All about the Bee?

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My mum hates bees because they sting and it really hurts.  My nan loves bees.  She wants a pet bee but she doesn’t want it to sting my sister or my brother.  My uncle hates bees  because when they go on his arm he moves  and then he gets stung saying “ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.”  My mum puts special cream on my uncles arm.  My sister hates bees because she moves all the time so she might get stung.  My mum puts special cream on my sisters arm.  My little sister doesn’t like bees because she is scared of them. 

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  1. Grace rose mortimer says:

    Well done Katelyn for publishing a blog.I love it and I hope your uncles arm is ok.I love bees I wanted one as my pet but my mum said no.She loves bees as well but won’t let me have one.My dad hates bees like your mum and uncle.You could put more full stops in it but I love your story

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