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…And what exactly is that noise?!

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My heart was pounding, my blood pressure rising rapidly by every second. The steps I took were hard to take, and my eyes were watery as I treaded across this unknown land.

“Pika?” My head turned sharply at this noise… But I didn’t manage to hear anything- my heart pounded ever faster.

“Pikachuuu?” My breathing quickened- What WAS that noise?! I almost screamed at the small, mouse-like thing that appeared in front of me. It had many attributes of the mice we had back in Hisui, but these were a lot bigger and since i had never stepped out of the village until now, these scared me to the bone.

I suddenly came to realisation: this was a Pikachu! Although I had never seen one before, I knew what it was when it looked me in the eyes. A feeling of excitement washed over me- I had never seen a Pokèmon like this before!

“Aww, hello. I see you’ve found my Pikachu. Now move. ” A wave of terror washed over me as this bitter-sweet tone filled my ears from someone I did not recall. That tone filled me again, “Or are you disapproving almighty Sinnoh? Surely such a monster would do such things to be so cruel to the Giver Of the Land. Hm?”

A small pang of annoyance filled me and I found the courage to speak. “Almighty Sinnoh is at the top of my heart. And I am sure It would not be very happy with You for being so bitter-sweet. Sinnoh will have you thrown in the space-time rift if you continue.” I looked up at the rift in the sky.

“As if Sinnoh would care for you. You’re such a goody-two shoes, I can already tell from how sweetly you talk.” The figure made its way into the light. It suddenly hissed sharply.

“Oh, hello, Akari.”

I growled. “Mai.”

An unknown veil of darkness

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“It seems I am wrong about you and your power, Trixie Lulamoon.” A pair of darkened eyes fixed on the dark figure before him.

“Please, I’m begging of you, forgive me,” Trixie stared back at him longingly. “What have I done to deserve this?!”

“You have betrayed me and your mother, Trixie. You fell for that monster’s tricks and gave back the Alicorn Amulet. You have unspeakably made a friend. Well, this little ‘Starlight Glimmer’ of yours will become nothing but a Starlight Bummer in a bit..”

“Well. Starlight made the Changelings share love and not feed on it.” Trixie smiled at the thought.

“Miss Lulamoon, is that the point?! I have given you all you have wanted and this is how you betray me? By ruining my Splastastic Escape on my magic show the other day, and do all these wishy-washy things?”

“No, Father. That’s not the point.”

“Well, after I make you see how foolish you’ve been, Trixie Lulamoon, you will thank me forever.”

Lost memories part 4- the end and the epilogue

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It was after the fight and Olly had just realised what he’d done.

“I’m sorry, brother. I had no choice..” Olivia sniffed.

“No, no. Don’t apologise-I should. That hammer attack was divine; you put everything in it-enough power to awaken me from that dark dream. Please, Olivia. I have one request before I leave, though. Please fold my paper into the very last crane.” Olly sighed, letting his paper unfold and he laid there, one sheet of purple paper.

Brother!!” Olivia sobbed.

Luigi and the Origami Craftsman burst through the window. “Why are all these cranes here? Is one of you doing the forbidden 1000 cranes technique?” The craftsman exclaimed in shock.

So Olivia got taught how to fold a crane and folded Olly’s body into a crane and did it. She wished for all the origami folded by Olly to be unfolded-and that meant her. But the origami diorama of the origami castle, folded by the origami craftsman but the big one was folded by Olly, was displayed on the night of the Origami Festival and that continued.



“Are you sure this will work?” Freshly folded (by the craftsman) Olly had asked freshly folded (also by the craftsman this time) Olivia as they snuck through Toad Town to surprise Princess Peach and Mario in the castle.

“100% sure, my dear brother.” Olivia had said and she was right, it went wonderfully.

End of epilogue!

I know that suspense is building for who Olly and Olivia were talking about but that’s a story for another blog-literally.

What a vellmental is and Lost memories, part 3

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A vellumental is, in the stories case, a large (origami)animal or figure guarding something. Ok, to the story now!!

“Olly. Listen to me. I know that I have never gotten truly fiercely angry at you but I am getting close that point now. Just listen. We are origami but this isn’t what we were folded for. You need to get along with flat paper.” Olivia said.

Olly groaned. “Baby sister, you never take my side-”

“DON’T call me baby sister!” It was clear that Olivia was angry now.

“Ok, fine. I will not call you my baby sister anymore, but just “my sister that hates me’, hm? But these flat jerks need to disappear. Don’t you agree, Olivia?” Olly said in this sweet, silly-girly voice, like Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard Of Oz. 

“Nope. I don’t. And I hate you so much that I may as well just live with Mario now. And you don’t know what I’ve been through, Olly.” Olivia moaned.

“Well, I went through the same, for origami’s sake!!” Olly shrieked.

“No, I am not talking about you-know-who, Olly. I lost a friend, then another. Now I feel as I’m losing a brother.” Olivia chorused accidentally-on-purpose.

“Olivia, DON’T you dare remind me about it! Remind me about the friends all you want but if you remind me about’ll be in for it, sister! I was older when we lost you-know-who and if you remind me I will fold you into a crane! Now just stop talking and let Mario fight!” Olly muttered loudly.

