Gavins tuck shop

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many moons ago there was a man named Gavin who worked in a zoo . his tuck shop was put next to a womans  shop her name was Natalie they both worked eather side of the tigers who were always vicious no matter how happy you made them . one tiger esaped and Natalie and Gavin were sent to find them. natilie and gavin went everywere looking but the tiger was gone . then gavin relied that they had missed one plae the most dangerous of all ,the thunder beah were nothig deared to enter the Gavin sreamed the tigers bloking our esape…

8 responses to “Gavins tuck shop”

  1. Brian says:

    Exciting story and full of danger. So we want to know now whether Gavin and Natalie got away safely. Good work.

  2. Joseph says:

    An amazing piece I really like the “many moons ago” bit

  3. William says:

    To Ella

    I am 9. I like your blog and hope you do another one


  4. Zuhal Omar says:

    Hi Ella,
    I’m not sure I would want to work that closely to Tigers and particularly ones that are always angry! I was fascinated by your excellent story and felt for Gavin & Natalie when they were sent to search for the missing Tiger. Do remember to use capital letters to begin sentences and names and use punctuation to help make your story flow for the reader. You will often spot errors you can correct if you take time to carefully read through your work before publishing it.
    Well done Ella, I really enjoyed your piece.

  5. Mrs Addleton says:

    Ella, your blog made me smile as I imagined Natalie and Gavin trying to make the tigers happy, perhaps with sweets from the tuck shop. Remember to use capital letters at the start of sentences and names. I hope the couple did manage to escape so that we can hear more tales of their escapades together!
    Mrs Addleton
    2 house points

  6. Kate says:

    Hi Ella. I love the beginning of your blog – “Many moons ago”. I had hoped for a budding romance for your two shopkeepers but that dastardly tiger has distracted them from that! I hope they look after each other.

  7. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Ella,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. The moment I read Gavin and Natalie worked either side of vicious tigers I was worried something dreadful would happen to them, and it would appear they are in trouble on the beach. I really hope they manage to escape.

  8. Grace S says:

    Amazing Ella grace s

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