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I wondered what was behind the door… It was a PROJECT ZORGO mask!!!

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One day, I was watching television when I saw a mask that I recognised. It was a Project Zorgo mask hiding behind the door! I screamed with fright as he walked nearer and nearer to me. He came near to the telly, past it. Next he walked to the sofa. I then saw something else. I wondered what was behind the door.It wad very scary. I screamed again ,Again and then again he spoke in this mummery type of way. It was a BIG surprise to see Kawaii kunicorn at the door smiling at me happily as she said,” Quick! Lets get out of here”! she said as she tried to pull me out of the dreaded Project Zorgo (YouTube hacker group) mystery which was scarier than usual.I always scream about things but  today i nearly fainted because Kawaii kunicorn said i was her one and only daughter, Isolde parker,


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Once upon a time there once was a Girl and She went on her phone  To look at her News page. On her news page she saw the words: RAINING ORANGES IN CLUMSILY GIRL TOWN! For shelter he lifted up the bath and hid under it. He was Happy and she went in his bed and went to sleep. When She woke up he went in the bath again. Why was the town called Girl town and why was it raining oranges? she thought as he trampled onto her Maroon sofa.”that was super close”! She said as she went in the bathroom . The next day there was a fighter checking all the credit cards to see is they had the right numbers. If they were wrong The fighter would come and give you 3  options. You could either get your card in half so you couldn’t use it ever again or he could reverse or change the numbers so you could also never use it again or you could have both.


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Humphery couldn’t believe what she had done. he had told ogg the frog off for splashing his golden fur. Mrs Brisbane told Miranda that she would be taking humphery home for the weekend. Miranda has a Wicked stepsister named Abby. Humphery moved the hair scrunchie the ring the name bracelet and pen. but the ghost turned up last night . “it was  Humphery! sceamed the girls . Mr golden said,” Its good to hear you too laughing, but no more screaming, ok ? he said. ” Ok. ” They said . the next morning, they said  bye on Monday . The next morning the poetry festival was in place.


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The worlds smallest water slide was 1metre tall and 2 inches wide. it was black and more black. It was so special that you could put toys down it and donate them to charity. it was viewed at the harbour museum for people to look at and donate toys that the children think they don’t like or play with at playtime or teddies that they don’t cuddle up with at their bedtime when they argue. this is very special slide is displayed and it is made by a famous artist that works with clay. the toys they throw in the house and the ones that get thrown in the bin by other children or the ones that have stuffing coming out of the top or bottom of the fur.


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This mysterious creature was a never before seen . it was called a cat mixed with  the letters 12345678 , 9 and a mermaid.if you asked a number question , Eg: 2100+1000= 3100 . “Meow Meow . She colour changes red from orange to green to blue to indigo to violet.She ate candy canes and  gummies. this creature  was very special because it has more than 1 special ability. it could fly , leap as high as 100000 sky Scrapers on the top of each other. it could kill a balloon with a scrub of orange peel on her hand, put the orange peel away and touch the balloon . And… POP!


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One day, A misty ghost frantically danced in school he slipped on a banana and grazed his arms. Crimson red blood came out . WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Shouted the teacher. He was buried in a grave. A tarantula who had crimson red eyes and bat black body that will give a scare IF YOU SEE HIM IN FOR A SCARE IF YOU DARE! He sat on the mat with a cat on a random Saturday.



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One day, a GIANT monster named Moni was walking when he found a big Bodyless  pair of legs! Ring Ring . Ring Ring! “Oh that’s my phone!” says moni theres a pair of walking sauseges.

. Hello? Oh hi this is the police. there is a pair of legs running around the forest! oh I have seen it ! oh good . bye! bye! beep. HA HA Were going to put you silly legs in jail in 2002.  In 2002, The police came and stole lots of money . Ok you bodyless legs, time to put you in jail .  I really think there sauseges now! the end!


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Long ago there was a very creepy hand who was very annoying . He was the son of a creepy Queen named Victoria the creepy Queen. He wanted to destroy London, Antarctica and Iceland. Queen Victoria insisted for the hand(named creeper.) first, he climbed up a school to get apples, grapes and oranges. he loved them so much that he took more than 10000 fruits!!! He went back to Queen Victoria to tell her that he wanted to kill more than 50,000 people in the whole entire world!! When he killed them with a scary sword of doom!! It was so annoying that it killed them right in the heart!! He is saying to Queen Victoria,” GO TO GET ME SOME APPLES!! NOW I SAID NOW!” His love is eating!! He eats over 1000 meals a day!!