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Tigger? What’s happened to you? I thought… you were friends with Winnie the Pooh? But why have you gone to the desert? By terrorising his friend? (I’d dealt it!) but this is what he does every day on the island… wait… what island? Maldives! We’re here at the Maldives and he is really savage… he bites leaves for food, drinks the sea for drink and he gets attention when he roars. That’s all he does but when did he come here? It wasn’t 1986 because it would be too long because tigger was still Winnie’s friend it was in 2017 August 40th wait I know that’s not a real date it’s just… it was secretly created in 2017 in the US!

2 responses to “Awe – Inspiring Animal…”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello again,

    What an intriguing twist on a traditional tale. What happens on this secret date, August 40th?

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Lovely to have you back blogging Joe! Was your title inspired by Eeyore? And there was I thinking that Tigger was still bouncy and harmless! I love the idea of the 40th August being a secret date – perhaps created by a bend in time and space associated with the magical portal the night zoo keeper discovered.
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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