…And then everything stopped…

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It was a Thursday evening and I was nestled in bed, reading. My clock was next to me; the time read 5:23pm. It turned 5:24, and then everything stopped..

The words on the pages stopped and the pages glued themselves together. My fingers stopped moving and also were glued to the page.. What was happening?!

The lights flickered on and off, and then a mysterious figure walked into the room. It looked a big like a cat.. It came and miaowed, and then everything went back to normal..

The pages and my fingers unglued, the lights went back to normal and the clock’s time set to the current time. Everything had returned to normal, but what had happened? And who was that cat, who had disappeared after it miaowed??

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Izzy, I love the first part of your blog – it was easy to imagine myself in bed next to my clock. I really like the word nestled which made it sound so comfy and cosy before the unsettling events that followed. Maybe you could find equally interesting words to replace walked (my cats often slink into my room) and big (perhaps abnormally oversized).
    This is the first blog that I’ve put on the 100wc website for ages so fingers crossed you get some comments!
    Mrs Addleton

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