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MOAR random words!!!

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*sigh*, “Why are you doing this AGAIN!?”, you may be questioning, since I’ve done this three times now. Well, I should’ve brought this up sooner or later… I have no life and I’m not even doing this for entertainment, just for the money. Even my clothes are dirty as anything, just like like my soul. They haven’t been washed in DECADES. Oh, and may I point out that eggs will take over next year. Wait a sec, my screen is black and flickering with random colours! God, I’m on the fringe of throwing this darn technology out the fricking windows.

Some sort of teleportation…

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In a universe where physics are just (hmmmm, how to put it,) non-existent, you nearly always get an idiot that gets themselves in some sort of more-than-bad situation. Well, that applies here. There was once a girl who should get a doofus award (for, guess what, being dumb) that was once meddling around in a mad scientists lab when, all of a sudden, she felt a cold, bony hand shove her into a test tube. Suddenly, there was a floop as she was was never, EVER seen again. But how could she just disappear like that, is one good question…

A mixture of random sentences…?

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Uhh, how do I start this blog??? Wait, I know! RANDOM SENTENCES!!! Wait, maybe I should explain why I’m doing this to myself. I’M LOCKED IN A DUNGEON AND THERE IS ONLY A SMALL WINDOWS XP COMPUTER THAT SOMEHOW LOADS THIS PAGE. PLEASE SOMEONE SEND HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) My bicycle is quite green, even though I CLEARLY asked for a blue one.

2) 😢 My biscuit wrapper is empty… WHAT HAVE I DONE???!!

3) I hate bubbles of any kind, because they always go into MY EYES!!!

4) Pink is disgusting! (as well as purple!!)

5)Fire into space, our planet can’t handle all us!

The torch of brightness…

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In an age long forgotten, a torch was manufactured that could blind anyone that even dared as to look at it’s shimmer. But, there was once a small boy (aged around 8) that did not put in these considerations into his already tiny brain, so much so that the light blinded him for the rest of his poor life. Day after day, this torch’s shine was on this kid’s mind, but not on his eyes -luckily-, as he was in hospital pretty much 24/7. I guess this just goes to show, you never, EVER play with torches that consist of very high light levels.

My strangest Christmas decorations!

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That image that you see in front of you, (no, not that picture of your cuddly ginger tom, you idiot! its the weird one with an eye and a bauble, dummy!) it could just look like your daily random piece of art (?), but, to me, it is actually my latest -and possibly greatest- Christmas decorations! The only reason I made them is because, well, I don’t even know why, ummmm (quick, think, think, THINK!!!!!) oh, I got an idea! I made these so that I could get away with making a 100wc about them! Uhhh, wait, did I just write that down? Uhoh, I didn’t write that down… I SWEAR!!!

The exhaustion attack!

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Once upon a time, a (seemingly) normal bed ordered from an IKEA store was the source of the past’s EXHAUSTION ATTACK!!! Can you believe that?! The world was trying to fight this strange curse, but they were exhausted, so the disease spread like wildfire, and the curse was finished off -eventually-, but not before millions were sleeping in the most random places, dreaming about that new XBOX they might just get for Christmas. People all around the world were put into their hibernation (AKA sleeping state) state, so, one of the strangest diseases (?) was somehow one of the hardest to put to it’s doom…

This story (hopefully) will be put to an end, somehow…

The secret show…

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It seemed for years that I was just living my life ordinarily, nothing strange about it. My daily routine was the same each day (if you’re wondering what it was, ehh, it would take even longer). However, it was when our flashy, 4K television arrived, that I discovered that my life was secretly being recorded..

“Oh, there it is!” I said, just as the postman handed us the TV, with a huge grin on his smug face. Of course, I could brag about it, since it was a 49″, 4K Smart TV, but of course, being the good kid I was, I had to resist telling everyone I knew about the TV. Setting up the TV took a while, but, when we started watching Freeview Play, -that was actually built in, btw- my family realised that we were actually on a show that was LIVE, we seemed to be on the television…

“Huh?” I wondered, “Why is this show live? Who’s recording this???”. As I said those words, people were coming from every angle, our house’s interior was slowly (but surely) having it’s walls, ceiling and everything else turned into a soundstage!

The rest of that story, however, still lies unknown in the bottom areas of the 100WC website…

A very weird 100WC post.

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Once upon the deep, dark depths of the Wildground blog page, there exists a very rare, strange post that would have never been in existence if it wasn’t for the very smart (:]) blogger Ethan…

“As the house had tragically fallen down, it’s yellow bricks formed into a very pretty gorilla that was running and rampaging through the streets of Holbury. People were trying (but failing) to escape the beast by hiding in so-called bases that could hold up through anything and keep it’s flimsy, old supports up, but they were easily defeatable and the blocky gorilla could just prod them to collapse the roofs of the bases, causing carnage in the streets. People that witnessed this crazy abomination were never seen again, since they were a bright shade of yellow, so you can guess what happened to them, can’t you? They were gobbled up by the blond monkey, who was mistaking them for chrome, juicy bananas, of course!

And that, my non-friends, is the end of the story of the blocky gorilla that ate up the race known as humanity.