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The tiger family

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Once there was a tiger family . There was a daddy called calm and he likes chocolate . Also there was a mummy called Ellie and she likes grass . Lastly there is two kids called Connor and Taylor . they were a lovey family all together . One day Ellie  went searching out for food . She found some red juicy berries for the family to eat until she heard some humans stomping  THEY WERE HUNTERS ! Elie ran as fast as she could but the hunters killed  here and ran away. There family have no been waiting for ages so calm went searching for the mummy and found her dead he was horrified.


UNICORNS AND SADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cant believe I killed my un unicorn .I AM SO SAD . hopefully she forgives me and makes lots of friends whilst being in heaven .I wish  I had listened to my mum she said don’t touch the pocket knife for  my granddads work .ITS NOT MY FAULT I KILLED IT .ill explain well I picked it up and it shook me and I ACIDENTALLY killed my unicorn . I didn’t know it vibrates so I have nothing to do with this its not fair I always get BLAMED  but the fact im grounded makes me feel sick.


the funny worm

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.once there was a funny worm called  billy and he loved to watch tv so he watched  the channels he loved and he was so exited cause his show was on so he paused it and he went to get cheese balls so he got the tub of cheese balls and sat on his leather sofa it was only £10. so he watched Emmerdale witch is the show he loves. Then he wanted to know when his wife was home and billy’s wife does not  like billy eating junk food she only likes him to eat salad so he hides all the junk food.

orange man

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Once there was a man and he was very smelly. So he woke up and looked on his phone and he went on amazon and he found someone ho were selling a bath for £100 . He thought it was a good price so he ordered the bath and he said “hello i would like to order this bath ” so 1 minute later it came . He took it of his door step and he put it in his bathroom .Then he went to fill the bath up with water and bubbles. then he took his clothes of and hopped in the bath tub.


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Once there was a ordinary forest with millions of trees . There was a little girl called hope . Hope was very shy and she loved reading . her mum and dad called her a bookworm . The next day her parents made up a  beastly idea t. the idea was to abandon her in the forest so they took her to the woods asleep . once her parents left she woke up and gasped “WHY AM I HERE ! she flooded with tears .She went to hunt for food . she saw the weirdest tree EVER she walked closer and closer until … THE TREE KIKDED HERE!

The cheeky monkey

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One day the cheeky monkey called Bobby was getting some toast and he burned his hand because when he got his toast out he accidentally put his hand in the gap . His mummy called Gemma got him a new laptop to cheer him up . He still needed to go to hospital so he got into his mums car and they drove to the hospital . Once they arrived the monkey gulped and he had butterflies in his tummy . The doctor called him out . His doctor was  a girl  and her name was doctor Ellie and she took him to the room and he sat down on the nice posh chair . Finally his hand felt better because the doctor gave him an injection.  When he got home Bobby’s mummy told him to tidy his room and then he sat down at the table with his laptop and chucked it off because he didn’t want to tidy his room.