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Awe – Inspiring Animal…

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Tigger? What’s happened to you? I thought… you were friends with Winnie the Pooh? But why have you gone to the desert? By terrorising his friend? (I’d dealt it!) but this is what he does every day on the island… wait… what island? Maldives! We’re here at the Maldives and he is really savage… he bites leaves for food, drinks the sea for drink and he gets attention when he roars. That’s all he does but when did he come here? It wasn’t 1986 because it would be too long because tigger was still Winnie’s friend it was in 2017 August 40th wait I know that’s not a real date it’s just… it was secretly created in 2017 in the US!

Funny Feet

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Funny Feet, what’s his name? Bob? Harry? OOH! I know! Lacy! Wait a second! She’s nicknamed Funny Feet! I don’t know why though… HOLD ON! Who’s that? Looks like my teddy… BUT BIGGER!!! And she is Brown. Wait a sec that’s not my ted that’s MINI work! In my whole 9 years of life I’ve never seen that before! It feels like AAH! SPLINTER!!! That hurt! Really hurt! The next floor up one is Harley Davidson motorcycles there actually cheap £10.00 a step! Next floor its gogglebox!!! 🙂 My fav show! a bit… wait a second no nothing else that’s the (grand) tour!



Greg Goes the Killer Way!!!

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You might not know Greg Bensons, he’s an evil man with his sidekick NO WE ARE NOT TALKIN ABOUT FOOTBALL Dennis Gramms. He is trying to get up to the House of Parliament to try to sack the queen and he can be the King… “ARGH!!! OH MY COMEDY COCKTAILS!!! WERE HERE!!! Now they went left THATS THE WAY TO THE CAR SALE!!! Although they are running quickly, they are making no progress “WHERES THIS O OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry from the ! Marks!) It’s like drama ain’t it! Finnaly they died so a good and bad ending for the Queen and them!

NOOOOOOO!!! My Last Day :(

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BWOAH! No more fun for now. ITS SHURELY OVER!!! The fortnight DONT STOP ME NOW… DONT STOP ME NOW I HAD A GOOD TIME… BUT NOW ITS ALL OVER! Yep your time has stopped… my time has stopped. Its the worst hour ever! SHAME! TEARS! ITS (Again I’ve said it) ALL OVER!!!!!!! I wanna do more fun at America but anyway the USA was good and in 1.40 hours im back at the UK where its gonna pour down lots of rain… I think! NOW CUT!!!!! Take one PSS! LOOK AT THE BEACHES… BELOW! REALLY GOOD SMACK!!!


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NANA SKINS! All that time just waiting for a Monkey to climb……. NOOOOO!!!!! My lovely baby! WA WA WA WA WA WA WA! She didn’t get up the ladder. About 5 minutes later…. What! BUT BUT…. HOW DID SHE GET UP THERE!?!? She jumps off the ladder…. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SHE DIED! MY LOVELY MONKEY! Now thats why my kids NEVER EVER EVER JUMP OFF A LADDER! Even if your a monkey DONT do it! That’s why if you don’t know, it’s up there so yeah JUST JUST DONT DO IT! ITS TOOOOOO DANGEROUS. OK guys?!?

Amarica Just Behind The Corner!

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Disney… Orlando… Florida oh Hi I’m just saying how much places I’m going to at good Friday! I can’t believe it! Just around the bend… a few steps… then we’re here! BUT HOW CAN TIME PASS BY SUPER QUICK?!? I hear you ask. Well christmas to 30th of March is just a looooong time… NO IT ISN’T! Bye guys!!!! Oh and the hulk… is my favorite ride NO I’m not going to Canada. NO I’m not going to Brasil I’m going to Amarica No right or wrong answer BYE UK!!!! Hello America! 🙂

Note: this is just news ok guys? AND LIKE I SAID, TIME PASSES BY QUICKLY!!!

Incy Wincy Spider Behind The scenes….

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Incy wincy spider climbed up the waters spout… down came the rain and washed the spider out. HOLD ON A MINUTE… But how did he get up there?!?! Well it says he climed so… yeah he climed BECAUSE IT SAID… and where did he do it????? Well at Basingstoke? BASINGSTOKE???? WHERE IN BASINGSTOKE? In hook. “HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT MUCH???” Someone random cries “YEAH HOW?” I just answered REPEATINGLY 10 TIMES I dunno… I just said don’t worry after so and walked away… AND WHY DID HE CLIMB UP AND FALL DOWN???? Spell it was his fault he should of stayed there. It’s good that he climbed but no that was a WASTE of time!

Basket Of Washing Wrecked?

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Breaking News! A basket found at Buckinghamshire has been found on the grass in someone’s back garden. DUN DUN DUN!!! It has been completely wrecked. Its stuck in the grass its weird.Its more stuck than superglue superglued 20X the glue in superglue. the basket bigger than MY house bigger than MY breakfast which I eat some notorious Rice Crispies but it has been pulled out with 257 people pulling it has been 1 year when it got pulled out. Bigger than big… Bigger than the moon… bigger than MY rice crispies now its finally pulled out some time ago so that basket is forgotten… A LOT!!!

Monkey Work

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WORK OVER! Monkey work is 75 inches wide and 100 inches up. Just about to fit 2 monkeys, one was called Bob, the naughty one! ” OO AA!” ( that’s I hate this computer!) SWING!!! He’s so angry now! He likes Ipods more than computer! He is having a BIG rage and why he’s raging is because yesterday her mother said ” YOU GET ON WITH YOUR HOMEWORK OR THERES NO COMPUTER FOR A WEEK” Yes she is MAD he thought he got despicable correctly but no he didn’t I would be like that if I was the monkey by the way he played busy things.


Fubbo the Footballer

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This is the story about Fubbo the Footballer, a Goal – Scorer King! After the Match today, he scored 2 goals! As a reward, his family went to the zoo! Fubbo was not exited, much but if he could see the lizards, he will be SO happy! When Fubbo saw the tigers, he wasn’t happy at all because he saw a little hole but then… the tiger got out its cage and it was blocking their escape ” THE TIGER IS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE!” Fubbo said, he jumped over the tiger… Sorry! blogs over better luck next time! Hope you like my blog!