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I wish that we can stop littering and help pick up litter what do you wish for

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This is my blog

I wish we could stop throwing plastic on the floor and aswell I wish we could help pick up litter what is your wish



Evans blog

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Hello and welcome to my blog I will tell you all about plastic and its harming our planet

Some animals eat the plastic but if you see plastic on the floor pick it up instead of throwing it on the floor the floor isn’t the bin is it.And don’t even throw it in the ocean it is killing our ocean animals,like whales,fish,turtles,and we need more bird house so we can have lots of birds flying around.But some people our cutting trees down don’t do that because what if owls birds and some other things might be living in that tree.

Evans blog

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Once upon a time I once lived in a cottage far away but one day this scary monster came and it put it head on the window so then I got soo scared but mum and dad left me home mum went to the shop mum said she will be back at 3 o clock. So I ran upstairs real quick so I didn’tĀ  get caught he knew where I was he followed me upstairs cause i left the door open and I hid under the covers I was shaking soo hard he was big and had sharp claws and sharp teeth

Next chapter

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Hello I am evan and this is my blog all about transport

A transport is basically it is cars


You can go anywhere like gas station,hotels, walking or even driving around or you can driveĀ  around

Or aswell you can drive to your nans house or grandads house or mums or dad’s house

Or aswell you can go to the beach like Lepe beach

And theme parks like alton towers or you can drive to parks

But sometime you can cycle or scoot to school

But if it is snowing you can drive to the grass area when there is snow on it and play snowball fight