The sleepy tiger

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One day me and my friend, Ava, was walking down the street then we saw a field with a sleepy tiger. Ava said to go and wake him up. We went over to it, it suddenly it yawned. When I tapped the tiger it woke up. Then Ava said to leave it alone for a minute. We started to walk down the road the tiger was following us then I said to stop walking the tiger walking of we saw some little cubes. We thought it was the Tiger’s. Me and Ava went to the bath room and when went to go out the tiger was blocking are ecape so I jumped out the window. By Grace B

9 responses to “The sleepy tiger”

  1. Brian says:

    Just read your story about the sleepy tiger. Love the idea of a tiger yawning and glad you got away when it woke up. Are you going to let us know if Ava jumped out of the bathroom window safely and escaped as well. Very interesting. Well done.

  2. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Grace,

    I really love the idea of a sleepy tiger yawning in a field, very unique. I wonder if the tiger had lost it’s cubs while it slept. Was the tiger following you to see if you had the cubs?

    I do hope you continue blogging.

  3. Lily H says:

    thats a great story grace welldone

    by lily h

  4. Lily H says:

    thats a great story lewis

  5. Deborah Summers says:

    Morning Grace

    Lewis has obviously inspired you to have a go and well done for being ambitious. I am really proud of you for writing your first blog. I thought the tiger was dozing so I can understand why you went to tap it; you are a lot braver than me! Having seen you in school today I am pleased to discover you managed to escape from the bathroom. When you write your next one, and I look forward to reading it, just read it out loud like you do in class to hear any errors in sentence structure or spelling. Well done!

    Mrs Summers

  6. Joseph says:

    Really good piece of writing.
    Hope you will write again.

  7. William says:

    To Grace

    Your blog is brilliant well done.

  8. Andrew Paterson says:

    Hello Grace,
    A really interesting tale. I agree with all the comments made by Mrs Addleton but would also advise you to carefully read through your pieces before submitting them. Doing so, will help you spot spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that you can then correct before your readers see your work.
    Even so a great effort, well done!

  9. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Grace,
    I think Lewis has shared his blog with you so that you can have a go? If so, this is probably your first blog and I think it’s fantastic! I loved your idea of a sleepy tiger, dozing in a field, but couldn’t believe it when you went to tap it! How brave of you! Watch out for those sneaky homophones especially ‘are’ and ‘our’ and remember we would say ‘Ava and I’ rather than ‘me and Ava’. I hope that the tiger didn’t follow you out of the window and that you lived to write another blog!
    Well done,
    Mrs Addleton

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