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Monkey Work

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WORK OVER! Monkey work is 75 inches wide and 100 inches up. Just about to fit 2 monkeys, one was called Bob, the naughty one! ” OO AA!” ( that’s I hate this computer!) SWING!!! He’s so angry now! He likes Ipods more than computer! He is having a BIG rage and why he’s raging is because yesterday her mother said ” YOU GET ON WITH YOUR HOMEWORK OR THERES NO COMPUTER FOR A WEEK” Yes she is MAD he thought he got despicable correctly but no he didn’t I would be like that if I was the monkey by the way he played busy things.


Fubbo the Footballer

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This is the story about Fubbo the Footballer, a Goal – Scorer King! After the Match today, he scored 2 goals! As a reward, his family went to the zoo! Fubbo was not exited, much but if he could see the lizards, he will be SO happy! When Fubbo saw the tigers, he wasn’t happy at all because he saw a little hole but then… the tiger got out its cage and it was blocking their escape ” THE TIGER IS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE!” Fubbo said, he jumped over the tiger… Sorry! blogs over better luck next time! Hope you like my blog!

Planet Batteries

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Batteries Planet is so cool! Sunny everyday, Honestly its paradise! Its very energetic there because they are batteries and batteries charge up quickly.  The planet is kind of a white planet but is a shape of a sandwich. In every Olympics the last place competitor hurried so fast they nearly got on to the podium.  Last year Ussain Sandwich came first and his reward was a white cup which was massive.  One day they promised to name the planet after him.  He felt a bit happy and a bit shocked.

My Journey to the Beach

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My Journey to the Beach, was it good? No! I’m sure. Although it was a nice sunny day, at 03.18 pm I had a confession to make, a big confession! I didn’t like huge deadly Monsters but… at that time I saw one “Leave me alone, I’m only a 8 year old!” I shouted but he was a type of a ghost called Bam – Bam,he was a black old beast who loved eating people like YOU! I luckily had my knife a SHARP one because I needed to cut my samwiges and guess what, I did it! BUT I didn’t like it…