A. What were Olly and Olivia talking about??

B. what will happen when Mario fights Olly again?

C. Will Olivia remind Olly?

To be continued..

Lost memories, part 2

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About 5 weeks later..

“Ah, you’re finally here, sister. Took you long enough.” Olly said slyly, “Actually, it took you so long that there is nothing you can do to stop me now. My world is almost complete.”

Olivia stared at her brother. “Olly, I have told you to stop! You need to stop this, now!”

Bowser nodded in agreement. “And where’s the princess? Is she safe? Is she comfortable? Does she have something to read? …asking for a friend.”

“Oh, the princess is right infront of you. Behold!” Olly pointed to where he’d.. Folded the princess into the castle?!

“You moron! Folding the princess into the castle is too much. You’ve gone too far!” Olivia shrieked, trying to contain her tears.

“Well, I said I’d fold all of the castle into an origami castle. Including the princess herself.” Olly said.

“Even I wouldn’t do that. And I’ve done some mean stuff, believe me! Ask Kamek!” Bowser said.

“O-Olly..all these wouldn’t..” Olivia stuttered.

“I would. And I did. At last, 999 of my cranes are complete! And I will use it to turn all the toads into scrap paper!” Olly said.

Olivia stared at her brother. “I still don’t know what you’ve got against the toads.”

“The toad that folded me.. He disrespected the very paper I was made on-He scribbled all over it!” Olly said scornfully.

“So THAT’S why you’re doing this?!” Olivia looked angry.

“My sweet Olivia..I wish you would just see my vision for an origami kingdom.. And for you, Mario. You’ve proved to be quite annoying. I will honour your folding it into the very last crane!”

A battle started between the 3.

“See how a true KING wields the  vellumental powers!” Olly scowled, flicking his hair and turning into the earth vellumental!

After they’d beaten Olly’s 1st form, Olivia looked worried.

“Brother? Are you ok? Even using one vellumental power can be tiring-”

“*pant* *pant* No! I don’t need your lovey-dovey speeches!” Olly said angrily, looking tired.


Lost memories; a blog on what happened before part 1.

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Before I write part 2.. A little touch on what happened before and why Olly is trying to fold everyone into origami and why he hates his sister, Olivia.

So, as you know, Olly was folded with the fold of life and that means he is like a human but he is origami. The origami craftsman put a note on Olly’s body saying ‘Dear Olly, I trust you will be a great and kind King.’ But Olly doesn’t know that so he thinks that the origami craftsman just scribbled all over Olly’s body. Olivia does not agree with Olly’s plans so pleads for him to stop. Olly refuses and goes to Toad town, where he stuffs Olivia in a wall so he can build a (perfect?) kingdom. Mario finds Olivia and they team up to stop Olly, but Olly  wraps the castle in streamers, and they go to 5 different places:

Red: Overlook Mountain

Blue: Shogun Studios

Yellow: Scorching Sandpaper Desert

Purple: Sea tower

Green: Bowser’s castle-Shangri-Spa

They are all guarded by the stationary (from the previous blog.)

Mario and Olivia have cleared the green streamed and are on their way to Scorching Sandpaper Desert.


Randomness on stationery.

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Hole punch: dancing aggressively and singing terribly out of pitch  to thrills at night at 2 in the morning.


Coloured pencils: “de suis d’accord avec les ciseaux.”

Rubber band: “Help me..”

Stapler: *bark bark.*




Hole punch: “Hey, Olly? I was wondering if anyone here could speak any different languages. Other than coloured pencils.”

Scissors: “Si, puedo. Sabia que no esperadas que puridea hardar Espanol .”

Olly: “Wow. ”

Coloured pencils: “Yo tambien puedo hablar espanol, sabes.”

Everyone else: “How can stationary speak Spanish?”





Hole punch: *spinning* “I’M BORRED!”

Rubber band: Then find something to do!

Hole punch: I can’t! I don’t know WHAT to do!!

Rubber band: *sigh* “How do I explain it..”

Coloured pencils:..”I thought you would want to dance.”

Hole punch: “OH YEAH TIME TO BOOGIE!!! Thanks, Coloured pencils!”

Everyone else: “SERIOUSLY, Coloured pencils?!”

Coloured pencils: “Desolee.”

Lost memories, part 1(a paper Mario story, requested by my sister)

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Fold the neck.

Fold the head.

Then pull the wings out.

Olly, the King of origami, sat atop his throne in peache’s castle, folding yet another crane. An orange crane sat on his lap, and he moved it to sit on the shelf, along with about twenty others. He grabbed another piece of paper and began to fold. “I cannot believe Olivia found this technique,” Olly said to himself, followed by an agressive ripping noise. Why was he thinking about his sister now?! Not only did it cause Olly to rip the paper, it also caused his mind to race over the memories of Olivia. He yawned and covered the side of his face politely. He’d been folding cranes non stop for the past hour, and didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because the paper macho soldiers kept whining about, “OLiViA eScApInG tHe BoUlDeR yOu DrOpPeD oN hEr!” (The paper macho solders talk like that) and stuff like that, until 4 in the morning.. So basically, he knew it wouldn’t hurt to fall asleep for just a little while.

