Basket Of Washing Wrecked?

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Breaking News! A basket found at Buckinghamshire has been found on the grass in someone’s back garden. DUN DUN DUN!!! It has been completely wrecked. Its stuck in the grass its weird.Its more stuck than superglue superglued 20X the glue in superglue. the basket bigger than MY house bigger than MY breakfast which I eat some notorious Rice Crispies but it has been pulled out with 257 people pulling it has been 1 year when it got pulled out. Bigger than big… Bigger than the moon… bigger than MY rice crispies now its finally pulled out some time ago so that basket is forgotten… A LOT!!!

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  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Haha, the idea of 257 people all attempting to pull out a huge basket, bigger than your breakfast, is an image I will not easily forget.

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