He wanted to destroy London, Antarctica and Iceland. Queen Victoria insisted for the hand(named creeper.) first, he climbed up a school to get apples, grapes and oranges. he loved them so much that he took more than 10000 fruits!!! He went back to Queen Victoria to tell her that he wanted to kill more than 50,000 people in the whole entire world!! When he killed them with a scary sword of doom!! It was so annoying that it killed them right in the heart!! He is saying to Queen Victoria,” GO TO GET ME SOME APPLES!! NOW I SAID NOW!” His love is eating!! He eats over 1000 meals a day!!





Rollercoaster Fun

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I love this world but what if I was in charge?  I would change every house to be a Toys-r-us store and McDonalds.  I would make it snow every day so that I could surf board on the snow with my friends called Zach and Tilly. We will ride on ginormous rollercoasters that I’m not allowed to ride on yet because I’m too small.  We will get F1 cars and drive them on the road even though we are not old enough to drive and Zach and Tilly will use their paws to steer.

If I was in charge!

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The world is already fine. But what if I was in charge?

The first new law I’d make would be that children get to choose what time they go into school but they have to be in school for at least 6hours each day but they only have to come into school 3days a week. I’d make it so that there is no boss. Adults wouldn’t be in charge of their children. there would be no boss. Everyone would be in charge of no one apart from them self’s. I’d make there be a rule that anything that comes out on the Xbox 1 would have to come out on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 1s. I would make in a fair world were there is no arguments or wars. Just peace. There would be snow every day.

I personally think that the world would be a lot better this way.

New Prompt Week 23, 100wc

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This week we have a question for you for the prompt. It will need lots of thought! It is:

but what if I was in charge?….

Things to think about:

In charge of what?
Who is in charge?
What would the difference be?