The day I was cast as a BRIDGE in a film about a BANANA AND A BLACK DIAMOND APPLE?!

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Once upon a time, there was an apple whose name was..well..

Apple. For a fact, Apple was the only apple called Apple on the island.

And apple was a very appley apple. He was also a very rare apple, he was part of the black diamond apple family. Apparently he tasted like cinnamon. Cinnamon?

One day, Apple was tired of being around apples, so built himself a boat. He sailed himself away to the Banana island and met a banana called..

Banana! Surprisingly. Not. He was also the only banana called Banana!

Banana and apple became good friends, until the bad banana called 

Bad Banana.. (Yes, he has banana in his name, but it has ‘Bad’ at the start.)

Came and squeezed Banana and Apple! He combined their juices together to make Black Diamond Apple and Banana juice(tm?)! It has not yet been put on shelves but when it does it will probably be sold in a flash!

the end! I think.

“Black Diamond Apple and Banana juice will be put on shelves in stores on March 15th. The price will be £14 for one litre bottle, and £15 for 5 cartons. Terms and conditions apply.” I laughed as we finished filming.

In the back, Bernando and Sapphire were taking off their costumes. Sapphire was the Banana and Bernando the apple. I had the worst part of all.

I had to be a bridge, and the bridge was the narrator. Who told the film audience about unreal-black diamond apple and banana juice. All I had to do was lay on the floor and, at the end, dance about.

Well, all finished for today,” the director said, “But there will be more tomorrow, same casts.”


3 responses to “The day I was cast as a BRIDGE in a film about a BANANA AND A BLACK DIAMOND APPLE?!”

  1. Izzy P says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! This blog came out if nowhere but now I am SOOOOO HAPPY that I posted it! The 10 minutes I spent making it made you smile so the time was well spent. Thank you, I really appreciate it! I am making another blog on this topic so we will have to see what adventures they get up to!


  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Izzy, this was so good. I really enjoyed it so much I had to read it to my husband. Obviously I had to pausing to explain who Bernado and Saphire were but it was wonderful to see them incorporated into the story. The storyline was crazy but, at the same time, made sense which meant it was truly amusing to read and left me smiling. I was so intrigued that I even googled the black diamond apples and learnt all about them. Any author that inspires others to look things up and expand their own knowledge is a successful one. Thankyou so much for this.
    Mrs Addleton

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Izzy, I have just published this for you – I haven’t got time to read it before school but I’m really excited to read it when I get home because the title sounds hilarious!
    Mrs Addleton

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