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The dancing clown

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It had been raining all morning , it still is . about an hour ago I sent my brother Austin out with a paper boat but he hasn’t  come back I would go out and look for him but it’s raining and I’m not that well ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” faint scream . wait I just n n n  no Gorgy …

the story of an old friends gun ( The play script)

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OK  so you may not believe what I’m about to tell you .  This is a story of the gun outside the UN building in America . As it will shock you all .  Years ago my friend owned this gun it was his prised possession you see he crafted this out uranium .  while he was building it the world  was over run .

Giant 1 ”SMASH”


Jonathan ”No HIDE”

Sabrina ”Just shut up ok , it won’t hear us”

Jonathan ”It doesn’t matter have you see the barrel on that gun it’s not like it’ll shoot us”


as they hoped the Giant didn’t see them they sprinted towards the door they were met by a warlock  triple their size they screeched to a halt and turned around thy were met with a huge twisted barrel right in their faces


Jay  ‘parillized’ ”uuuuhhhhh i guess we run ”

Sabrina ”oh for god sake i’ m fighting”


Narrator ”As she charged towards them the mase of the warlock swang and crushed all three .  Eventually the Giants were extinguished .


The story of a menacing machete !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay you may think I’m crazy after you hear this. It was a Tuesday and I was on my way to work and I walked passed a large house and a necklace was laying there. It had come from the drain pipe I don’t know what urged me to do it but I put it on. then it hit me a weird felling went through my head and I collapsed and fainted but I got up in an unknown place I read the sign it read camp crystal lake. It was funny as I remembered coming here as a kid… But it looked run down. last time I came here a kid drowned while the owners were in the log. I looked down the road and a large figure was slowly walking towards me with a machete . SLASH….



A family of three

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Once on a stormy Tuesday evening a family  was sat in there living quarters by a charcoal lit fire. burning a load of old photos that were just sat up in the attic for about 7 years. suddenly they heard a knock at the door the father of one opened it he gazed in shock as his cousin hanging from rope in the door then a bright white light flew through the doors and into the bedroom. ‘SMASH’ came from the bed room don’t know why but they entered the room. and that’s how they became bollards for life and never moved again.

Story of a chap called Charlie thanks for reading

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Hey I’m Charlie I hope you have enjoyed my blog series I’m coming out with another one soon again thanks for reading.


the hand of horror

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One day three younge boys Charlie , Harry and josh . one day they went to an abandoned house and went to the kitchen but some thing wasn’t quit right . soddenly Charlie spoted a severed hand and decided to toach it *scrunch* ” ew that’s discussing don’t touch me envy more” moaned Harry ” don’t worry I won’t” He replied . Suddenly josh said ” hey did you guys hear that ?”they went into the lounge ” OMG” exclaimed Charlie  a lifeless body lay on the ground . Then josh noticed that the hand was missing they immediately went to a different room and tried to forget what that just saw. But that room cirtanly didn’t have a better site a man dangling from rope


A story of chap called Charlie pt4

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They ran to the safe room but out side there was a killer clown so they armed up and ran out into the streets. they bumped into a purge group of about 50 to 60  they were surrounded they opened fire on the younge people they made a run for it and  they ran to the white house  where Charlie’s step dad Colin had been waiting out the purge with Austin Katie and Skye they locked down after they got there nobody was in for the rest of the twelve hours.

The story of a Chap called Charlie pt3

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With the metal covering the window he went to his room and started thinking about what he just did he then heard his mum scream in horror over the monitor Charlie grabbed his gun ran down and a man ,with a mask saying kiss me, was circling his mum with machete. He figured if he had purged once he could do it again he shot the man ” how did he get in ! ”…

The story of a Chap called Charlie pt2

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He put his hands up and reached for the register then lights flash in front of his eyes he then remembers its purge night. He then reaches under the counter for the shot gun and BANG the man dropped blood spatter everywhere he shook he never purged before. He ran back home and 5told his mum and they locked down metal covered the windows and doors now they had to sit tight and wait.

A Story of a chap called Charlie (my first blog)

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In the beginning of the year 1993 a chap called Charlie  was working in a corner store. He was about to lock up when a man ran in and pointed a gun at him …