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The Fired Fashionistia

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There once was a sly monkey and his name was Jerald. Jerald was a fashion desighner who worked for his mother in IBN , the name of there company. He was a terrible desighner but still worked for the money  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 One day Jerald went one his computer and recived a message :                                      JERDLD I’M SORRY BUT YOU ARE FIRED NEVER RETERN TO IBN AS YOU ARE BANNED ,LOTS OF LOVE MUM .                                                                                   Jerald lobbed his computer accross the room , it abliverating into millions of peices . he was so angry and took dinomite down to IBN and exploding it and never being seen again …

Gavins tuck shop

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many moons ago there was a man named Gavin who worked in a zoo . his tuck shop was put next to a womans  shop her name was Natalie they both worked eather side of the tigers who were always vicious no matter how happy you made them . one tiger esaped and Natalie and Gavin were sent to find them. natilie and gavin went everywere looking but the tiger was gone . then gavin relied that they had missed one plae the most dangerous of all ,the thunder beah were nothig deared to enter the Gavin sreamed the tigers bloking our esape…

Tia the tiger

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once upon a time in a land far far away, was a tiger named Tia who was sweet but if ever fed meat would become the most vicious creature in the it was deadly poisonous to her species. One day, her loving owner was sent on a mission to retreeve the golden leaf and Tia needed a babysitter so her owners sister took her in for a week .not knowing about the poisonous meat her sister brooke fed her meat and grew to the sise of 100 elephants.the tiger was bloking our escape said brooks friend and they were gone…