The bike that was not anywhere near being careful

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One day,a bike Came alive!(yes it really did come alive but it just hid all the time so nobody knew that it was alive) But it kind of got realised by somebody! A boy came for a walk with his dog but lost the lead for the dog so he ran of to catch the dog but the bike got startled and ran away! The bike owner had left the bike alone for many years so it grew  invisible eyes that seemed invisible at first but then he realised that they could see his eyes. The only way his eyes would become invisible is by him closing them, so he always did. He got startled so badly that he tipped over on his side!

The end!!

3 responses to “The bike that was not anywhere near being careful”

  1. Izzy P says:

    I know I could of but I really could not think of anything else! Can you read my other blog please?

    From Izzy P

    • Mrs Addleton says:

      Hi Izzy, my phone ran out of charge so I couldn’t read all of it last night. I’ll read it later today. I’m intrigued by the eggy hair wash blog title though!

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Izzy, it was absolutely wonderful to have you back at blogging this week. You have treated us with a totally original and mind-bending story about a lonely, abandoned bike, towards which I felt very sorry for by the end. I think you could improve your blog by breaking up the text in the middle into more sentences to make it slightly easier to understand, especially the sentence in which you wrote ‘but’ twice. Nevertheless, it was an endearing tale and I hope the bike can keep one eye open or squint just enough to see danger coming in the future!
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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