A very weird 100WC post.

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Once upon the deep, dark depths of the Wildground blog page, there exists a very rare, strange post that would have never been in existence if it wasn’t for the very smart (:]) blogger Ethan…

“As the house had tragically fallen down, it’s yellow bricks formed into a very pretty gorilla that was running and rampaging through the streets of Holbury. People were trying (but failing) to escape the beast by hiding in so-called bases that could hold up through anything and keep it’s flimsy, old supports up, but they were easily defeatable and the blocky gorilla could just prod them to collapse the roofs of the bases, causing carnage in the streets. People that witnessed this crazy abomination were never seen again, since they were a bright shade of yellow, so you can guess what happened to them, can’t you? They were gobbled up by the blond monkey, who was mistaking them for chrome, juicy bananas, of course!

And that, my non-friends, is the end of the story of the blocky gorilla that ate up the race known as humanity.

One response to “A very weird 100WC post.”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    I absolutely loved the start of you blog – very clever to invite us into the depths of the blog pages! As promised, you gave us a really weird blog but such an entertaining read. You impressed us with a good range of punctuation and even a rhetorical question. You chose brilliant vocabulary that invoked clear images in the readers mind, especially the words abomination and carnage. I hope you come back and write many more blogs!
    4 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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