Flashback ( a very long dream)                                                                                        Olly sat at his desk, working on origami. Well, sort of. He was actually asleep, and every time he exhaled a small moan that was almost silent could be heard. Olivia floated in. “Olly? Olly?? I want to show you something!” Olivia chirped, floating over to Olly’s desk and tapping his head. When that didn’t work, Olivia lifted up Olly’s long origami fringe, and tapped his now-exposed cheek, startling him awake. “Olivia, I have told you countless times not to touch my hair,” Olly said, batting Olivia’s hand away and letting his hair fall back down infront of his eye.

 Olivia’s expression deflated.  “Sorry, brother…” She apologised.

So, you wanted to show me something? And if it is a picture of a dog, I swear I will fold you into a cricket and leave you like that,” Olly warned.

“Ok, okay! It’s not a dog! But how can you not like dogs?? They are so cute and fluffy! I just wanted to show you a new origami technique I saw,” Olivia explained, grabbing a large book and shoving it in her brother’s face, “See??'”

“Alright, alright, let me see.” Olly studied the page further, becoming more and more interested. “The 1000 crane technique??!” 

“Yep! Anyone who has the patience to fold a thousand paper cranes will have a wish granted!” Olivia chirped.

Olly studied the page again, taking in this miraculous information. “Like, can you wish for anything?” He asked.

“I guess! Like, if you wanted a mountain of ice cream? Boom! It’s yours! The ability to breathe underwater? Flash! There you go! Or a puppy? Kaboom! Yours!” Olivia giggled. 

“Olivia, what would you wish for if you had 1000 cranes?” Olly asked.

“Hmm, that’s hard. Mabye 1000 more wishes?” Olivia shrugged.

“Olivia. You go through the trouble of folding 1000 cranes and you get ONE wish. So what would you wish for if you had one wish?” Olly asked.

“Hmm..a perfect kingdom, just you and me.” Olivia said with a smile.

When Olly finally found his voice, he said, “o-Olivia, I wasn’t expecting an answer like that.” 

“Why? Were you just expecting me to say a puppy? Although that would be good! Like this one!” Olivia grabbed a picture of a dog and showed it to Olly. 

“Olivia, I said if you showed me any dogs I’d turn you into a cricket.” Olly said, more mischief in his voice than maliciousness.

Olivia backed away slowly. “Uhhh.. You’ll have to catch me first!” Olly went round but Olly floated over and cornered her. 

“Eee! I don’t want to be a bug!!” Olivia squealed.

Olly grabbed Olivia and hugged her. Normally Olly would not part with such childish antics, nor would he give many hugs, but he was in a good mood. “My dear, sweet Olivia, I will make sure we get a perfect kingdom.”

Olly was awoken by that last line. Trying to forget about it, he grabbed another piece of paper and began to draw the perfect origami kingdom..

The black diamond apple and banana cake that everyone hated..because a bridge made it

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We went to recording for the second day and people kept calling me weird.

But I guess anyone walking around with a bear and a superhero would be considered a tad weird, right?!

Anyway, when we arrived we had to change into these awkward costumes.

And YES, before you ask, I was the bridge. Lucky me.


We began recording and I had to shout,


Everyone came charging toward the shop (Okie) and bought it.

A few days later, there was many complaints about the cake because it was being showcased by a


Our filming ended on a cliffhanger and the recording session ended, but then okie got his head stuck in one of the shop costume’s window and we all had to pull him out..

The day I was cast as a BRIDGE in a film about a BANANA AND A BLACK DIAMOND APPLE?!

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Once upon a time, there was an apple whose name was..well..

Apple. For a fact, Apple was the only apple called Apple on the island.

And apple was a very appley apple. He was also a very rare apple, he was part of the black diamond apple family. Apparently he tasted like cinnamon. Cinnamon?

One day, Apple was tired of being around apples, so built himself a boat. He sailed himself away to the Banana island and met a banana called..

Banana! Surprisingly. Not. He was also the only banana called Banana!

Banana and apple became good friends, until the bad banana called 

Bad Banana.. (Yes, he has banana in his name, but it has ‘Bad’ at the start.)

Came and squeezed Banana and Apple! He combined their juices together to make Black Diamond Apple and Banana juice(tm?)! It has not yet been put on shelves but when it does it will probably be sold in a flash!

the end! I think.

“Black Diamond Apple and Banana juice will be put on shelves in stores on March 15th. The price will be £14 for one litre bottle, and £15 for 5 cartons. Terms and conditions apply.” I laughed as we finished filming.

In the back, Bernando and Sapphire were taking off their costumes. Sapphire was the Banana and Bernando the apple. I had the worst part of all.

I had to be a bridge, and the bridge was the narrator. Who told the film audience about unreal-black diamond apple and banana juice. All I had to do was lay on the floor and, at the end, dance about.

Well, all finished for today,” the director said, “But there will be more tomorrow, same casts.”