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The worlds smallest water slide was 1metre tall and 2 inches wide. it was black and more black. It was so special that you could put toys down it and donate them to charity. it was viewed at the harbour museum for people to look at and donate toys that the children think they don’t like or play with at playtime or teddies that they don’t cuddle up with at their bedtime when they argue. this is very special slide is displayed and it is made by a famous artist that works with clay. the toys they throw in the house and the ones that get thrown in the bin by other children or the ones that have stuffing coming out of the top or bottom of the fur.


  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Izzy, what an unusual and intriguing idea to have a miniature water slide with which charitable donations can be made. You made it sound quite magical and I wonder if the broken and unloved toys get magically mended as good as new when they’ve been down the slide. It would be lovely to hear a story about one of the toys that got put down the slide.
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    Mrs Addleton

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