My bithday?

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Wow its nearly my birthday,just 4 days to go. Years go by quickly . Everyone is going to be invited to my birthday party, which is going to be a unicorn category .All th2 games are going to be incredible or I can’t describe the games at my party . Tomorrow its going to be 3 days, then its going to be then 1 .I am so looking forward to the party. I hope everyone is going to be there so I can see you people in my year group. Are you excited to about the party on the 23rd of March 2018. Yay its amazing that it’s coming really quickly.

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  1. Joseph A says:

    Happy birthday! (In 1 day I think) how old will you be? Hmmmmmm…. 26! Nah! Hmmmmm 16! No I don’t think so… OOHHHH 9!

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