the hand of horror

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One day three younge boys Charlie , Harry and josh . one day they went to an abandoned house and went to the kitchen but some thing wasn’t quit right . soddenly Charlie spoted a severed hand and decided to toach it *scrunch* ” ew that’s discussing don’t touch me envy more” moaned Harry ” don’t worry I won’t” He replied . Suddenly josh said ” hey did you guys hear that ?”they went into the lounge ” OMG” exclaimed Charlie  a lifeless body lay on the ground . Then josh noticed that the hand was missing they immediately went to a different room and tried to forget what that just saw. But that room cirtanly didn’t have a better site a man dangling from rope


4 responses to “the hand of horror”

  1. Heidi (Team 100, New Zealand) says:

    Kia ora Charlie. This is a spooky story indeed! Well done – I really enjoyed how you created that scary feeling in your writing, and your use of dialogue is great too. Keep rising to the 100 Word Challenge Charlie!

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    Gosh Charlie- I don’t want your characters to go in any more rooms. Well done for a truly horrific blog.

  3. Miss T says:

    My Goodness, Charlie, I think I’m going to have nightmares now I’ve read your story! You were obviously really inspired by the prompt and I can see that you had a clear idea of where your story was going.
    I also noticed a couple of places where you might need to check your spellings, it can be quite tricky to spot them while you are typing so I often ask my class to get a friend to check before the publish.
    Super descriptive work this week, well done
    Miss T Team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

  4. Mrs Addleton says:

    Sounds like a house of horrors Charlie! I like the way you set the scene with the abandoned house and tried to build suspense before revealing what they found which is what all my favourite authors do and something that was perhaps missing from your first series. I think when you read this through you will notice lots of spelling mistakes so remember to check and edit before you publish. It’s really lovely to see you so enthusiastic for publishing!
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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